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Below is a collection of video clips supplied by LEW users. They include avi, mov and mpeg formats of clips from TV, Video and taken by owners themselves. These will be made available on this page, as long as our Bandwidth can handle the downloads. All these movies can be played via Quicktime, which is the software LEW uses for viewing movies. See here for more info on downloading a free copy if you don't have this software.

This page has been set-up so people can follow the fifth gear series and their attempts to get a 99 V8-GT to do 200mph. A LEW users is going to digitise the Esprit parts of the series so non-UK users and those who can't get Channel 5 can see this interesting project. You see the first installment below, hopefully followed by the rest of the series.

Some of the movies are hosted on non-LEW sites, so you won't need any player software. But!

You might need this for Quicktime to play some of the movies http://www.divx.com/divx/ It's a free download.

or you could try the divx player, that can be downloaded free for windows users http://www.divx.com/divx/player/download/

5th Gear's 200mph Esprit


Fifth Gear 200mph Esprit part I (Hosted on Non-LEW website (www.youtube.com) 2.51 mins long)

Fifth Gear 200mph Esprit part II (Hosted on Non-LEW website (www.youtube.com) 5.11 mins long)

Fifth Gear 200mph Esprit part III (Hosted on Non-LEW website (www.youtube.com) 15.43 mins long)

The Esprit on BBC's Top Gear


Top Gear End of the Esprit (Hosted on Non-LEW website (www.youtube.com) 8.30 mins long)

Stig in an Esprit V8 around Top Gear Track, covered in clip before (.mog 6.12mb)

Top Gear's Tiff Nedell testing V8-GT (.mpg 8.6mb)

The Esprit in TV Adverts around the World


Esprit V8 Advert made for US TV (Hosted on Non-LEW website (www.youtube.com) 2.14 mins long)

Esprit in Ford Advert made for US TV (Hosted on Non-LEW website (www.youtube.com) 1 mins long)

Esprit in McDonalds Advert made for Dutch TV (Hosted on Non-LEW website (www.youtube.com) 30 secs long)

The Esprit in Popular Music


Lonely Day pop video featuring the Esprit (Hosted on Non-LEW website (www.youtube.com) 3.36 mins long)

Esprit in Martine McCutcheon video for 'on the radio' (Hosted on Non-LEW website (www.youtube.com) 3.39 mins long)

Esprit Video Clips


Clarkson on UK People (.mov 6.5mb)

Clarkson Esprit V8 versus Escort Cossie, plus Supercar Sprint (.mov 6.12mb)

Documentary Trailer 1, Esprit: Addiction for Life (.mov 3.8mb) buy DVD here

Documentary Trailer 2, Esprit: Addiction for Life (.mov 2.35mb) buy DVD here


Dave Nickless' V8-GT exiting a roundabout (.mpg 1.2mb)

Sport 350 on the track 1 (.mpg 524kb)

Men & Motors Top 100 Cars (.mov 3.9mb)

Esprit V8 GT1 Racer on Fire (Hosted on Non-LEW website (www.youtube.com) 2.42 mins long)


Sport 350 on the track 2 (.mpg 492kb)

DVD Filming Line up (.mov 5.1mb)

Esprit GT1 at DVD filming (.mov 1.9mb)

Esprit Driver Training: Driver Challenge (.mov 9.0mb)


Esprit Driver Training: Emergency Braking 1 (.avi 1.6mb)

Esprit Driver Training: Emergency Braking 2 (.avi 1.9mb)

Derek Bell's Uprated Esprit Gearbox (.mov 6.9mb)

Esprit S4 owner takes his car on a run (Hosted on Non-LEW website (www.youtube.com) 2.59 mins long)


BBC Look East Covers the End of Esprit Story (Hosted on Non-LEW website (www.youtube.com) 1.30 mins long)

Esprit V8 GT1 in car footage (Hosted on Non-LEW website (www.youtube.com) 2.42 mins long)

LEW Oxford Meeting April 06 footage (Hosted on Non-LEW website (www.youtube.com) 2.07 mins long)

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