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December 2002 

Dump Valve

My Dump Valve will be coming from Justin in the next few weeks, so I'll be doing the usual Installation Guide once I've fitted it.
Also I'll be purchasing a Sports Exhaust (& maybe a Cat Replacement Pipe from Les @www.lotusperformance.co.uk).

So look out for the updates on my owners page as I upgrade my SE.

Esprit on TV

Top Gear BBC2, at 8.00pm, Sunday 29th December 2002 is now the date for the Esprit feature.


CLUB LOTUS the world's first and the world's largest club for Lotus owners and enthusiasts is pleased to announce the formation of a new section called TEAM ESPRIT. Enjoy the benefits of Team Esprit Insurance, obtain free technical & legal advice, attend track days, receive our free list of recommended Esprit specialists, start saving £££'s, have fun and make new friends. For details of Club Lotus and this new venture, dedicated to the interests of Lotus Esprit Owners and enthusiasts, contact us now.

41 Norwich Street, Dereham, Norfolk NR19 1AD England
Tel: 01362 691144/694459 Fax: 01362 695522
e-mail: clubhq@paston.co.uk

Esprit Insurance (UK)

RH Specialist Car Division offering Insurance on Classic Esprit. Call on 01277 206911

Example: Lotus Esprit S1, 1976, value £6500
3000-mile premiums from £101
5000-mile premiums from £111

Supercars Sought

Supercar owners are needed for the 2003 Supercar Run, a five-day rally from Goodwood to Monte Carlo that kicks off on June 22. The event supports CWAC (Children with AIDS Charity) and is limited to 100 entries. If you'd like to take part, call 020 7658 2395

November 2002 

If you've been looking for a T-shirt featuring an Esprit then look no further. The band Phantom Planet now do a shirt featuring the outline of a Sport 350 (although it was a yellow V8 in their last video). $20 from their website.



S4 Engine 32k miles ECU and Loom £3000
S4 Gearbox £1000
SE gearbox £500
New High wing chassis £1400

Many more smaller parts for SE and Turbo Esprit

Call Carl 0207-234-6659

Elise Specialists branch out to offer Esprit tuning parts

The widely respected race-speed.com proprietor Owen Geddes will be branching out to supply tuning parts for the esprit, to complement the many parts and accessories their company already offers for the elise and exige ranges. Lotusespritworld has heard that Race-speed will shortly take delivery of a GT3 Esprit, which will become their demonstrator and proving ground for development - and may possibly be the first esprit to be fitted with electronic traction control device. Race-speed and their sister site brake-speed.com are already showing pagid brake pads for the esprit on their web site, and will shortly be offering other items.

Esprit's on TV

5th Gear is doing a feature on the Esprit S1 in the The Spy Who Loved Me next Monday on it's hour special on Bond cars.
Channel 5, at 8:30pm, Monday 18th November 2002

Top Gear is doing a feature on the current V8 which will stop production in the next few months.
BBC2, at 8.00pm, Sunday 15th December 2002

5th Gear mention the Esprit on last Monday's show (11th November 2002). Only saying it was a good day for designer Giugiaro, as he's just designed a new Alfa Romeo concept car

The Office showed the Esprit again in it's last episode. Behind Gareth on the wall. Think it's a calender.

The Lotus Esprit Mailing List is finally up and running. So you should have recieved an updated message on 12th November. If you didn't then you're not on the mailing list. If anybody has had broken messages, drop me an email and tell us what's happening.


Esprit Sport350 Parts
• Pair of sports seats - black with blue alcantara
• Pair of door interior trim panels - black with silver panel and blue alcantara
• Pair of electric winder motors / door glass
• V8 interior engine cover
• Sport350 ECU

Mike Sekinger
07976 200420
email: mike_sekinger@hotmail.com

PNM Engineering now have a new website, which includes PNM Engineering's new parts catalogue. Which I'm sure will be useful to quite a few of us.

They say: 'Our current range clearly laid out. Everything from cylinder heads to bonnet, bolts to wheels, with our part numbers cross referenced with original Lotus part numbers'.

