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Mark MacKenzie's 1988

Mark MacKenzie from Livingston, Scotland, owns a 1988 Turbo in Vulcan Grey, with a Grey Leather/Alcantera interior.


Year: 1988
Colour: Vulcan Grey
Interior: Grey Leather/Alcantera
Driving Style: Fast
Miles per year: 0 - 1,000
Owned Since: May 1999
Purchase from: Private Sale from Lotus Staff
Serviced at: Lotus & Home
Other Cars: Porsche 944 S2, Grand Cherokee
Previous Lotus': Nautilus Blue 1999 V8-SE
Why an Esprit: Love Them!
Upgrades: Everthing (in progress)! New race head, fuel injection, Charge cooler, programmable ECM,exhaust manifold, Sport 350 body kit, respray and retrim. Too much to list.....
Problems: Exhaust manifold crack and igintion probs. Brakes are Cr*p
Info: Will update progress when it happens


My car will be a Sport 350 replica visually except for the wheels brakes and interior. The engine will have 350 BHP but be a four cylinder beast. I still need a rear difuser SE engine cover and 94> front bonnet before painting. The interior has sport 300 seats and is being retrimmed in biscuit leather with dark grey alcantera inserts. I am also retro fitting the newer exterior door handles ( a bit tricky). Any good colour suggestions for interior and exterior greatly apriciated.


Charge cooler (whole top end of engine to be polished) & Works Head
pics of engine and Water injection tank fitted in boot popping up through the floor... also new exhaust

how I'm going to get 350BHP from a four pot.....

1)   Works ported race head (from Garry Kemp)
2)   Fuel injection (with Head)
3)   Programmable ECM ( Emerald or DTA)
4)   Charge cooler (South West Lotus)
5)   Water injection (ERL)
6)   Hybrid turbo (turbo technics, probably T35)
7)   K&N
8)   Exhaust yet to be sourced!
9)   Piston tops aluminium-carbide coated (poeton)
10) Bottom end balanced (Vibration Free) Balanced Crank, conrods, pistons, flywheel, clutch cover, cams and all pulleys. New bearings all round.
11) S4s Clutch
12) Brakes probably from Hi-Spec
13) Aerodynamic aids from Lotus (spoilers)

The car is going to be resprayed up here in Scotland, don't know who by yet. The colours that I had in mind were either, Lotus Ice Blue or Lotus Quartz or Dark grey???? The interior is being retrimmed by David Hannen Edinburgh in a biscuit leather with dark grey alcantera inserts as the seat backs are grey. He does some trim work for Murray Lotus. The upgrades in total will be costing me in excess of £10K and the car will be used for fast road and occasional track days.



Left is my interior trail fit including Focal speakers and crossovers. Right is my new A/C pannel and SPA rev counter.


Rear wing & New sill

The car is now repainted in Audi Daytona Grey and is currently at the trimmers getting new carpets made. I now have all the engine bits and it's just a case of sticking it all back together again!

In bits

Proposed new colour (can't decide between these. Any suggestions welcome!)


Door Handle conversion.... 88-GM handle conversion made simple......


Above is the door handle pivots to convert to later style door handles.


I ran a cable from my new handle over a pulley and down to the latch, works great!!!! and so SIMPLE!!!! Locks work from central locking only... and battery jumper posts under car!!!

Brakes & Wheels


I will be fitting the brembos this week along with the interior. the engine build is starting today and should take no more trhan a week then the engine is being shipped down south to be mapped and dynoed once thats back it's pop it in and away we go. All alloy work was done by Stuart Pollock engineering in Livingston.. A/C panel esprit plaque and door mechanisims. at the moment he is grooving and dimpling my front discs and is looking into increasing the disc size on bells for front and rear.. his work is excellent and he is not very expensive... I hope to be on the road soon and I'll take a run down south to see yah all..



My Previous Esprit

My old V8


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