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Brian Skeoch's 1988

Brian Skeoch from Atlanta, US, owns a 1988 Turbo in Red, with a ?????? interior.


Year: 1988
Colour: Red
Interior: ?
Driving Style: ?
Miles per year: ?
Owned Since: ?
Purchase from: Paul Spruel Lotus / Lamborghini dealer in Atlanta GA / USA
Serviced at: ?
Other Cars: ?
Previous Lotus': ?
Why an Esprit: ?
Upgrades: ?
Problems: ?
Info: ?.

Its a 88 turbo, I have owned it for 15 months, it has 50 k miles, and I love it.

I take it to Road Atlanta a couple times a year for some hot laps with my local Lotus club. the previous owner of my car added a rear wing and had the side skirts painted calypso red to match the body color... I like that look.. It gives the 88 a little pinch of SE.... The only thing I have done with this car is put on new tail gate support struts, new horns, and rebuilt the left front brake caliper... The car has been repainted and was done very well. I have added Lotus center caps to the stock 88 wheels, and have put on Yokohama AVS tires... I do now have a eurpoean front plate on my car, gives it that British look.....

I purchased the car from Paul Spruel Lotus / Lamborghini dealer in Atlanta GA / USA. ''My brother in law owns a ferrari 328 GTS and I think the Lotus is a much better car and handles better than his Ferrari.''

''when I drive my Esprit I try to imagine myself as Jimmy Clark as he enters turn one at the Indianapolis
Motor Speedway at 150 mph in 1965......
or, as I come into thepits to be greated by Colin Chapman
and told : good boy Brian, thats the way to drive that car "
I love the Stevens type Esprit and am a proud owner..

My local Lotus club met at Road Atlanta last weekend for the historic races.. We were given some track time but were held up in the back stretch with a Jag e type looked it. It was a great weekend of Lotus cars, food and historic car racing .

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