They also offer:

Servicing Body Shop MOT Conversions Collection & Delivery Parts Car Sales Mail List Parts Catalogue

I've ordered parts from them before and had some recondition caliper off them. Good service and price, which at the end of the day is what we're all after. So have a look at their site, and if you need something doing, or a few parts, you'll have another company to consider. Remember, if you get good service, email me and I'll praise them. Get bad service, do the same and we'll all know! So it's down to PNM to keep up their Good name.

PNM Engineering
Unit 2
New Way Business Centre
Oakdale Road
Merseyside L44 7HT

Tel: 0151 630 6101
email: enquiries@pnmengineering.com

The Lotus Esprit World Mailing List is currently being worked on and hopefully your updates will be in your inboxes by the end of the month.

October 2002

For Sale


Rare opportunity to own a 10TUS plate.
Looks fantastic on the car.
First sensible offer secures.
Keith 07801 228275

John loaned his 2002 V8 Esprit to the Top Gear Team for filming. Here's his report of the Esprit's time with Top Gear.

Just back from what I can only describe as an excellent couple of days with the Top Gear team and, yes, the car is still in one piece.

Day 1
We arrived at Dunsfold Aerodrome just in time to see Clarkson thrashing a Bentley Arnage up and down the runway. Then they stopped for lunch, I met the man himself who, once you get over the fact that you've just shaken hands with Jeremy Clarkson, is a top bloke - very friendly, chatty, not up himself etc. After lunch they filmed a bit more of the Bentley consisting of throwing it round corners and generally burning rubber, finishing with a beautiful 360 spin resulting in the car being hidden by a massive cloud of tire smoke! After that, he took my Esprit out and did a few slow runs up and down the runway just to get some driving shots for the camera car. Then came a few high speed fly-bys followed by some burning rubber stuff - all very impressive.

After a bit of in-car work (imagine a 6 foot cameraman complete with camera squashed in to the passenger seat!) the filming was done for the day. That was JC's bit done for the shoot so I give him a lift back to his car (an AMG V8 merc SLK - very nice, does 205MPH)shook hands and got his autograph. Top bloke again and thanked me for my time and for providing the car. He said he always enjoys driving the Esprit and said it would be a classic supercar if not for the bad gearbox! This just left me with about half an hour for a bit of fast driving up and down the runway - throwing it round corners, with lots of screeching and without worrying about hitting anything.

Day 2
Was my bit. We went to some countryside near Hitchin where they had me driving the car up and down various scenic roads just to get some on-road footage of the car. Nothing too fancy, all 20-30mph cruising, filming through trees etc. but the camera guys were well impressed with the footage they got. And that was it, all done.

All I can say about his comments on the Esprit is from what I saw when they played a bit back of the in car footage as a test. He basically goes through how the engine has evolved from a 2.2NA 4 cyl to a V8 twin turbo and then comments about the Esprit being designed originally in a time when men were still living in trees! - I'm sure we'll see the rest when the show airs. The reason for using the Esprit was not for a road test as such but basically to let the world know that production is coming to an end. So, apparently, it will be a quite sombre piece with moving music and moody shots with some hard driving thrown in for good measure.

The show is timed to come out with the release of the new Bond film and will air on 10th November, BBC2 at 8PM I have about 15 mins of video footage which I took as well as the obligatory still picture of him sitting in my car. I'm hoping to get my footage on to VCD which I'll send to anybody who wants a copy. I realise I've rambled on a bit but it really was a great couple of days which I'll never forget.

Regards all

Check out www.eaglef1.com for a video of a blue S-Reg Esprit V8 being driven my Derek Bell doing a lap of Brands Hatch. You'll need a Flash player, but it's worth the effort. You can either watch the Directors cut, or do your own. Four different camera's, different music and dials showing speed, G-force, gearing, track and lap-time. Well worth a look for any esprit fan.

I'm racing my Esprit Turbo in the 750 motor club's ROADSPORTS series on Sunday at Snetterton (last one of this season). This is the only stevens shape clubmans Esprit racing (i.e raced on a small budget!!). I know it's a bit late but i'd appreciate any esprit owners to come and give me a bit of support!


I can be contacted on 01442 252640 for anybody needing further details

John Hazzard

MadaboutLotus Bedford Run 17/10/2002

Attended the Lotus run from Bedford last night. Didn't go on the run itself, but was at the meeting point. Around 8 Elises turned up (sadly no Esprit's) which was a good turn out for a dark Thursday night. A weekend run maybe arranged after a fairly good turnout (more turned up later on). So keep an eye on www.madaboutlotus.com for details

Check your Esprit Vin No.

