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The Sport 300 is a lightweight ultra-high-performance road-going derivative of the Lotus Esprit X180R racer. This car, although shown as a concept, is no mere mockup - it is ready to run, and road legal in most European countries.

In keeping with the Lotus heritage of competition, the Sport 300 features aggressive yet elegant and essential body modifications, covering a chassis with all the hallmarks of a winning racecar. With 300 useable bhp from the chargecooled 2.2 litre engine, in a body weighing about 250lbs less than the Esprit SE, the Sport 300 has performance to match its looks and the production of a limited edition is being considered.

Not only is the Sport 300 derived from three years' experience with the X18OR racer it is suitable for track use itself with the addition of a LotusSport competition pack comprising rollcage, full harness, and tire extinguisher, for which mountings have been provided.

Esprit Production Figures


Lotus 22 litre chargecooled engine producing 300 bhp at 6500 rpm.
Reworked and ported cylinder head.
Hybrid Garrett turbocharger (T3 .63 with a T4 compressor).
Additional chargecooler capacity.
Recalibrated engine management system.

5-speed transaxle with modified casing and internals.
Limited-slip differential.
Quickshift gearchange with short-throw linkage.
High-capacity clutch.

Increased torsional stiffness.
Modified suspension mountings.
Provision for competition rollcage.

Lightweight composites construction.
Modified front airdam and brake cooling ducts.
New rear body-mounted aerofoil.
Front and rear wheelarch extensions.

Revised roadsprings and dampers.
Modified suspension geometrics.

Increased diameter discs front and rear, as used on X18OR
AP Racing calipers front and rear.
Non-asbestos pad material.
Castrol SRF high-performance brake fluid.

Front: 8.5'' x 16'' OZ alloy rim
with 245/45 x 16'' Goodyear GS-C tyre.
Rear: 10.5'' x 17'' OZ alloy rim
with 315/35x 17'' Goodyear GS-C tyre.

Sports trim using Alcantara suede and Courtaulds textiles.
Recaro competition-style bucket seats.
Competition-style pedal pads.
Large-diameter electronic speedometer and tachometer.




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