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John Williams' 1989 Turbo

John Williams from Newmarket, UK owns a 1989 Turbo in Pearlescent White, with a Blue leather and suede interior.


Pearlescent White
Blue leather and suede
Driving Style:
Miles per year:
2,000 - 4,000
Owned Since:
December 2002
Purchase from:
Peter Smith Sports Cars (derby)
Serviced at:
Havnt had one yet was all done when purchased
Other Cars:
Landrover Discovery, Mini, Cant leave out my Kawasaki Z1000J
Previous Lotus':
Why an Esprit:
Its Beautiful & British (well most of it)
Upgrades: All standard
I cant stop driving and polishing it
Info :
See below


At 16 I started working for a small engineering company.... We make parts for Lotus. One day some guys from lotus came down to see the workshop and three guys turned up in three black Esprits.... And I thought one day Im going to have one of them...And that day is now here... And its fantastic...Must say after driving it for a few weeks I thought what the hell have I done buying this.... Cant see anything out the back, getting in & out is a art on its own parking is a pain with no power steering. Then driving down the high street I looked in the shop window and saw this beautiful car in the reflection and WOW... That’s why I brought it.... I’ve now learnt how to drive it and now I don’t no what all the fuss was about..... No problems as yet but hey I’ve only had it 2 months..... My esprit is a limited edition number 36 of 40 in pearlescant white. if any body has the same limited edition would be good to hear from you....


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