You can how find out details of your Esprit at a new website, Key in your Vin Number and information relating to your Esprit will be given. Haven't tried it yet as I don't know my Vin number off the top of my head. Worth a look if you're got your number to hand.






Light Front and Rear End Fire, 45 K Miles, Interior in tack and good condition, not recorded.


No Esprit in the second episode of the Office, but if you didn't spot it on the first. It was on the pillar behind where Gareth sits, so watch out next time Gareth's at his desk.

There's a Lotus run on the 17th October in Bedford (my home town). So if it's not raining, I might tag along and take a few pictures. See link below for details.


Did you Spot the Esprit on the first episode of BBC2's The OFFICE. If you look carefully you'll spot a Silver V8. I'll tell you after next weeks episode where it was if you didn't spot it. Hoping to see more sightings as the series continues.

The Office, BBC2, Mondays 10pm

September 2002 

A 2003 Esprit Calender is on sale (link below). A bit pricey and a bit of a pain to order.


The Esprit appear in the new Phantom Planet Video called Lonely Day. If you go to the site (link below) you can watch the video online. An Orange Esprit features heavily in the first part of the video. Worth a look for all Esprit fans.


Dear Lotus Esprit World

We are from Kingston Grammar School in Kingston upon Thames and we are making a Green power electrical Go Kart. We are in need of any spare/old/used steering parts and wondered if you would have any parts along these lines.

Also we were wondering if you would be interested in sponsoring us as this would be a good advertising opportunity.
Information on this challenge that we are entering can be found at www.greenpower.co.uk. We would be very grateful for any help you can offer us.

Yours sincerely,

Technology Challenge Group
Kingston - Grammar School

Phil's Sport 350 sailed through it's first MOT at the Orchard Dealership in Northampton on the 6th. Our first time using the new Lotus Dealer, not exactly a huge job, but it's a start.

August 2002 

I'm off on my holidays on 20th August until 1st September, so there will be no new updates to the site and all emails will be answered on my return (if I can be bothered).

Finely done my Red Hose upgrade on the clutch, Should have done it five minutes after buying the car. Not that difficult to do (if a little time consuming for an idiot like me), costs only around £50 and improves my gear changes and general selection 100%. If you haven't done this to your Esprit, get it done, it's well worth it. See my guide on how to do it on the maintenance page.

Some information came to light after talking to an Esprit owner last week. He's just purchased a S4 which has an Elise steering wheel fitted by the previous owner. I didn't think they'd fit the Esprit, but it seems they do, not sure how difficult it is and although I'm not a great Elise fan, I think it looks pretty good on the Esprit. If anybody knows what's involved, please pass the information on, as I'm sure there's a few who would love this conversion on their Esprits.



Rumors again that the Esprit will stop production this year, unconfirmed at present.

Another rumor is that Neil Turner is no long with the Lotus Service Centre at the factory, he has been moved on to another department. If this is true then this is a great loss to the Esprit community (UPDATE: He now heads up customer services
at Lotus, so we should be ok when we buy a new Esprit, be quick though).


A new Lotus Dealer has opened in Northampton, Orchard Dealership. I attended their open day on Saturday 3rd August and was impressed by the attitude and premises. A full report will be on the site as soon as I can find where I put my digital camera.

Orchard Dealership
The Causeway
Great Billing
Tel: 01604 403040

July 2002 

See Otherstuff for an update on Neil White's Esprit Concept. Neil's modifying his Design using some of the feed back from this site.

Will be undertaking a dreaded 'Red Hose' replacement next month. I will be changing the plastic 'RED' clutch hose with a braided stainless steel one. Once the parts have arrived I will attempt it using Andy Whittaker's guide on this website. If anybody's got any additional advice, I would be pleased to hear from them.


Uxbridge Autoshow 2002


Took a few pics of the Uxbridge Autoshow last Sunday (21st July 2002) on the Club Lotus stand, met up with a few Esprit fans.

Mark Blanchard

Esprits wanted for Motor Show (read below).


I'm the webmaster for the Bucks Berks and Oxon branch of Club Lotus, we have arranged a stand at this years Uxbridge Autoshow on Sunday the 21st of July.

