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Lotus Polyurethane Bushes
Lotus Engineering sets about redefining the Esprit Suspension for 2006

Following on from development work undertaken with Eibach/Bilstein on replacement spring/damper assemblies (see here) for Esprit models, Lotus is also pleased to announce the availability of a Polybush Kit suitable for the rear suspension of most Esprit models.

Lotus and Polybush have jointly undertaken to develop synthetic pivot bushes to replace the original rubber based bushes used in the suspension links of Esprit models. The original bush attributes were first quantified in terms of shore hardness, hysteresis characteristics and radial, axial and torsional stiffness, before attempting to replicate in synthetic material and evaluating on both Lotus' compliance rig, and road and track trials.

Computer modelling was then undertaken to help understand synthetic bush hysteresis and establish the design and material required to provide the desired suspension characteristics, including such contradictory elements as high dynamic response and low noise transmission.


After many months of work, a specification was determined for the rear suspension top and bottom transverse links of the Esprit, to replace original bush A082D4084F. The new bushes are supplied only in a set of 8 under part number LOTAC05448, to service all four rear links. These red coloured polyurethane bushes are unique to the Lotus application and should not be confused with red bushes supplied by any other company.

The new bush should not be used for any other Lotus application of A082D4084F at this stage. Lotus and Polybush are continuing development work on service replacement suspension bushes for other Lotus applications, and will release further bulletins as this work is completed.


Description       Part number                  Qty
Polybush Kit      LOTAC05448               1/car (8 bush set)

Rear suspension top and bottom transverse links of all Esprit models from 1981 S3 to 2004 V8, where A082D4084F is listed (not early Turbo with Compomotive wheels).

- Should be fitted only in vehicle set of 8 bushes.
- Red coloured polyurethane, unique Lotus specification.
- Benefits to dynamic response, refinement and durability.
- Do not use for other applications of A082D4084F.
- Bush insertion tool T000T0541F may be used to aid assembly.

Initially, they will be sold in kits of eight. The cost will be £140.00 + VAT.

Feel free to e-mail LEW with your opinion on this guide and any other available suspension that could be added to this page. admin@lotusespritworld.com

Lotus Esprit World cannot be held responsible for anything you attempt on your Esprit. This is just information which you must decide how to use. Lotus Esprit World doesn't recommend fitting suspension yourself. Please use a fully qualified mechanic.

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