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August 2003

LEW Calendars 2004 UPDATE

I've now got the picture sorted for the calendar. Just need to decide which goes on which month. The Calendar is currently being proof read to make sure there's no mistakes. I'm hoping to get it printed on Monday/Tuesday. Then they'll need to be bound and finished. Hopefully they will then be ready for sale. Looking at the week starting 15th September for sale.

The site updates should slow down a little over the next few weeks, as I'm going to be very busy sorting the site out for the sale of the calendar and also finishing them off. Still hope to add a few things to keep everyone interested. I will be fitting a sport 300 front blip over the next week or so (given time) and will also add the GT3 gearknob install guide. Got a few owners pages building up as well.

LEW Calendars 2004

As only a limited number of calendars are being produced, a first come, first serve policy will be employed. LEW Mailing List Members will get a tip off before launch and will be able to order their's one day in advance. Currently only cheques and paypal will be excepted for payment. So those who do not wish to miss out on a calendar are advised to set up an account in advance if they don't currently have one. Paypal account are secure (as long as you don't give your details out), but take a few weeks to set up.

Bascially paypal charge the credit card details you which to use a small fee. This fee has a code attached. Once you get your bill, you use the code to activate your account. This means they know who gets the bill and who pays it. So people can't use stolen cards. The small fee is then refunded and your account is active. Once your account is active, all you'll need to do is click on my paypal button for the calendar (which will be available on launch and for different postage). Enter your password and any additional comments (like different postal address) and press pay. I will get a email to say you've paid and you will get a conformation you've paid. I will then send you a calendar! It's easier than using your Credit Card (and safer). The credit card you chose to use will be billed for the exact amount, with no extra charges. I pay a fee for collecting an money, not you! It's a little effort to set-up, but once done, it makes paying people over the internet very easy. All you need is there email address!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at kato@lotusespritworld.com and I'll answer any concerns you have. Hoping to make this a success, so we can all have an Esprit Calendar every year.

LEW Meet @ Silverstone

Yesterdays meet @ Silverstone Race Track was a great success. 21 Esprits turned up during the day, with most at the Green Man Inn. A wonderful convoy to Silverstone, followed by a photo shoot and chat. Then off to the paddock to see John's V8 Racer. An action pack day, full of Esprits! What more could you ask for. Full report is now on the site. So if you've got any pictures from the day to add to the report. Get them to me asap!


Shiny Bits for my Esprit

The postman had lots of gifts for me this morning. After ordering some Lotus Dust Caps only yesterday morning from Christopher Neils. They turned up next day! Pretty impressive for a Lotus Dealer. Although I've been impressed by CN on every occassion I've called them for information or parts. The Dust Caps were £15 for a set of 4. All my wheels need now are the centre caps that have been on order since January! Should have them soon (or so I'm told).

More shiny bits! This time from PNM, who I ordered by GT3 Gearknob from. An official Lotus part and only £44, which I though wasn't bad considering what they normally charge for any thing shiny! I will be fitting it today (hopefully) so there should be an install guide on the site sometime next week.

Look forward to seeing all those coming to the first Official L.E.W. meeting tomorrow at Silverstone. Should be fun!

4-Cylinder Air Filters

PNM Engineering will have a large batch of Green Cotton Filters in 14 days. So if you've been after one, order yours now. I get the feeling they will go pretty quick. See the Guide for more information on performance air filter.

Yahoo! Alton Towers Meet

On Saturday 20th September (gives the sunday to recover and some are considering staying overnight and driving back the next day....) we have arranged a meet at Alton Towers at 8:30 in the Priority Parking Area (£10 insetad of £3 but it is right next to the doors, pleb free and means we can stay as late as we like as we don't need to catch the monorail back to the car parks...). We have 7 Definite Esprits and an 8th who will hopefully confirm after the weekend. There are a further 5 that I am waiting to hear back from..... Also a number of Elan owners and the odd 340r owner (via Peter Bentley) have thrown their hats into the ring :).