Currently we have 8 cars attending but still have 6 tickets available. So far we have no Esprits attending.
It was a good show last year with plenty to see and do. Tickets are free for people displaying their car in the club area, but as this is a charity show the organisers ( Rotary Club of Uxbridge ) ask for a donation of around £5.

This covers entry for the car and its passengers plus a show plaque.

f you know of anybody that would like to display their car and attend the show, could you get them to contact me at clublotus@hotmail.com, or 01494 715156.

I will dispatch the ticket and details to them, the donation is payable to the organisers on the day in exchnage for your show plaque.

The organisers have a website http://www.uxbridge-autoshow.com/

Maybee you could also give this a mention on your site.Currently we have mostly the older Lotus cars attending with one 340R. It would be good to have some more models on the stand.



June 2002 

Killed a pigeon at 100mph, thing flew down onto the dual carriageway in front of me. Kept expecting it to fly away before I got to it. Bang! straight through it. I doubt it felt a thing it was so quick, got the feeling it was maybe sick or lame (well that's what I keep telling myself). Was worried about the damage to the front spoiler, but after checking it, all there was was like a dust patch where I hit it. I was expecting a hole and blood everywhere. Just glad I didn't try and miss it as I doubt the Esprit would have been driven again and I might not be writing this article (if you can call it that).

Went to Castle Combe to watch another round of the British GT Championship featuring Johnson Motorsport's Esprit V8. See OTHERSTUFF

Went to Silverstone to watch another round of the British GT Championship featuring Johnson Motorsport's Esprit V8. See OTHERSTUFF

May 2002 

New to Lotus Esprit World is the Esprit Forum, or online message board. A bit like the Yahoo! Groups. Powered by Pistonheads.com, it give you the chance to post messages for other Esprit owners to see and reply too. Should be a great source of information for everything Esprit related. You'll find the forum under otherstuff, use it, that's what it's there for.

Club Lotus held their annual show at Donington this month, a good event with plenty of Esprits. For a full insight into the goings on check out Donington 2002.

As you may have seen, Lotus Esprit World has been off-line for a couple of weeks, this was mainly due to problems with my Internet Service Provider (ISP). As the site has got larger and more popular, my current package isn't good enough to host the site. After an upgrade, the site has continued to increase in popularity which again has broken my packages facilities. I have now changed ISP to a new host with an upgraded (again) package. In doing this I have also purchased lotusespritworld.com to go with .co.uk., which will mean both address will eventually point to Lotus Esprit World. Currently the .co.uk version is unavailable as it is being switch to my new ISP, but the .com version is up and running. Hopefully this will end any problems and Lotus Esprit World should be available 24/7.

My holiday to LA/Las Vegas/San Diego wasn't without Esprit incident. Firstly I would advice anybody to take a trip to Vegas, it's almost as much fun as an Esprit. Anyway, back to the Esprit's, I wasn't expecting to see any in the US as it's tough enough spotting them over here. But on exiting the 'Crazy Horse' in Vegas (which can only be discribed as a Lap Dancing club, and worth a look if your without wife) I summbled onto a pearl white Esprit Turbo (with spoiler). On further investigation I found out that it belonged to the Clubs owner. Unforunitly I didn't have my camera with me, and on 2 later trip I felt that taking a camera into a 'Titty Club' wasn't a good idea. A man with taste in cars and women! On returning to the UK I spotted this S-Reg Black GT3 in Heathrow's short stay car park.

April 2002 

As you may have noticed, Lotus Esprit World was OFF LINE for a couple of weeks in the middle of April. This was due to a couple of things, firstly with nearly 100 hits-a-day the site is becoming more popular than I'd have imagined and along with it's increasing size a few things needed addresssing. Essential Maintenance was carried out over this short period (along with my Holiday to Las Vegas), with parts of the site moving to a different server. Secondly as I've just mentioned, I've had to move a large part of the site to a different server as the pervious one was stuggling with the amount of use. Everything should be the same except for the links now redirect you to the relocated pages with the only difference being a slightly different address on all the subpages. Hopefully this shouldn't cause any problems for users. If you experience any faults, please email me with the short description of the problem and I'll fix it asap.

You can follow Johnson's Motorsports (running an Esprit V8) progress in the British GT Championship on Channel 4. Programs are on a 7am on Saturday morning and repeated late Sunday night.

