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Alloy Handbrake Conversion

Although the last Esprit update was lacking in any real content. Most of it's updates are easily copied and most are covered on Lotus Esprit World. This guide show you how to make your handbrake look like the latest Esprit. Changing the black rubber cover for a shiny alloy one. Making your interior a brighter place to be (well I'm sure that was the intension!).

This mod involves cutting the original cover, which will be unuseable afterwards.


You will need the following parts:

Alloy Handbrake Sleeve (£54.29)

You will need the following tools:

Sharpe Knife

Part supplied by:


Using a sharpe knife (stanley or scaple), cut along the length of the handbrake sleeve as per A, remove sleeve (shown in pic 2).


Once sleeve removed slide on new Aluminum sleeve and tighten grub screw. Should only take you around 10 minutes.

LEW's Verdict

Only for cosmetic purposes, the change isn’t big but it's easy to do and could make a big difference to your interior. It mostly down to personal preference. My only advice is to get a genuine Lotus part (although expensive and not particularly worth the cash), as I think aftermarket version could make it look a little tacky.

This mod was performed & supplied by Chris sabbatinell on his GT3.


I have just fitted the alloy handbrake cover supplied by SJ Sports cars and it was not an easy fit at all.

I did exactly as suggested on the website using the GT3.I own a 2000 V8GT. The handbrake is round at the front but changes to oval about half way down. It is very oval at the end near the leather gator/cover.

The cover I bought was drilled with a round hole only. I have no machining tools i.e. lathe etc so I spent a good hour and a half with a course file drill in a typical diy electric drill filing out both ends. The base end was very oval when finished and I had to smooth off the burrs with fine wet and dry. I made numerous attempts to fit and each time more filing was required. It went on eventually and looks good. But it is not worth the money and given the time it took to fit makes this a total pain in the arse!!

Why is it the so called very simple jobs take ages?

I thought you may want to make a note of this on the website. If not no worries.


Neil Edmonds


If you try this, feel free to e-mail us with your Verdict at admin@lotusespritworld.com

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