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Lotus Elise Sport 190
Lotus Engineering, Hethel, Norwich, Norfolk, NRI4 8EZ. Telephone (0953) 608000 Telefax (0953) 606884

The ultimate powerhouse, for serious track work

Developed for the dedicated track fan and for fully-fledged motorsport applications, the Elise Sport 190 is pure racer. At its heart is an extensively modified (each engine is meticulously hand-built by race technicians) version of the standard 1.8-litre engine, kicking out a breathtaking 190PS (140kW).

This mighty powerplant is known, appropriately, as the VHPD, or Very High Performance Derivative, and can hurl the featherweight Sport 190 from standstill to 60mph in 4.3secs (0-100km/h in 4.4secs) and to 100mph in a supercar-slaying 10.72secs.

And as you'd expect with this extraordinary level of performance, the Sport 190 is equipped with competition-standard suspension, gearbox, brakes, wheels and tyres ± fitted and set up by the same technicians who developed the car in the first place.

Because each Sport 190 is specially built to order by the Lotus aftermarket department, your car can be tailored to your precise needs, whether you're heading out to the track for some high-octane fun, or are chasing a major motorsport championship; the list of available options is extensive and comprehensive.

And it's worth noting that your existing Elise road car can be converted to full Sport 190 spec, either in one go or a piece at a time.

What the papers say...

'...nothing much has changed, except that the joy now unfolds at higher speeds. Yes, the balance is more knife-edged and the extra power means you can provoke wilder cornering attitudes, but nothing is spoilt. Even the ride is reasonable. But the Sport (190) is very quick. The engine isn't especially smooth, but it revs like crazy to propel this Elise as though it had barely any inertia at all. And the 'enhanced' sound, all hard-edged howl and tearing fabric and lift-off crackles and bangs, is pure entertainment.' car


Type: Very High Performance Derivative (VHPD) four-cylinder in-line, dohc, four valves per cylinder, transversely mid-mounted. Changes over standard engine comprise modified cylinder head, valves, pistons, crankshaft, flywheel, solid valve lifters (used to permit increase in maximum revs to 8000rpm), carbonfibre air-box assembly, oil cooler kit, lightweight competition silencer and tailpipes.

Capacity: 1796cc.
Construction: All aluminium.
Maximum power: 190PS (88kW) at 7500rpm.
Maximum torque: 139lb ft (189Nm) at 5600rpm.

Maximum speed: 145mph (202km/h) (estimated).
0-60mph: 4.3secs.
0-100km/h: 4.4secs.
0-100mph: 10.7secs.
0-160km/h: 10.9secs.

Manual five-speed transaxle with close ratios, driving he rear wheels.
First: 2.92 to one.
Second: 1.75 to one.
Third: 1.31 to one.
Fourth: 1.03 to one.
Fifth: 0.85 to one
Reverse: 3 to one.
Final drive: 4.20 to one.

Composite body panels with detachable front and rear clamshells, integral fixed headlamps.

Lotus-designed structure of epoxy-bonded aluminium extrusions incorporating steel roll-hoop.

Double-wishbones with single coil springs over Koni competition-spec dampers (with Lotus modifications) all-round. Lotus-patented extruded aluminium front uprights. Uprated adjustable anti-roll bar. Adjustable spring platforms to lower the ride height.

Rack and pinion, non-power-assisted.

Lotus design Six Spoke Alloy
Front: 5.5Jx15
Rear: 7.5Jx16

Pirelli P Zero
Front: 185/55 R15
Rear: 225/45 R16

Cross-drilled ventilated iron discs all-round.
Lotus/AP Racing front calipers, Brembo rear callipers.
Race-spec brake pads all-round.

Vital statistics
Wheelbase: 90.6in (2300mm).
Front track: 56.7in (1440mm).
Rear track: (1470mm)
Overall length: 146.7in (3726mm).
Overall width: 67.0in (1701mm) excluding mirrors.
Overall height: 44.0in (1118mm).
Ground clearance: 4.7in (120mm).

Tank capacity: 8.8gal (36.4litres).
Fuel grade: 98 RON minimum.

Standard equipment
RAC-approved competition roll-bar, lightweight rear window, FIA-approved competition seat, mounting and six-point safety harness, battery master switch assembly, small competition battery, competition-spec towing eye & Oil cooler.

Passenger seat (must be used with six-point safety harness), ultra-lightweight front and rear carbonfibre clamshells, plumbed-in fire extinguisher, metallic paint, premium paint, driving lamps, and an extensive list of Lotus Sport Original Performance Products.

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