We are planning to do a couple of convoys I have suggested a South Meet to leave Newport Pagnall around 6am (giving plenty of margin for error) and have invited our Northern friends to arrange a local meet should they wish. Steve (Unity 1 Lotus) is planning to come from Essex and I think is possibly arranging to meet up with someone else (Paul?) from Essex too.

.....with the sort of numbers we have got already, we can get a significant discount on the entry fee (down to £18 from £27 per person) It should be a great day out. There's a lot more than just mad rollercoasters! I would also like to point out that I am not doing this to make *any money whatsoever* out of people and everyone will ONLY pay the face value of their tickets. We would all need to pay in advance though to take advantage of the discounts..... (We will have up until a few days before). I hope you can join us all!


(Evil Dr Fish)

Lotus Track Day

Don't forget the next track day in PNM and Stratton's calendar is on 27th August at Brands Hatch. All Esprit's welcome. Lotus Esprit World will be attending the next track day following my brake & suspension upgrades. For more details click here.

Esprit Meet @ Silverstone

Meeting at 10am leaving 11am for Silverstone at:

The Green Man Inn
Brackley Hatch Syresham
Brackley Northamptonshire
NN13 5TX
Tel: 01280 850209

On the A43 near Towcester.

Tickets can be bought at the gate for £10 (so I've been told)

Weekend Work

Gearknob has turned up yet! But have got freescan working and have recorded a couple of logs. A great programme for the 4-cylinder Esprits (with ECU's) and there will be more info on the site soon!

Esprit Meet @ Silverstone

More new for the Silverstone meeting on 24th August 2003. Spoken to John Hazzard, who will be racing his Esprit V8 in the Roadsports Race. The event is being held over the weekend, but John is only racing on Sunday. It's a 750 Motor Club organised event, with races including Stock-Hatch racing (VTS, GTI's etc). A John Cooper Challenge (mini's I'm guessing). A Formula V race and a Formula 4 race. John's Road Sport Race will be towards the end of the day and he will be competing against Morgan's, Elise's, Porsche 911's, Renault Spiders and Ginetta's to name a few.

Tickets for the day will be around £10 each, but if you register an interest in coming, John may (MAY) be able to get some free tickets. Email me before Monday 18th if you want the chance of some free tickets. Lotus Esprit World will be there with it's SE and hopefully Philip Copperwheat will have his Sport 350 there, with it's Mike Haines Racing Brake Conversion. So let's make this a Esprit Summer Meet and get plenty of Esprit's to Silverstone to support John's first outing in his Esprit V8 Racer (with G50 gearbox). No excuses, bring the family if you can't escape!

Weekend Work

Got a few things planned for this weekend, hoping to get Freescan up and running on a friends laptop (won't work on Macs). Also ordered a GT3 Alloy Gearkknob which I will be fitting along with the gaitor I've had in my garage for the last few months. Will also be looking at the rear number plate lights, which need some attention.

I've also ordered a front blip from the Sport 300 to add to my Esprit, this should come in a week or so with my second Sport 300 seat and some centre wheel caps that I've been trying to get hold of since January. Another busy weekend. I'm just hoping to get one job done!

Esprit Meet @ Silverstone

John Hazzard will be debuting his Lotus Esprit V8 Racer at Silverstone on Sunday 24th August 2003. I'm hoping to attend to see it race for the first time and it would be good to get a few more Esprit's to Silverstone to support John's Esprit. I will find out more about the event and post detail here as soon as I get them.

This will also be the last chance to get your Esprit on the 2004 Calendar. I will be bring my camera and will be happy to shoot any Esprit's on the day. Those pictures deemed good enough will make the final 13 for the Calendar. Printing will follow the week after and orders will hopefully be taken the beginning of September.

