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May 4th - 5th

I attended the Club Lotus Show at Donington again this year, held on 4th & 5th May, 2002. Armed with a digital camera this year, I took over 260 pictures, If it didn't move too fast I took a picture of it. I attended on Sunday 5th, which was supposed to be Esprit Day, arriving at around 9.30am with the doors opening at 10am to the Exhibition Hall. As last year, the place to be was the 'Lotus Only' free car park. I think every Esprit Model (except maybe the 2.2) could be found with most owners willing to chat, the car park over flowed later in the day with Esprits lurking in every corner.

Take the official Lotus Esprit World Tour of Donington 2002, let me show you around, might make you want to come next year, or maybe the tour's that good you'll stay at home and log-on (yeah right!). Ready? then follow me around Esprit Heaven at Donington.

The Car Park 'Lotus Only'
The free 'Lotus Only' car park right outside the Exhibition Centre was the place to be,
every Lotus model you can think of, well almost, don't remember seeing the cycle anywhere!

Kato's SE and Phil's Sport 350 make their mark in the Car Park. Check out the billboard in the SE window.

'The Place to Be' the Lotus Only Free Car Park out side the Exhibition Centre. Its actually larger than this a I seemed to miss out a section, but you get the idea.


The Car Parks overflowed into the field behind.  A closer look at the Car Park, Esprit surrounded by 'other' Lotus'.


Elise's, Elan's, Carlton's, Eclats, Cortina's, Seven's, Excels. Nothing beats the Esprit.


Let's Play I Spy. Look, there's Alan 'don't leave my hand break on' Rae's Pacific Blue SE, and the Black & White Minstrels!

The Secure Car Park
Pay £6 and have your motor protected from flyers and thief's and the adoring general public. Waste of money if you ask me, although a few ended up in there as space ran out in the main Car Park.

Watch out for the man in the Yellow Jacket, his been trained and is very dangerous, Enter the Secure Car Park at your own risk!


Most models where hiding in the Secure Car Park, but why someone thinks an Elise needs protecting, you can get them in corn flake packets nowadays!
Talk about common, give it a couple of year's and you'll be able to pick on up for £6 (thinks that's enough Elise baiting).


Not many of these car managed to see the glamour, glitz and fame of those in the free car park, looks like money can't be you love!

Model Spotting
Right, you've got the general idea of the Car Parks, now let's see if we can find all the different Esprit models!


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