March 2002 

Not much going on this month, took the Esprit down to Brands Hatch for the GT Championship (not racing them though). See otherstuff.

Also now testing the Origin Blue i GPS SpeedTrap Detector which is available in the UK for around £400. I'll publish a review in the coming months.


Still need to sort out a new set of rear tyres and my front lights. Also a new N/S door handle as the black coating has come off leaving a silver finish that sticks out a mile. Be on the prowl for a Morris Marina (i think).

February 2002 

After returning from my snowboarding holiday, I unmasked my spray job to see how the Esprit looked. Colours unnoticeable and not a bad match. If you look close you can see the stone chips, but only on your hands and knees. I'm very happy with the results, not as good as a £500 respray, but well worth the time and £8.99 can on paint. Will be needing another few coats after some summer runs, but looks 100% better. Wouldn't atempt any other panels on the Esprit as it wouldn't look good enough.

January 2002 

Can't believe I even considered it, but after getting quotes of around £500 to respray the stone-chipped front spoiler, I decided to do-it-myself. I reasoned that if I decided to have it done professionally at a later date, then they would strip back what I had done and redo the job properly. If I had the job done professionally, I would still be looking at having it redone at least every year, as the front spoiler takes a real battering. I would rather DIY it and spend money on other parts of the car, than spend it on something that's going to have to be redone time and time again. Also as my cars Black, matching the paint is easy and the finish is less noticeable. I don't think I would consider it on any other colour.


So I rubbed down the spoiler and masked up the front. So far I've given the car 3 coats of Black Gloss paint and the finish is pretty good. Doesn't hold up to hands-and-knees inspection, but you wouldn't notice just looking at the front. Due to the weather (raining all week) I'm still waiting to give it a couple more coats, before its ready to face the world. I'll add some pictures once the jobs done. REMEMBER I wouldn't advice this on anything other than a BLACK cars. I'd have never tried this on my Silver Esprit.

One car which definitely won’t be back in the 2002 British GT Championship is the Lotus Esprit GTO car prepared in 2001 by Zest Performance. The ex Shaun Balfe Motorsport (2000) car, now owned by Nick May and driven, as #59, in several British GT rounds by May, Rob Croydon and David Brunsden, was stolen from its transporter before Christmas and was found as a burned-out wreck some time later.

Busy time for my Esprit ownership, and as expensive as usual. Firstly I had my MOT, it was due till the end of February, but decided to do it now so I had some time to sort any problem, plus the fact that my rears wouldn't pass the MOT come February. Decided to go for a back street tyre company, as I guess that if they know they can't do any failure work on the car, they're more likely to pass it than have it back for a free re-test. Used Homan Tyre Co Ltd (01234 851850) in Kempston, Bedford. Kept an eye on them, which was lucky as the had trouble just getting it on the ramp.


Once it was on the ramp and I'd shown them how to open the boot, bonnet and where to find the chassis number I retired to the pub opposite (Fox & Hound) and had a pub lunch of lasanage and chips while I watched from the window. The Esprit Passed with only 2 warning, headlamp corrosion (see Les Twigg for replacement) and rear tyre wear. The cost of this experience was £37.60, not sure how they worked this out, just happy it passed without a major injection of £££££.

Next stop was getting the wheels aligned as I've had some juddering at motorway speeds. A local company called S.T.S. Wheel Alignment Centre (01234 269800) did the job. I've used them before on many cars I've owned including my last Lotus Esprit NA. The alignment took around 40 minutes, I chose to get all four wheels done, but you can go for just the fronts.


They found the tracking to be out by 7mm, not sure if that's good or bad, but everything was set correctly and the juddering is almost gone, balancing of the front tyres should sort that. The cost was £47 for all four wheels, they charge more if any adjustments are needed, so it looks like mine was only a minor one.

Next stop was Formula 1 Tyre Centre in Bedford for a set of new rears for Phil's 350. After speaking to the manager the day before about fitting the tyres to the expensive magnesium alloys and feel ok about letting a non-lotus company do the job (with RobC giving us more confidence), we turned up the next day to have them done.


