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Roger Bucher's 1990

Roger Bucher from Diessenhofen, Switzerland owns a 1990 SE in British Racing Green, with a Tan Leather interior.


British Racing Green
Driving Style:
Miles per year:
4,000 - 8,000
Owned Since:
October 2000
Purchase from:
Serviced at:
At my Dads Garage
Other Cars:
Toyota Corolla Gti
Previous Lotus':
Unluckily none
Why an Esprit:
This car is in my opinion the only one who has the complete mixture of shape, power, interieur and history and reputation of the marque
Upgrades: Blow off valve, GAZ Suspension, Remus 4-Pot exhaust, Race Code red chip from Marcus at P.U.K. (The performance of this chip ist just sensational),High flow air filter... and some details
A lot of little stuff that needs good nerves, but like men and women - you forgive everything when it's real love
As I bought my Esprit, I was surprised over the performance with just 265 bhp.... but as a hobby, I needed something to do on my car... First of all I needed new brakes, but the problem that surely everybody knows was that the original wheels are to small to put a real good brake in. So I decided to use an upgrade of the original supra brake... after that I was searching for someone who had expierience with tuning Esprits and found someone in Moto-Concept. First of all, I ordered the pop off valve and a boost control and a new high flow cat.... After that the boost raised up to 1.3 bar and the torque was unbelievable. Then I went on with the gaz suspension and some track-spacers. At the front and rear I put a new grate in. This winter I was on the Lotus Esprit World site for the first time and there I saw Marcus's page from P.U.K. I bought his race code red chip and it was like a totally different car! The performance is just blistering (around 340 bhp), the torque is that high that the original clutch can't handle it even in the 3th gear.
Now I want to go on with a new clutch and probably a bigger turbo and some more detail work on the cylinder heads... My target ist to get around 380-400 bhp... and maybe a Sport 350 Spoiler and all of you are very welcome for the exchange of information and expieriences.



Update June 2005
The new coat in my door can be seen in the picture above middle, the old one was totaly destroyed and I always had trouble with the window lifter motor because everything was wet inside the door. Above right is one of me in the position that, how I believe, every Esprit owner knows if he works on his car himself.

I have done some more upgrades with a longer fifth gear, and a new clutch from puk (the one with 35% more torque) this clutch is very easy to handle, even lighter than the original... and I've had some problems with the t-belts... my pully was damaged and all the belts were in trouble..... Allright, that's it for the moment, I hope I can send you some more in a couple of weeks....


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