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Official Calendar 2005
Our Esprit Stars from the LEW Calendar

LEW going to bring you the wonderful Esprits that have featured in our Official Calendar since 2004. That's over 10 years of beautiful pictures of our favourite supercar. It's been a ride!

As you'll see at we go though the years. This is December's from the previous year, giving you 13 months and a seamless switch over for your Esprit calendar each year.

January 2005
Racing Esprit from Holland we think! Love the flames!

February 2005
We were inviited to the end of production and were in the pics of the last two Esprit off the production line in 2004. Lotus gave us permission to use the official picture in our calendar for 2005..

March 2005
Taken by our unprofessional hands of one of Ken B's 2003 V8.

April 2005
S3 sent in by a regular users back in 2004.

May 2005
Great angled picture of this SE from France.

June 2005
A nice shot of a Turbo Esprit from a site user.

July 2005
Another of Ken's collections of Esprit. Essex's was a cool Esprit and this one had the roof mounted stereo too! Another pic we took. Not perfect, but is cool as it shows the interior, which is a major feature of the Essex in our opinion.

August 2005
Why are GT3's always orange! The image was low quality, but it was such a good shot, we let it slide, as unprofessional as usual

September 2005
A community Esprit regular back in 2004 who had quite a bit of work done on this Turbo. Rear lights, GT3 wheels and paint job are just the bits you can see. Pretty good shot from another unprofessional photographer. Think it's the model is hard to shoot badly ;-)

October 2005
Lucky for us Ken had so many great Esprits in 2004 in his collection. This S1 was in original condition and we'd been for rides in it a few times. Wonderful car and is like a time machine back to the 70s.

November 2005
Ken's 350, all this shot were taken on the same day at the same place. We think it was the great photography, but it's more likely to be the location and models that even a fool could take a good shot! Although have you noticed the Essex in the background from an early shot. We did that ;-)

Decmeber 2005
We always try to get a good picture in December as it's the first of next years calendar too. This is Ken B's Sport 300. Wonderful Esprit taken by our unprofessional hands again. Not a bad pic considering we took it!

Please note that not all information is 100% accurate, as we're doing a lot from memory.
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