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The new Esprit S features a 228bhp Lotus engine with multi-point fuel injection and catalytic convertor fitted as standard. Running on unleaded fuel, the Esprit S can achieve 155mph where driving conditions and regulations permit. An anti-lock power brake system is now standard equipment for all 1991 Esprits.

Esprit Production Figures


Mid-mounted Lotus 2.2 litre (910s) aluminium alloy 16-valve DOHC
Multi-point fuel injection with alternating double-fire injectors
Maximum power: 228bhp @ 6500rpm
Maximum torque: 218 lb ft @ 4000rpm
0-60mph: 5.2 seconds (0-100km/h 5.5 seconds)
0-100mph: 12.7 seconds (0-160km/h 12.6 seconds)

5-speed all synchromesh transaxle with hydraulically operated clutch driving rear wheels

Rigid steel zinc-coated backbone chassis, fitted aerodynamic impact resistant composite bodywork, providing seating for two. Guaranteed against corroation for 8 years.

Front Suspension:
Independent by upper and lower wishbones, with anti roll bar, coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers

Rear Suspension:
Independent by upper and lower transverse links, with radius arms, coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers. Aluminium hub carriers

Dual circuit, full power actuated with three-channel electronic anti-lock brakes (ABS).
10.2" dia ventilated front discs
10.8" dia solid rear discs

front: 7J alloy fitted Goodyear Eagle 215/50 ZR15 Steel braced High Speed Tyres
rear: 8.5J alloy fitted Goodyear Eagle 245/50 ZR16 Steel braced High Speed Tyres

Government Fuel Comsumption Test Results:
Urban – 18mpg
56mph – 34.1mpg
75mph – 28.4mpg
Fuel Tank Capacity: 16 gallons (73 litres)
Fuel requirement: 95 Ron minimum octane UNLEADED

Standard Equipment:
The standard equipment for the Esprit S includes 'glassback' tailgate for reduced aerodynamic drag, tilt/removeable sunroof, electric windows, central door locking, electrically adjustable heated door mirrors, front foglamps and adjustable rake seats with leather and tweed upholstery.

Optional Equipment:
The Esprit S can be purchased with a range of options including air conditioning, glass sunroof, audio equipment and full leather interior.

Lotus Esprit S
by Martin Lewis (Yahoo! member and Esprit owner)

It was the short lived mid-ranking Turbo from 1990. It was a three car line up (the N/A was reaching the end of its shelf life by then). The basic 215bhp Turbo, 228bhp Turbo S, and my favourite, the Turbo SE. The Turbo S appeared in the Autumn of 1990 and could be yours for a mere £39K, so it was priced pretty much midway between the other two cars.

It had a GMP4 fuel injection and was primarily aimed at the European market. It had the same features as the 215Bhp car plus, fog lamps, adjustable tweed seats and half leather interior. 0-60 in 5.2 seconds and a max speed of 155mph (250kph). Have only ever seen a couple of examples. I think if you could afford the S you could afford the SE.

Just to throw a little more light on the 1991 model range as I used to own a 91 spec car. As already has been said there were 3 models. The 'Esprit', the 'Esprit S' and the 'Esprit SE'. All 3 models used the SE chassis so had 15" front wheels and 16" rear wheels. They all had the SE suspension and settings as a result. They also all had ABS. The Esprit used the 215 bhp on carbs engine, the S the 228 bhp injected engine that I believe was the old US spec engine and the SE used the charge cooled 264 bhp version which was to become the only engine available. The N/A version was no longer available as an option. The Esprit used the old N/A body and therefore had the single glass rear window and the simple slated rear valance, the S used the old turbo body and the SE the SE body. Interior wise the Esprit and the S had the old turbo interior, i.e. the 2 spoke steering wheel and the old style seats. The SE had the 3 spoke wheel and the SE sports seats.

On the Esprit and S leather, glass sunroof, air con and radio fitting kits were all extras. I think both the Esprit and S were ways of using up old model parts by Lotus. As a result these 91 model versions were extremely rare with only a very few produced of each model.

In 91 I was trying to part ex a 82 N/A S3 which I had owned for 9 years and I was offered both an S from Norfolk Motors and an Esprit from Moorlands of Blackpool (the Lotus dealer for the NW in those days) with reasonable deals. In the end I went for the Esprit as I did not want the complexity of injection and cats for very little gain in performance and in those days I lived in the NW so it was more convenient.

The car was Calypso red with full sand leather, air con and a glass sunroof. As a result of a warranty claim it ended up with the SE seats as the old turbo seats were no longer available. If I remember correctly I think it was my old S3 + £25K. I think the invoice said the 'discounted' price I paid was around £34k and the full list price was £37k. Out of Interest, 10 years later when I sold it and bought the V8GT as a new import from Belgium, I only paid £37k so that is not bad inflation in my mind!

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