First problem was that their jack would fit under the jacking point, the 350 doesn't come with a Jack or Spare Wheel (option). My SE Jack was of no use, so a block of wood was used with success. The whole process only took around 45 minutes and was done with extra care and attention which made Phil feel a little happier (might have something to do with us both on his shoulder and me taking photos all the time). Two 295x35x18" Pirelli P-Zero's fitted for just under £500 wasn't a bad price. A huge saving on dealer prices and a good job done.

I wouldn't advise taking your Esprit to a non-specialist for anything other that consumables, but if its MOT's, wheel alignment, tyres, brakes, oil changes, air-con then a back street garage can save you £££. Just make sure you keep an eye on them and get them to use the product you want. If you've got the cash then go to a Lotus Specialist, but I'm not convinced you get better care.

Valentine One has arrived and has been installed (see Radar Detector Install). Works great on GATSO's but came across a pressure camera, which has pressure pads in the road and works out your speed and then SNAPs you if your going to fast, No Radar used, so the detector wasn't much help, doing 40ish in a 30. Just passed the Date for my Xmas Day picture, now I've got to wait another 14 days. Not having much luck at the moment.

Replaced my cracked rear light (due to parking my motorbike too close). Les Twigg sourced a replacement rear light cluster for me and I took on the work myself (see Rear Light Cluster). A very eary job, now only a few bit left to do.

My friend Phil C has just upgraded his S4S to a Sport 350, so I'll be driving that soon, will be my first go in a V8 and I'm looking forward to it.

Hope everybody had a merry Xmas and a happy new year, I for one had an interesting Xmas day. In the Esprit on the way to Norfolk, I was approaching a roundabout on an A road. A quick look at the directions and 'FLASH' 'FLASH'. You guessed it, a camera 50 meters away from the roundabout got me, midday, Christmas Day. Looked immediately down at the speedo (ducking to see, as you have to) and saw 70mph, so I guess around 80ish as I had my Xmas photo taken. Luckily (and I mean lucky) I have a clean license, so 3 points shouldn't cause too much pain.

Have now ordered a Valentine One Radar Detector which should be with me by the end of the month. I have seen these working in an Esprit and from reports are very good. Due to an excellent Xmas present of a digital camera, the installation will be well documented. So keep watching for updates.

Rumors are that the Esprit production line will soon cease due not to engines, or meeting regulations, but because of Renaults decision to stop producing the gearbox. As I hear it, the reason for the poor gearbox in such a great car, is that the only unit that would fit was the Renault unit. Nobody else make anything that would fit in the Esprit dimension, so Lotus have had no choice but to stick with the 25's gearbox over the last 15-odd years. Having a fresh one designed was and will never be in the financial reach of Lotus, so we're suck for now. This story of Renault production isn't official, just the usual Lotus hearsay.

New Rear for U.S. V8

It appear the U.S. spec for the New 2002 V8 is a little different from the European spec. As you can see, the exhausts now exit centrally, with what looks like an Aluminum rear plate. Nothing confirm officially, but if doesn't look like this will be available from Lotus in the UK.

Click here to see more pictures

December 2001

My SE how has a new manifold, B-service and New timing belts. Also needed a new header tank which was rusted badly, not to worry though, only £240 each. Saying that, it feels like a new car now, it had been really stuggling, taking big gulps of air in through the manifold. Now everythings better, I keep spinning the tyres, guess they will be next on the shopping list. Should have some pictures soon of my engine on the floor next to my car, a rusty header tank and lots inbetween. My thanks goes out to Neil Turner, who's boys done good and are now fully recommended by Lotus Esprit World.

Visited the factory to drop my car off for it's new manifold. Neil Turner took me around the Esprit Production line, which was very interesting as they were actually putting the cars together as we walked around and I could talk to the Engineers as they worked.
Neil told me there was no intention to stop production of the Esprit in the near future, and what I was told at LondonLotus about using up V8 engines was false as all engine are made to customer order, without a deposit an engine will not be made.
The 'Facelift' Esprit has been held up on the production line because of the late delivery of the new OZ wheels from Italy. All the Esprits were being fitted with 6-spoke OZ while they wait for the new wheels to be delivered and cleared for production.
Difficult to give an opinion on the 'Facelift' because none of them had the new wheels on. Still unsure about the new light cluster, the embossed seat are bearly visiable, and the Aluminium gear lever was a bit of a 'Halfords' touch, But you do get all this, plus SE spec for GT money, so it's a much better deal than previous. I sure a performance hike would have been more welcome, but then you don't help 350 owners if the BHP is pushed up wards. Really a new gearbox (with maybe a F1 paddle option), an increase in BHP, some nicer wheel (in my opinion) and a new wing is what should have been done. But if you haven't got the pennies, then you get new lights (out of the Elise box), and some add-ons from Halfords.

