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You'll want to keep it safe & clean, but will it fit?

We've taken a few pics for you to see how LEW's Esprit fits into it's home, we'll add some measurements soon. LEW's garage is integral and we've told is a standard size. There's no point folding the wing mirrors in as they are the same width as the rear wings. Leaving them out helps guide you in and making sure you get it's behind in safely. The length of the garage isn't a problem as we can fit a motorbike in as well, just the width if of concern. As you can see, it's very tight.

The Esprit is 1860mm wide (73.2") This includes the mirrors, which are the same width as the rear wheel arches.


It will go in, just. Here's the proof. Believe it or not, we can actually get out of this gap.


Getting out is a little tight though.


You have to line the Esprit up carefully. It fits like a hand into a glove, though you'll need nerves of steel and first few times.

It seems other have the same problems



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