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February 2004

New Technical Section

A Technical section has been added to Lotus Esprit World. Under Mains./Mods./Tech. you'll now find Lotus Esprit World Technical Data, which will will provide technical information regarding the Esprit. Currently there is only two items, Paint Codes and Turbo info. This section will be added to over time to provide useful information for Esprit owners.


Used by Lotus Cars Ltd

After visiting the factory on a few occasions. Lotus Esprit World has been informed that Lotus Cars are users of www.lotusespritworld.com. LEW have be informed that it would be acceptable for the site to make this public knowledge. It's a great testimony to the site that it's being used by the factory, and they are happy for it to be made public. The site hasn't been approved by Lotus as it's still an independent site, but it is officially used at Hethel.

A badge has now been added to the home page to advertise this fact.

LEW's Esprit

Lotus Esprit World's Esprit's clutch has given up only two days after returning from having a new manifold fitted. Slave & Master Cylinders have been ordered, so expect an install guide very soon. I've already had a new clutch and hose, so not much left!

Discontinued Tyres

Lotus have sourced some new Tyres which they now have at Hethel. They need to carry out handling testing (dry & wet) to ensure they are satisfactory. They are looking at several different Tyres from more than one manufacturer. Assuming all is o.k. they will have them Type Approved for the Esprit.

This should overcome the 'Tyre Problem' that has arisen due to the Good Year Eagle NCT no longer being available.

LEW's Esprit

Lotus Esprit World's Esprit was back this weekend after having a new manifold fitted at the Sports & Performance Centre at Hethel. A few other things were done while it was there, including new timing belts and new Gearbox Driveshaft Seals and Front Crank Seal. I also had my CAT put back on for my MoT, which was passed first time.

Replacing the CAT isn't a difficult job, for those worried about removing it and needing it for the yearly MoT. At least you know where you can borrow a CAT (including fully working EBPV) from! Costs £18.95 to post it Special Delivery (with £1000 insurance) within the UK. So if you need one for a week it will only cost you around £50.

I also now have a new carpet kit for the Esprit interior (black with magnolia leather trim) and a carpet kit for the front boot. These will be fitted in the near future along with some braided rear brake hoses. So look out for these on the site in the next month or two.

Looking forward to seeing those going to the ACE meeting (see further down for details) on Wednesday. Will be good to talk Esprits again after the winter months.

The End of Production

Today the last Esprit was handed over from production to sales and will be shipped to the States in a week or so. The last Esprit which is yellow will be going an American who, I've heard, has a collection of Esprits. More news on the last Esprit as I have it.

The production line has been cleared away now and is being used as storage space for the Elise. The guys who have put together all your Esprits have now been moved on to the Elise line. Production has finished at the factory.

But, the Esprit still has a place at Lotus. Currently work is being undertaken to make sure all parts will be available to owners, those that are unavailable, replacement parts will be sourced. Testing is continuing on the V8 and Lotus are using a Giugiaro Esprit to make sure they can continue to keep all the older cars on the road. The Esprit has clearly not been forgotten at Hethel.

Esprit Documentary News

The Documentary will be entitled – Lotus Esprit, A version is to be televised starting with a showing on Granada Men and Motors on Saturday May 8th (time to be confirmed) and a longer version for video and DVD release with extra footage and extended interview material which will also be complete for sale in May.

Bell Radar Detector for Sale

With all those camera's after your licence, you'll need something to protect you. See here for a second-hand Bell Radar Detector for sale.

LEW is 3 years-old today!

Lotus Esprit World was set up and went live on 14th February 2001. 3 years-old today and 155,000 hits, not bad for a small production car site! Hopefully the site will go from strength to strength in 2004 and will continue to give all those Esprit addicts what they need.

V8 Alloys & Wheels

There's some nice OZ Alloys that have just been put on the Parts for Sale page. Now Sold!

LEW's Esprit

After spending quite a bit of time researching the stainless steel manifold with no success (can get them made, but very expensive and untested), I'm currently having a new manifold fitted at Lotus. I'm having the later manifold fitted which is designed to give the studs more clearance when the manifold heats up. I had two snapped studs using the older manifold. From my research there seems to be 3 manifold types for the Stevens (and probably coming over from the Giugiaro's). There's a two-piece version, the first one-piece and the later version which has larger holes (6 out of 8) for the studs and strengthening of each port. Obviously the later manifold is the one to go for, but will cost around £600. The first one-piece manifold are cheaper, but may be difficult to find now. (See more here)

While my Esprit gets a new manifold, I'm also having the timing belts changed. It's been 2 years and 2 months since they were last done. I've only done around 6,000 miles (should be done every 2 years for 24,000 miles on 4-cylinder Esprits), so they probably would have been OK for another year. But as Lotus take the engine out when they change the manifold, it's only the price of the belts, so I'd be mad not to get it done.

I'm also having the front crankshaft seal replaced, as there is some weeping from this and it would be a much more difficult job to replace it with the engine in-situ. New Gearbox Driveshaft Seals are also going in, as these tend to become hardened due to the excessive heat produced. Lastly the gearshift tie rod on the gearbox selector shaft had some stiff ball joints, which are going to be replaced. Hopefully this will improve the gearchange slightly and save bigger selection problems later on.

Once I have the Esprit back, I have a new interior carpet kit (from Lotus) to fit and some rear braided brake hose to go on, finishing my brake upgrade. A review and prices of the Hi-Spec Brake Upgrade kit should be coming very soon, as I've been on again to the supplier to get it sorted.

