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Mark Wise's 1988

Mark Wise from Langley, UK owns a 1988 Turbo in Pearlescent White, with a Black leather interior.


1988 (Dec)
Pearlescent White
Full Black leather
Driving Style:
Miles per year:
1,000 - 2,000 (limited mileage of 4,500 on insurance by Footman James)
Owned Since:
March 2001
Purchase from:
Private – Club member car 7 years
Serviced at:
Steve Williams (ETON) Club recommended
Other Cars:
Lotus Excel SE, Porsche 928 S4, Mini Cooper (1969) & Vauxhall Omega
Previous Lotus':
1983 Éclat/Excel, The 89 SE Excel also.
Why an Esprit:
One of the best handling cars I’ve driven on the road and track. Mid mount and handling was always legendary – had to have one for my collection.
Upgrades: Wheels OZ three piece – 295/35ZR 18’s rears, 235/40ZR 17’s fronts. New locks/handles so had them painted to match – colour coded. Black tail lights, clear lenses front and clear side indicators. New black leather interior, Paging/talking cat1 alarm, Lotus badged number plates, complete new brakes disks/shoes etc all round, new rear suspension. Aluminum & Chrome gear leaver and switches. Race mats, Kenwood CD/MD & Blaup’ AMP. De-striped (brings it out of the 80’s), P/P (4th) one I’ve put on it.
Not enough time to drive her.
Pending upgrades :
Twin exhaust system 4” tails (Blue flame).
Rear plinth – flat V8 in pearl.
TDV – (If I can find one for my model)
Rear valance upgrade for exhausts
New rear spoiler – 350 style.
Chrome gator – still finishing it.
Centre five spokes of wheels to be colour coded to match car (leaving polished rims)
Front valance alteration and new lip/splitter.
Anything else I can get away with before the wife finds out.

This is my third Lotus, a 1988 Turbo, Mint condition, 38,500 miles FLSH, Black leather, A/C, electric windows & mirrors, remote talking cat 1 alarm with pager, Tailored Race mats with Union Jack embroidered emblem from my cooper, with fitted metal footplates (fit better than Lotus originals) Pearl wind deflector & storage bag for the sunroof. Installed fire extinguisher, several little body modifications that make all the difference. Still have the original wheels – got them totally refurbed and looking good but found the split rims and had to have them – cost me my Cosworth but they look better than a Ford anyway.


Above left: just after the lengthy task of taking the stripe of and buffing it up to a face reflecting polished body. Matching handles and clear side repeaters.

Above right : Lotus Plate (Blue Lotus Badge) – small curved lip and partially disguised lights – I do have complete clear lenses but cant quite get them to fit flush with the car yet.


Above left: Clear flat side repeaters and covert front side lights/indicators in pearl. My centre caps are not the OZ originals – some thieving git stole these when the tyres were on order – I ordered some from OZ but they invoiced me in advance £220. for four centre caps…… hence my home made ones which do the trick and cost me a pint for the four.

Above right: Black tail lights – Legal (just) my number plates don’t seem to be though.


Above left: Engine’s I always keep clean and user friendly (white collar worker etc) it would look nice with a charge cooler and a dump valve if I could find a TDV to fit!

Above right: Fire extinguisher – good idea? Some how makes you feel like it would help.

Colour those brakes – they look good through the wheels – I did the same to my Excel on the OZ seven spoke wheels and that also looked good. At speed who knows that they’re not AP? until you brake that is. Got to do the fronts as well. New disks and shoes made a big difference when I last had a service – the Major “C” was done £2k in all – had some cosmetics painted (handles) etc. Handling was greatly improved with the wheel change


Sits lower than when I first bought her – a few basic mods from SJS, bigger wheels and new suspension made it all come together. No room for fingers in the arches and no rub.

This is what she looked liked when I bought her. All 100% standard even the interior.


My quick trio – My Cooper is just to the left of the S4. I take time to find the right ones all with impeccable history and ownership. Not that the Esprit is favourite but she lives in a carpet tiled garage with carpeted walls and protective foam, also an overlap sealed garage door (no wind or rain can get in) 2 security systems not allowing direct access………possessed.

p.s. My wife used to drive the Porsche S4, she is 7+ months pregnant with our second boy so I get all the sports to drive and she has the Omega. Fair deal….?

I bought my first Lotus at 19, had it 2.5 years, did 22000 miles, sold to a Dutch collector (now resides in private collection in Holland) I have always looked to get another – so I bought the Esprit and love it – great car – the head turner. Managed to convince my wife that the Excel is a four seater family car, so got that as my work car - got away with that. My better half then decided she wanted a Porsche – so got me to get the S4 5.0ltr V8 (330bhp). Great to own and drive - big power – but is not a track beast like the Esprit. Each has their own place in my heart (but the Esprit lives in the garage! You figure).

The faint stripe on the side is now gone and buffed up sweet. I have to two Snoopers (cop detectors) fitted in the car – that must be why there are two cigarette lighters. One for the front and one for the back – sweet.


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