Having a new manifold fitted to my SE this month at the Factory. Also going to have a look at the new 'Facelift' Esprit, should be interesting.

November 2001

LondonLotus have told me the Esprit will finish production after the last of the 2002 Facelift Esprits have rolled off the line. There is likely to be only around 30 available in the UK with the rest going to the overseas market. Very unlikely to have any before 2002 as the factory closes mid-December. Only reason for the Facelift was to use up the rest of the V8 engines as the Esprit hasn't been selling over the last couple of years, with only about 20 units a year being sold in the UK. Spec is that of an V8-SE but with the blip of the 350, upgraded brakes, new wheels, new rear lights and two-tone leather seats witht the Lotus logo on, plus a stereo and a few extra touches to the interior.

Visited LondonLotus to get them to check an oil leak, I thought it was from the driveshaft gaskets which they replaced in April. After getting it up on the ramp, I was told it was engine oil (not gearbox oil) coming from near the turbo and running down to the rear axel. They said it was not a problem and nothing needed doing. Is it only Lotuses that are expected to lose fluids!

New address for the site launched today. www.lotusespritworld.co.uk

and a new email address kato@lotusespritworld.co.uk

New 2002 Facelift Esprit V8 pictures released. Showing new wheels and rear lights, basically its an SE for GT money with some go-faster bits stuck on.

October 2001

Dreamwater have delete the site due to the fact that I covered their banner ads. Now looking for somewhere to host the site.

Yahoo have screwed up my E-mail account, currently tying to sort out a new account

Rumors of a New look Esprit are springing up all over the place. Possibility of the flip-up fronts lights going and Elise style rear lights. Nothing confirmed.

August 2001

Major revamp to the look of the site.

June 2001

Have been testing the Valentine One radar detector. Fitted to my mates S4s, it looks good, fits the Esprit brilliantly and works very well. Still get lots of lights and noise as you go passed the supermarket, but picks up camera's and that's what matters. A little pricy at £500, but cheap if it saves your license.

May 2001

Rebuilt chargecooler from kit and changed oil. Took around 4hrs to rebuild the chargecooler, most of the time taken getting the thing out. Worked from underneath the car using axel stands.

April 2001

Replaced rubber around sunroof and cleaned and tighten brackets. Rubber bought from SJS for around £17. Very easy job to do and has now stopped the buffing I used to get about 70mph from the roof.

Fitted an Amp under the passenger seat, powering the rear speakers. Not an easy job, need to run the power from the back of the car through the engine compartment and the rest from the front of the car. Amp fits under the seat perfect and the sounds great.

Had a new steering rack, driveshaft gaskets, rear dampers and the famous EBPV replaced at LondonLotus. Pleased with their work and service, not so happy they managed to find enough other work on the car to triple the bill.

March 2001

Some major work going into the site today, not much new data, but new page layouts and contents.

Install went well, removed previous alarm and fitted the new one in 6 hours. Very happy with the fitting and system, pager's a little big, but worth carrying if your going to be close by.

Having a new alarm install tomorrow, Cat-1 with a 800m pager. So if anybody breaks in I can inform the police what time exactly they broke-in. I'll have to start training for a quick 800m. I'll tell you more after the install.

My mate and I took our SE and S4s out for a spin Saturday afternoon for the first time, from Bedford - Stevenage - Ware - Hertford - Hatfield and back. Switched cars a couple of times and had a lot of people straining their necks, what a day.

Was at Donnington on Sunday 11th March, the Lotus car park was full of Esprits, from S1 to V8s. Really enjoyed the day, took plenty of pictures which will be published here as soon as I develop the film. Handed out leaflets for this site, so I'm hoping for a few more people logging on. Can't wait till next years event.

I'm off on holiday tomorrow, so there will be no more updates until at least the 12th March. Hopefully I will collect some information and contacts a Donnington on Sunday 11th March. See you there.




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