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December 2007

Xmas Card


Up and Coming Esprit Articles

Octaine and Practical Performance Car Magazine
We've been informed that there's a couple of motoring magazine who'll be featuring the Esprit in the next few weeks. Firstly Octane magazine will be running a 6 or 8 page article on the Esprit, which includes a famously restored orange Esprit S1 and a Sport 350. This is out at the end of December. Practical Performance Car will also be covering the Esprit. They have a 6 page article on the Turbo Esprit (1980 according to them), which is out on January 29th 2008.

We've been informed now that Car Magazine will be doing a feature on the S1 Esprit in their "Car Classic" section; we're led to believe that it's in the next issue, with is due out around 5th January 2008.

It's nice to see the Esprit still receiving attention from the motoring press and long may in continue. So start the new year with a nice piece of motoring journalism (we hope)!

Please note the magazine covers above are just for reference and do not actually feature Esprit articles.


Email Problems
Have you not got a reply?
We've had a few email issues over the past 4 or 5 days, which now seem to be ok, but if you've emailed us and not had a reply yet. Please email again and we'll sort out your query. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.



Lotus Esprit World Official Calendar 2008
Last postal dates to receive before Xmas
With Christmas fast approaching the LEW Calendar is the perfect present for Esprit Enthusiast giving 12 months of pleasure. To get yours before Christmas, orders must be received before the dates below, as Father Christmas won't deliver on the day, as the sight of Esprits gives the Raindeers a complex.

UK Orders: 20th December
West Europe 13th December
East Europe: 10th December
U.S. Orders: 7th December

Order Here

Please email us if you have any doubt on how to order or what to pay.

A special members price is available to all 'current' ClubEsprit members which can be found in the discount section on the club website. Just pay as normal, just a bit less!

For more Xmas present idea's go to our E-Shop where you can order Books & DVD's


LEW Laptop Purchase
Another Apple Laptop on it's way!
Just to keep everyone updated, our Apple 12" Powerbook is on it's last legs. The battery last about 12 minutes fully charged, the CD/DVD drive no longer works. It's started to slow a little and the WiFi locks out every now and then needing a reboot. It's also been dropped and thrown across the room on more occassion than we'd like and with the release of Apples new operating software Leopard, it's time for a new laptop which comes with the software free.

We've just ordered an Apple MacBook 2.2Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 160gb hard drive and 2mb of ram. We managed to get a discount and free shipping, so it's money well spent. This will be our third laptop in 6 years, but they do work hard for LEW and are on almost 24/7 365. So they've done good.

You won't see anything different, but we'll have an easier time keeping the site running and there'll be a much lesser chance of the site not being updated and emails not being answered due to hardware issues.


Proton ends tie-up talks with VW
Lotus Owners in Trouble
The Malaysian government says Proton models are now selling well. Shares in carmaker Proton have fallen to a near seven-year low after the Malaysian government said it had ended talks over a tie-up with Volkswagen.

The state-controlled Malaysian firm will now continue to go it alone, said the government. The carmaker has also ruled out any deal with General Motors. The news surprised analysts, with some questioning if Proton has a long-term future without a Western partner. Proton recently announced a 591m ringgit ($169m; £82m) annual loss.

Higher domestic competition
Malaysia's Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop said the government felt Proton should be given the chance to return to profitability on its own.

Government officials pointed to the success of Proton's most recent models, and said the firm was committed to increasing exports and to lifting its domestic market share from the current level of 31%. However, analysts remain far from convinced that Proton can succeed in the long-term on its own.

They point to Malaysia's recent lowering of duties on foreign cars following a regional trade agreement, and that as a result more Malaysians were buying imported vehicles.

" We cannot hide our disappointment of the outcome of the talks," said TA Securities analyst Ikmal Hafizi.

" We were hopeful that this white knight (VW) could be the one."


News from November 2007

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