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Some things have to be done, whether we like it or not

Below is a list of UK Insurance Company the offer competitive rates for insurance a Lotus Esprit, expect to pay between £200 and £1,500 depending on model and age. Most offer restricted mileage which will reduce your premium. Remember to mention LEW when you phone!

ClubLEW Discount
Lotus Esprit World has arranged a discount with ClassicLine Insurance for all ClubLEW Members. Just call for a quote and give your membership No. for your discount of up to 15%. Lotus Esprit World will also be valuing Esprits for ClassicLine for there 'Agreed Valution' Policies.

ClassicLine have now introducted ClassicLine Rescue, UK & European Breakdown and Recovery Service. Breakdown cover from just £19.95. Benefits include: Roadside Assistance, Recovery, European Assistance, Freephone Emergency Number. Lotus Esprit World will be including ClassicLine Rescue on its policy.

138 Castle Street
Leicestershire LE10 1DD

Tel: 01455 639000   Fax: 01455 39035

This discount is now fully up and running and every member of staff can now deal with your quote
Remember to give your Lotus Esprit World membership no. before any quote

ClassicLine can also insure Performance Cars, Custom Cars, and Classic Cars.
They can also do multiple car policies to insure both your Esprit and your everyday car at a great cost.


Call to find out more!


Hagerty International Classic Car Insurance offers the most comprehensive classic car policy in the UK (as agreed by the Advertising Standards Authority). Hagerty understands the need from their classic car clients to provide the best service and classic car products available for this niche marketplace.

We do not handle any other insurance products such as household or travel insurance. We are therefore well placed to offer the best premium rates for the most comprehensive policy and service available.

One point which may also interest your members is that U.K and European breakdown recovery is also available on our policies at a really competitive price. Our service guarantees a flat bed recovery so your members Esprits will not be pulled along behind a recovery truck!

Call us today on
08700 420 940 or 08700 420 220

Alternatively visit our website and click on our “Policy Features” page to read more about Hagerty’s outstanding benefits!

UK Companies Telephone Website
Adrian Flux 08700 777888
Priviledge 0845 246 8555
Lancaster Insurance 01480 484826 http://www.lancasterinsurance.co.uk
Taylor Price 01638 569573
Direct Line directline.com
AON - Esteem 01483 706056
Carole Nash carolenash.com
Footman James 0121 561 4196 www.footmanjames.co.uk
Grandstand 2000 01249 782800 www.grandstand2000.co.uk

Autonet Ins (Newcastle under lyme ST5 2RS)

0871 7112223  
Hertiage 0121 246 5050 /5056 Andrew Seeking
Peart 0870 240 2972 www.peart.co.uk

GRANDSTAND 2000 Keith Montgomery Insurance

01249 782800 +15 years + garaged
Liverpool Victoria   www.liverpoolvictoria.co.uk

As an interesting point to note regarding Liverpool Victoria for those of you who have modified your cars... They cover anything at all with NO increase in premium apart from a capacity increase, which they will not insure. That's anything like wheels, bov's, chips, NOS, dermotfuel, anything with that one exception, which I think is great. www.liverpoolvictoria.co.uk

Dutch Companies Telephone Website
Paul Friskes www.friskes.nl

US Companies Telephone Website
Hagerty Insurance 800-922-4050 www.hagerty.com
Grundy Worldwide www.grundy.com
Liberty Mutual  
Leyland West  
State Farm  
American Collectors Insurance  

Insurance Guide

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