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Paul Tyrell's 1988


Paul Tyrell from Exeter, Devon, UK owns a 1988 Turbo in Metallic Purple, with a White & Black Leather interior.


Year: 1988
Colour: Metallic Purple
Interior: White & Black Leather
Driving Style: Very much depends what CD I'm playing, and Road conditions.
Miles per year: 1,000+
Owned Since: December 1999
Purchase from: Private
Serviced at: SJ Sportscars & Myself
Other Cars: Toyoto Supra, Delorean Gull Wing,Ford Falcon Ragtop Sports,E Type RoadsterS3
Previous Lotus': 86 Esprit Turbo and V8 Esprit
Why an Esprit: Second best looking car in the world, Best F40 (I cant afford).
Upgrades: Used to be Red But restyled by Dimma Design in 91,All interior Leather replaced with Connolly Leather, Recaro Seats Fitted,Awsome Music includes 4 Kenwood Amps, 3 Sub Woofers, 4 Speakers, 4 Tweaters 6 Disc CD Player Unit. Paint Job Met Purple, Rear v8 Look Spoiler, Front Rubber Skirt, Sports Steering Wheel, 5 Spoke 18inch Specially imported Alloys, Twin Stainless Sports Exhaust, Ram Air Mod, Green Cotton Airfilter, Clutch Pipe Replaced for Mod One,
Problems: Loads and Loads: Engine Rebuilt last year Super Charge Lotus Pistons and Liners Fitted, Exhaust Manifold, Internal Knut came through Rear of Gearbox Casing, Dist Pickup Replaced, Petrol Pump Relay Replaced, Clutch Slave Cylinder Kit Fitted, Horn Electrical Connector Repaired, and not forgetting the Cig Lighter packing up.Plus all the normal service problems Brakes Cambelt Etc Etc.
Info: See Below


I've been mad about Esprits since the Seventies. My Solicitor had three of them a Yellow S3, then a Black S3 and finally A White 88 Turbo special com edition, and let me tell you she isn't a man. I used to dribble alot when seeing them being driven around Exeter. I now put the blame on her and not Roger Moore for all the Pleasure and pain my Esprits have caused me over the years.


I purchased my first Esprit a Red G Turbo S3 in 89 after taking out one of those dreaded Deferred Mortgages, but had to sell it six months later as I was made redundant. Ten years on and I was Fortunate to purchase my next Esprit 'Purple Rain'. Love her to bits even though I spend most of my time sat in the Boot fixing her and getting further into Debt maintaining her.

Every day I take her out and still get a Buzz driving her and watching all the Rubber Neckers from behind my Shades.

Take care Everyone


Powerflow Exhaust

Had powerflow exhaust removed to make way for a powerflow straight pipes, no silencer, twin quad pipe system,The noise is awsome much louder than the V8 with sports exhaust system I used to own, The rumble sounds just like the F1 cars coming into the pitlane,so I am going to have to keep my eyes open just in case the old bill is keeping there ears clean.There is no way this car is going to get pass a MOT next year, so I have had a special connection formed so I can easily replace with previous exhaust system about 20 mins work time.


At Donington 2004


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