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Programmable Wipers
Set the time on your intermittent wiper!
By Dave Walters

This quick and easy mod allows you to set the time of your intermittent wiper setting from anywhere from half a second to 30 seconds.

We've all been there, it's raining but not enough for the full wiper setting. You use the intermittent setting, but it's either not raining enough and you get that horrible screeeeching, or it's raining just that little bit too hard and your visibility is poor for a second or two before the wiper set's off on it's short journey to a clear screen.

Well those moments can be gone forever if you have the time and effort to do this simple modification. Whether you can master it well enough to get the timing just right is another matter. But that's up to you!

Installation Guide
It's a simple but very effective mod. It definitely works on 1993 Esprit S4 onwards. You replace your existing wiper relay with a VW relay part number 357 955 531 (This has now been superseded with 3BO 955 531). It costs about £30 from your VW dealer.

You can program it to wipe at 1/2 second up to 30 second intervals.

Firstly replace the wiper relay with the new VW part.


1.To set it you switch on your wipers to the intermittent setting.

2. Switch it off again.

3. The time in which you switch it back to the intermittent setting will be the delay time programmed until you switch off the ignition
or reset again.


A very simple modification, but I am very chuffed with the results. Cheap, Quick & Easy, which doesn't often go hand-in-hand with the Esprit. Just another little thing to make the Esprit that little bit better than it is. Try it.

This mod was performed by Dave Walters on his 1996 S4s

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