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Danny Crawley's 1988

Danny Crawley from Kent, UK owns a 1988 NA in Blue, with a Beige interior.


Esprit NA
Year: 1988
Colour: Blue
Interior: Beige
Driving Style: Should be on the track
Miles per year: 6,000 - 10,000
Owned Since: September 2003
Purchase from: Private
Serviced at: Not yet but will use MAIDSTONE SPORTS CARS
Other Cars: Kawasaki ZX7-R
Previous Lotus': None
Why an Esprit: Just loved the look of this one when i saw it and fell in love with it
Upgrades: Newer wheels (old ones for sale if anyone interested) paint job
Problems: Nothing major, blew a hose hit a grouse thats it running lovely at the moment
Info: Bought the car from a private seller, well looked after although quite high owners number, but runs well have many receipts for work carried out, love the way people look and point, but then not sure if thats me or the car ha ha ha.
Would like to try the v8 turbo but will wait a little while first. Would like to meet up with other south east esprit owners for drives out and maybe arrange some track days. Been on seloc for a while but they seem to mainly be elise owners..



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