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Alloy Pedals

The Sport 350 was the Esprit that started the whole 'Bling' on Esprits. Alloy gearknob (albeit seen on the GT3 first), Alloy gearshift surround, Alloy dash mask and Alloy pedals. This was taken a step further 3 years later when the V8 02 added the door sills and the handbrake sleeve in yet more shiny alloy. All of the above has been available either to buy or as an install guide on Lotus Esprit World except one (I won't ask you to guess, as the big bold words give it away). So now it's time to make the last of the 'Bling' available to all Esprit owners.

Now there is a huge variety of Alloy pedals available on the market today, mainly due to the 'Max Power' boys. Some of these sets can be bought for less than £25. LEW's has been looking around for sometime to find a set that matches the Sport 350's, but all the kits usually have a brand name on them. So in the end LEW purchased some original Lotus Sport 350 pedals from South West Lotus Centre for £49.57 (including 5% discount for Club Members and p&p). You get three pedals, a footrest, clutch and brake, as with the Sport 350. There is no pedal for the accelerator. The picture at the top of the page is one of an actual Sport 350 footwell.

Now that's not cheap, but LEW really wanted the Sport 350 look rather than the 'Max Power' look, which all the other makes seem to give. So it was money well spent in the end. No fixings came with the pedals, but as LEW's Esprit has had so much work done to it, finding a few fixings left over wasn't a problem.


This is a small job that's made more difficult due to working in the Lotus position. 2 hours (ish).

Parts supplied by:

You will need the following parts:

P691.1401.010AK Footrest pad
P691.1401.009AK Brake pedal pad
P691.1401.008AK Clutch pedal pad
6 threaded Screws and nuts

You will need the following tools:

Drill and bits
8 mm Spanner/socket
13mm Spanner/socket (if removing seat)


Nice shiny Sport 350 pedals turned up in the post, just what LEW wanted. Fixing weren't supplied, so a rummage around and 6 screws and nuts of the right size were found. Guessing M4's with a 8mm nut. The Alloy pedals look especially nice against LEW's new think black carpets. As you can see the old pedals don't quite have the same 'Bling'.


Removing the old rubber was a 2 second job. The foot rest pad was glued on, but still came off really easily. This job is very simple, but is made difficult due to the restricted space. The drivers seat was removed for fitted to make life easier and removing the steering wheel would have further helped.


You'll need to drill fixing holes into the pedals to attach the Alloy pedals. Two per pedal. One thing to watch when marking up where to drill is make sure there's space behind, as you don't want to drill into the pedal arm. Marked up the pedal and then drill a pilot hole first, followed by a larger hole. The pedals where then fixed to each pedal with the screws and nuts.


Make sure the pedals are fixed securely, as you don't want them coming loose while you are driving. Also remember to check them regularly to make sure they aren't coming loose.

As you can see from the pictures above the improvement is brilliant and sets off the footwell. All that remains, is to clean up the accelerator pedal to match the other pedals.

LEW's Verdict

LEW's verdict on the pedal upgrade is easy. Just look at the pictures, made all the better due to the new thick black carpets. £50 is a lot for what you actually get, but the finished article is well worth the cash. Install is easy(ish) and can be done in around two hours, if you're removing your seat. This mod is well recommended by LEW. We love it!

This mod was performed by kato on his 1992 SE

If you have any comments, feel free to e-mail me with at admin@lotusespritworld.com

Might be interesting for other owners… about 100CDN$.

Clutch, brakes & accelerator pedals…

Between 2 to 4 holes (your call) to drill and will be able to respect the designed relative positions of all pedals…heel & toe, height,…of the 1988.

They are from Shutt , model SHT-PF4 or SHT-PFS depending on the finish (chrome or brushed). They have other models but I thought those were a good fit/look with the Lotus (55US$)…a steal when buying with Euros!

You can buy them on their web site : www.shuttusa.com

Bought mine from a local ‘specialty parts’ store… racing gears, tuning,…

Feel free to post…


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