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Travis Andrews' 1989

Travis Andrews from Boulder Colorado, USA owns a 1989 SE in Vulcan Grey.


Vulcan Grey
No idea never seen it before on any Esprit
Driving Style:
Miles per year:
Owned Since:
September 2000
Purchase from:
Serviced at:
All by myself
Other Cars:
Acura Integra 1989
Previous Lotus':
HotWheels Royal Flash Esprit
Why an Esprit:
Wanted one since I was 5, when I saw my first Esprit, a 1980.
Upgrades: Spax shocks. Rear SPAX shocks on setting 14 (stiffest) front on setting 12. Left rear shock raised 3mm to correct lean and handling. V8 Awi Wheels. Pirelli PZero Rossos 285/35-18‚s and 235/40-17‚s. 200cc/min secondary injectors. All injectors replaced with Bosch injectors. X180-R fuel pump. New fuel regulator. Stebro dual tip stainless steel exhaust. EBP valve bracketed open. Stainless Steel Braided clutch hose. New vacuum pump. Rebuilt water pump. Timing belt every year (just for fun). Made my own rear upper links adjustable (plated in nickel teflon). V8 alignment settings (front toe-out and rear camber). All coolant hoses replaced at 50,000miles. All vacuum hoses replaced. Fuel tanks refurbished and coated internally (placed on custom foam and rubber mats). RAM air conversion with water drain. Original MEMCAL, will get S4s soon. New clutch. New Pressure plate. New pilot bearing. New throwout bearing. Rear main seal. Valves shimmed. New head gasket. New stainless chargecooler pump shaft. Charge Cooler pump enlarged ported polished and nickel plated. CC pump rebuilt. All transmission seals replaced (inside and out). Coolant system flushed of all corrosion. All fuel vent hoses and seals replaced. Clutch slave replaced. Steering rack rebuilt.

fuel tank rust (refurbished, coated, painted, protected) fuel system clogged (replaced) Stebro exhaust hangers broke (welded) Rubber parts needed replacing (all) 1/4 windows needed re-sealing (done) Vacuum pump died, goose noise replaced) Water pump needed re-sealing (done) Various oil leaks (cam towers and o-rings) Tranny seal leaks (replaced) Clutch slave leaked (replaced) Windshield wiper arm ball joint broke (made a new one out of aluminum) info: I am currently designing a set of Brembo racing brakes(full race) for my car, front and rear.






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