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Leather Trimming Fix

As regular users of LEW will know, LEW's Esprit was damage via a mobile phone holder than was screwed into the leather on the dash by a previous owner (PO). We still can't believe that someone would screw a phone holder into leather not alone a piece that stretches across half the car! We ask for ideas for covering this damage a while ago, with some good responses, including a fake air vent, extra speedo or a plaque. To actually replace the leather would cost more than you'd think. The complete dash would need to be removed to do it properly and then the whole leather trip replaced. Labour alone would be well into the few hundreds!

John Packham was having his 86 Turbo's engine rebuilt at Allon White a Morgan Specialist in Cranfield, Bedfordshire and mention they had a trimming department that might be able to look at the damaged leather. After talking to Shaun, their trimmer who was trained at Aston Martin, we decide the most cost efficient action was to make a plate to cover the holes. LEW's Esprit was then booked in for the work.


LEW's Esprit turned up for it's long over due leather work at 8am Saturday morning. Those Morgan's make the Esprit look quite large. As you can see from the pictures above the leather is not only holed, but also has a large indent from the plate used to secure the mobile phone holder. One of the reasons it's taken so long to sort, is you actually can't see it from the drivers seat!


The Esprit was left in Shaun's capable hands for a few hours to cover up the problem. Shaun was trained at Aston Martin, so know's how to retrimmed high-end vehicles. A plate was cut to follow the lines of the dash to make the plate look as inconspicuous as possible. Once this was done it was trimmed in matching leather. Not sure if it was glued or screwed in, but I don't think it's going anywhere.


LEW's Verdict

It was never going to be a perfect fix for the leather, but then again it didn't cost the earth. Under £60 for a couple of hours of fabricating and trimming and no visible holes. In a perfect world the whole dash would have been removed and a new piece of leather would have been fitted. In the real world it just costs too much. LEW's very happy with the out come of the work done by Allon White and am just relieved to finally have an undamaged dash.

Allon White can undertake any work from recovering seats, to fitting or repairing hoods (if you have a convertible Esprit or a Morgan) to carrying out a complete re-trim. Shaun, the trimming expert, was trained by Aston Martin to their very demanding standards, so you'll be in expert hands. Also look out for an article being put together on John Packham's engine rebuild, also carried out by Allon White. They can also undertake servicing and maintenance work, so if you're in the area give them a call.

if you have other specific requirements, please call them to discuss them, on 0870 112 0872.

This fix was performed by Allon White on LEW's 1992 SE

If you have any comments, feel free to e-mail me with at admin@lotusespritworld.com


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