Carbon Fibre Sunroofs


Dave Walter is making a batch of carbon fibre sunroofs for the Esprit. This will replace the glass roof and use the existing mountings. Prices are around £225 + p&p a present. Too find out more about it contact Dave at dave@acsdesign.org. Lotus Esprit World will be purchasing one and a guide and review will appear on the site in the near future.

Lotus Lottery!

PUK Esprit Racing Lotus Lottery count down has just started, only 850 tickets will be sold and they are already going, so hurry up and get yours ! This is your chance to win a free Lotus ! Winner can chose between a late Esprit V8 with AP Racing brakes, or an Exige ! Of course you can always sell your prize and use the money to buy the older Esprit variant of your dreams, Giugaro, early Stevens, S4s.... So the Lottery is indeed for every Esprit lover, not just V8 wanabees ! ;o) Please log onto our site for all the details and to buy your tickets: http://freudhoefer.de/lotus/esprit
The PUK Team

Lotus Esprit World & GQ Magazine

According to a source at a blood donor clinic (reading material while waiting to give blood). Lotus Esprit World is mention in Augusts' edition of mens magazine (not that type) GQ. I haven't seen this for myself as September mags is out now! Apparently the context was an interview with some bod (unknown as yet). Several bland questions, one of which was 'What is your current car?' He replied that he was beetling around in his mate's Esprit – White G-type and loved the attention from the James Bond fans. The article then showed a White G-type and a guide of £5K and Lotus Esprit World's Web address!.

Will confirm story, if I can get hold of a copy or someone is kind enough to scan it for me. First Autotrader's Website of the Week and now a mention in GQ Magazine. How long before it makes in on to the cover of TIME Magazine (alot quicker than Club Lotus Magazine me thinks!).

No. Plate Lights

After seeing one of my rear numberplate lights hanging down after a long runover the weekend. I discovered the screws had rusted so badly the heads had dropped off, leaving the light dangling. On trying to order a new light, as the one left dangling had a crack. I found out that this part was made obeslete in 1998 and is no longer available. Now looking into the possibility of using a US-Spec one or the Elise one. At around £20 each they aren't cheap, so I'd advise everyone to take a look at theirs and replace the screws it they look a little worse for wear. As replacing the light could prove difficult or expensive in the future.

Alloy Gearshift Surrounds

Lotus Esprit World fitted Alan Paterson's Alloy Gearshift Surround yesterday to it's Esprit SE. The quality is wonderful and fitting took only around 15 minutes with only 2 screws and 4 nuts to undo. Looks beautiful and really looks like it was originally on the Esprit. I will be adding a Sport 350 Alloy ball to finish off the look. Alan has only four of these gearshift surrounds left. So if you like the look of mine, don't waste any time. Order yours now. Alan also has Stainless Steel Sill Plates in stock for both Stevens and Guigiaro Esprits. These can also be seen on Lotus Esprit World's Esprit.

Uxbridge Autoshow


Above are some pics of the Uxbridge Autoshow supplied by Mark Blanchard . The event was organised by the Berks Bucks and Oxen Club Lotus area. He sounds like he had a great day, with really sunny weather and a good turn out of Lotus’s. A few of Esprit’s turned up, mostly G cars. Mark will also be going to the concours at the Spade Oak, so we may see some pictures from that gathering too.

BOV for Carb'd Esprits

Alan Croft has put together a kit to supply a Blow-Off Valve for Carb'd Esprits. Current kits available are only for Esprits with fuel injection. If you have a carb'd Esprit and are interested in this BOV, email: joal20@joal20.karoo.co.uk for more information.

Sport 350 Spoilers

Glyn Harper is looking into producing some Sport 350 Spoilers for Esprit owners. These will be as the original seen only on the Esprit Sport 350 and produced in Carbon Fibre and aluminium to a high spec. Glyn is after an idea of how many would be interested in having one of these made for their Esprit. If you want to know more about this possible project email Glyn at glyn.harper@turboesprit.com

News from June & July 2003



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