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V8 Esprit Carbon Fibre Make-over
Carbon goodies for the V8

by James R. Petrocik
from Sneads Ferry, NC

I wanted to give my Esprit a makeover with some carbon fiber.  The areas I wanted to focus on were the interior and engine compartment.   Having one off small parts made up, is expensive has hell and most shops will not even talk to you.

So I went to an alternative method.  Carbon Fiber Hydro Graphic Finishing.  It is a widely used process in the auto industry.  It has a high quality finish, is durable, and offers a wide selection of finishes.  My son in law owns a powder coating business (he refinished my plenum and cam covers in the Sport 350 blue) and recommended a shop that might be willing to take on small special projects.   I contacted Mike and Sandy at VC Finishes and explained what I wanted.  They were willing to listen and take this project on even after I told them it was for a Lotus.  

I started off with sending the engine cover, side access covers, and the air filter covers.  When I saw the results exceeded my expectations.   I sent off the remaining parts I wanted to refinish.  This also gave me the opportunity to do away with the ash trays in the door.   The turnaround time was approximately 4 weeks on the 1st run ($425), and 3 weeks on the 2d run ($350).   The turnaround was a bit long because I wanted to use the 1st batch has a test run.  Would have been half that if I had not held back.  They did a professional job throughout the process.  They called when the parts arrived with an estimate, again with a completion date, and shipping details.  

This carbon fiber hydro graphics update really complements the Esprit.  I am very pleased with the results.  The pictures speak for themselves.



This mod was performed by James R. Petrocik on his Espirt V8

If you have any comments, feel free to e-mail LEW at admin@lotusespritworld.com

See my original article on my carbon dash here.


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