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Mark Dearlove's 1988

Mark Dearlove from UK owns a 1988 NA in Silver, with a Grey Leather interior.


Esprit NA
Year: 1988
Colour: Silver
Interior: Grey Leather
Driving Style: EVERY OPORTUNITY!!!
Miles per year: At the current rate about 10,000
Owned Since: 30th August 2003
Purchase from: Private from Steve Couling in Berkshire
Serviced at: No where yet, hopefully I’ll attend to this myself when the time comes.
Other Cars: At present we own at Pug 307 as well.
Previous Lotus': None, had a Dutton lotus 7 look alike once, not that it counts really.
Why an Esprit: Having completed three and a half years in Qatar (Middle East) I thought it high time to realise my dream, same story as all the rest, wanted an Esprit since first seeing them for sale in Huxfords (Newgate Lane Fareham) and of course the immortal 007 footage.
Upgrades: Alpine 6 cd autochanger and head unit.
Problems: See Below
Info: See Below

I’ve had my Baby (88 N/A) for about 6 months now. A previous owner at some point had cunningly disguised it as an SE for some reason, the only part of which I would like to change is the rear tailgate, I’d like to revert to the N/A tailgate. I would also love to upgrade the rear light assembly’s to match the V8 rear lights.

The history with the car is very extensive and one of the main reasons why I bought it. The previous owner was a bit nervous about owning the car I feel as he didn’t seen much of an hands on nuts and bolts type engineer. I however get stuck into everything and intend to do as much as possible, obviously to keep running costs down, but also as I just love to fix stuff.


Not many problems so far:
1. Driver’s electric window and centre cooling fan. Odd faults these, the field magnets in the motors came adrift stopping the motors working, believe it or not EVO-STICK resolved this.
2. Centre Cooling fan came adrift cutting through 3 Radiator fins, easily resolved with some flux, solder and a hand full of pop rivets.
3. Leaking tailgate. Not yet resolved, but it seems water is leaking in under the SE wing mountings, I have removed the wing as it’s mountings seem to be de laminating slightly and plugged the holes with four 6mm bolts. The wing now is in my loft drying out, prior to being resealed with resin.

1. I currently run it LRP, can anyone tell if I can convert to Un-Leaded and what is involved? Do I need have the head looked at? Valves? Seats etc..?
2. Is there anyone running meets in the Hampshire are? Esprits seem pretty rare down here in the garden of England, loads of those little girly Elise’s though!!!

PS. L.E.W is the only web site in the world worth a look at, keep it up and thanks for a great site!!


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