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Pre 1993 Door Panel Removal

This guide shows how to remove the interior door panel from a Pre 1993 Esprit. This covers the Stevens model and maybe of use to Giugiaro Owners. There is a separate guide for removal of post 1993, which includes the S4, S4s, GT3 and V8 models. There are many reasons for removing the panel. I personally was replacing my outer door handles (see guide here), but you would also need to remove the panel to address any problems with the central locking, window mechanism, electric mirror controls and fag lighters.


You will need the following parts:


You will need the following tools:

Philips Screwdriver

The picture above shows where the panel is attached. There are three screws in the interior door release and one low either side of the panel (circled). The panel is hooked into the door at the window and will need lifting to remove.


Remove the two screws at either end of the panel. This will loosen the bottom of the panel. Next peel back the leather trim inside the door release (if it's still there) and undo the three screws. These do not need completely removing, but if you do, you'll need to watch out for the washers dropping out. There not difficult to refit if it happens (see below).


You can now remove the trim around the door release. This is in two piece (if not broken) and just unclips once the pressure is release from undoing the three screws. Once this is removed, you can carefully push the door release behind the panel. This will now allow you to unhook the panel from the door. The Window connections will still be attached. So hold the panel close to the door and tip the tip towards you. You should now be able to see all the electrical connects.


Depending on which panel you are removing, depends on how many connections you will have. All have connection boxes that are easily release. Just make a note of which goes where before unattaching. Passenger side will only have one window and one fag lighter. While the drivers side will have two window, one fag lighter and the controls for the electric mirrors.


You may find your doors still have the plastic sheeting. I had mine on the passenger side, but not the drivers side. These are meant to stop moisture getting at the panel and electric's. I will be replacing both at a later date, as I do only a few dry miles, I'm in no panic to replace them.


You'll have a one-piece panel once removed. To refit the panel, just reverse the process. Fit the connections. Hook the panel back onto the door. This is best done pushing the panel end in closest to the windscreen and then pulling down into place. One thing to watch for is there are some washers between the door release handle and the door (see above). These may need realigning is you took the screws all the way out. Do this before you put the panel on to make it easier.

You can now replace the trim around the door release and tighten the screws. Replace the two side screws and then test the window operation and door release.

LEW's Verdict

Easy to do, but watch the door release trim as this can get damaged. Easy to take off. Easy to refit. Just hope the job you're doing while it's off is as easy!

If you try this, feel free to e-mail us with your Verdict at admin@lotusespritworld.com


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