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March 10th - 11th

I attended the Lotus Show at Donington on 4th March, 2001. These are some of the pictures I took, most from the carpark. These are cars owned by the general public and brought to the show, some were even from Europe. A few pics were taken inside the show, these cars were owned by dealers or people who enjoy showing their cars.


My SE in the carpark, as you can see, it was a bit wet.

Inside the show an S1 in James Bond mode.

The owner of this 350 sports didn't trust anybody, his car was kept in the sercure carpark,
what a waste of £6, I would have sat in it all day for free.

What a carpark, Esprit, Elise, Europa, Excel, Exige, Elan etc.

Inside the show a couple of show G cars, the Essex was in amazing condition.

Another of the £6 posse, not seen an S4 in this colour before.

A G car next to some old high wing piece of rubbish (hey! thats my car).

A 1979 John Player Special Esprit

An S and G together in perfect harmony, (isn't that a song).

An Esprit Sandwich, a great looking G Espirt, with an old and new Elise's looking on.

Poor old yellow Esprit couldn't get into the carpark and had to park wtih common cars.
I felt sorry for it, best car in that carpark by a mile.

A foreign plated Essex Turbo, great to see people from all over europe coming to Donington.


Marin (blue S4S) and Dermot (Red S4) go head to head in the
Donington Carpark a case of 'mines better than yours'.

Is it a SE, is it a V8, no its a SE with V8 bits, like to know how he did his ariel.

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