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Turbo Timer REVIEW

Blitz DTT Dual Turbo Timer Digital Compact

There are two types of turbo timer available from Blitz; the FAT DC and the Dual DC. We chose the Dual DC as this is a higher spec and has a built in boost warning, which is one of the main reasons for installing a digital boost gauge. Firstly the quality of the kit is good, the display looks good and has a nice feel to it. All the bits you need are there and it's all designed very neatly. Perfect for the Esprit. Only problem being the lack of length of the boost hose.

The Turbo Timer has 7 different modes;

1. Automatic Timer — This works out how long the engine should be left running to cool your turbo down. There are 5 different settings.

2. Manual Timer — You can set a time from 10 secs to 10 minutes for the engine to continue to run after the ignition has been turned off.

3. Boost Gauge — A digital boost gauge which reads in KPA, which is basically bar. 1 KPA = 1 bar.

4. Peak Hold Display — This registers the highest boost that has been achieved.

5. Warning — The timer will sound and the screen will turn red if the vehicle passes the preset warning.

6. Stop Watch — Basic stop watch, one button start and stop.

7. Lap Times — Basic lap timer, can store up to 5 recorded times.

How does it Work?

We've tried both the manual and automatic timers. The Manual Timer works as you would expect. Put in a time and when you turn the ignition off the engine continues to run, even when the key is removed. We set it to 1 minute. Once the ignition is turned off the turbo timer bleeps at you and starts a visual countdown, 60-0, before turning the engine off. The auto setting takes presedent over the manual one. To turn the auto timer off, you just press the minute button in either boost or peak mode. An A logo shows whether it's in auto mode or not. So if you turn off the auto timer and leave the manual to zero (---), then you will have disabled the timer.

The Automatic Timer feature was set to medium, after we came back from a 'quick' run of around 30 minutes, the timer decided on 5 minutes. We thought this to be too long and will be trying a lower setting. You can kill the timer (and engine) at any time by just pressing the power button. We're going to see how the other settings work before deciding if we'll use the manual or auto timer. I think we might just set the manual timer to 90 secs (the time Lotus recommond to leave the engine running). But we'll give the auto setting a chance, as if I pop down the road I won't really need any over run. Although you can set it to run for a minimum time no matter what.

Boost Display is simple enough. If you leave it in boost display, everytime you turn it back on it will reappear in this mode. The Boost is shown in KPA, which is the same as bar. The gauge works well and is easy to read. It's also backlit in green. My gauge was reading as low a 0.05 bar and the display builds quickly to show what you are boosting. Perfect for what I wanted.

The Peak Hold Display records the highest boost. You can reset it whenever you like, it will then record the highest again. Just a way of checking what maximum boost you're getting.

The Warning is a great feature. All you do is set a level of boost you want to be warned if you go over. I've set mine to 1.3 bar. If you go over what you've set, the display bleeps at you and the display turns red. Now you don't have to worry about sticking wastegates or any problems with overboosting. You'll know about it and can protect your Esprit until the problem is sorted out.

The Stop Watch and Lap Timer is not something I would really use, but I'm sure there are those who'd find them useful. Works the same way your watch would. Simple and effective.

Worth the Dosh?

Personally we think it's a great product for Turbo cars. The idea of looking after your turbo without fail and without having to do anything is great. The reason for purchasing it in the first place, was to keep an eye on the boost with an accurate digital boost gauge. It does that job brilliantly, but you also get the turbo timer and a boost warning thrown in.

If you're running chips #4 and above then it's a must. If fact we think for £120 it's not worth not getting one. The safety features alone are worth it and considering how brittel Esprit's can be, it's money in the bank. we love ours already.

Since fitting a Sport 300 Seat, we're very glad we've got our turbo timer. We can now not see any of the boost gauge on the dash.

See the Turbo Timer install here

Feel free to e-mail me with your opinion on anything above and I can add it to this page. admin@lotusespritworld.com

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