Looking forward to the better weather

Esprit Racing Pictures

Seems our friends at the Esprit Factfile have been taking to the track in some form. See http://karlfranz.com/Daytona2004/ for some pictures. No text, so not sure what went on, but sure looked like fun.

Stelvio 2004

I'm not sure if you folks know of the yearly Stelvio Runs which have been taking place since 1999. They are open to any type of Lotus, despite the event being help to celebrate the press debut of the Elise which took place on 13th September.

The Stelvio Pass in the Italian Dolomites was used by Lotus for brake testing during the development of the car and over 100 Lotus from all over Europe gather there every year at or around the 13/9 to socialise and share lunch in the hotel at the top of the pass.

This year the main group will be leaving the pass and travelling SW through Italy and France to Toledo in Spain before heading back to the UK.

3500 miles in two weeks of mostly mountain roads. Every year a few European Esprits turn up but we have never attracted any Espits from the UK.

Full details of the event can be found on www.stelvio.org.uk and see more on Graham Elliot's owners page. He did the event last year.

Tony Churly

The Last Esprit

The last Esprit (in yellow) will be completed next week and will be handed over to the Sales Department. Will then be taking the slow boat over to the US. Doesn't look like Lotus are going to do anything special (will at least not involving the Esprit buying public). So the last Esprit will go quietly into the sunset.

Theft of V8 Alloy Wheels

AWI Monobloc 6 spoke wheels.
2 x fronts (17x8.5J) - (New) Yokohama AVS Sport (235/40 ZR17)
2 x rear (18x10J) - (New) Yokohama AVS Sport (285/35 ZR18)

Colour: Gloss black, unblemished. (just refurbed so look brand new), bright silver metal valves and caps.

Already reported to the Police and if you are offered these wheels, or a set matching the description. Then let me know or your local Police and they can investigate it with the crime number I have obtained. On the other hand, if you can mention it to any local Lotus dealer/wheel supplier/salvage yard you know etc in case they are offered them. Obviously they are very distinct as hardly any AWI's are done in black. The thieves who stole them may try to separate the tyres from them as the wheel is obviously only Lotus compatible. All help sincerely appreciated.

Nicholas de Havilland

LEW 'Esprit' SCOOP

Some information has dropped into my lap from an 'unknown' source about the 'New' Esprit. This is most likely due to the 'Autocar' article, which basically told us no new information and had a 'Autocar' artist impression of what they think the new Esprit should look like. Seems this may have put a few noses out of join. I've been given some info on what's happening at Lotus, which is likely to be closer to the truth. No images of the 4 designs under consideration, but some idea of what they have in mind. Of course nothing is definiate, as things can change right up to it's public release.

• 4 different designs under consideration

• The engine is likely to be the 5.0 BMW V8, modified by Lotus

• Gearbox possibily BMW but others are being considered

• The car will run in the region of 450-500bhp

• Designed to out perform Porsche, Ferrari & Lamborghini in terms of straight-line acceleration

• Handling yet to be established but the goal is to improve on the Esprit

• The car is most unlikely to be called an Esprit. Too much bad press over the years especially of early V8 reliability issues

• It will be very lightweight, certainly lighter than its equivalents

• It will have traction control, but it will be switchable

Visit the Association of British Drivers website. The ABD is a voluntary and non-profit-making organisation, founded, funded, and run by its members. Their aim is to provide an active, responsible voice to lobby for Britain's beleaguered drivers & motorcyclists. The ABD demands an end to the abuse of speed cameras for extorting money from drivers. They reveal the truth behind the scare stories of the impact cars have on health and the environment.

Rob C's Say's Thanks

Rob C got home last Saturday afternoon. He's well bent, bruised, busted, bloody weak and feeling really pissed off, he won't be driving his mean machine for some time. Climbing the stairs is very difficult. Also hitting the keys is a strain to, arms feeling like lead. He just has no energy at all, and feel crap (his words!).

Rob says ''Thank all the chaps for all the cards and gifts, it has been a very emotional time for me getting so many and there has been a huge amount the ward was bewildered like I was. Look forward to being within the team as soon as I can."

regards Rob C

MOT Time!

LEW's Esprit is due for it's annual MOT test. A few things need doing before the test is taken. Lights need to be double checked, as they are all new this year, so the alignment might be out slightly. A rear number-plate light is out due to corrosion. A new one has been found, but is US spec not UK, as it seems the UK spec light is now obsolete. And of course the biggest job, putting the CAT back on! This shouldn't take more than a couple of hours, but as it'll be coming straight back off again after the test, it's such a waste of time. Fingers crossed for a clean bill of health.


NEW LEW Clothing Range

LEW has just released it's clothing range. T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jogging tops and Fleece's, all with Lotus Esprit World embroidered on them. See the E-shop for more details. Any questions, just email.

Also possible to have your name or 'web' name embroidered on for meetings. Would make life much easier if everyone had a LEW top on with there names on! Also looks like some sort of 'Racing Team' (which is what the maker thought). Imagine being a crew member to the Lotus Esprit World GT1 Car competing in the Global GT World Championship. Must stop daydreaming!

NEW Esprit in AutoCar

February's edition of Autocar has a 12 page special on the new Esprit. Haven't seen it yet, but will be getting a copy tomorrow and will see if I can get it on the site. Might have to contact Autocar, first as it seems to be a bit of an exclusive!

LEW Mention in CAR Magazine

March edition (the one with the new Chrysler ME412 on the cover) has a section on buying a supercar for 25k. Small piece on Esprit S4 and a mention for lotusespritworld.com. Cool. Good really as I've got plenty of their roadtests on the site.

Thanks to Rob Ellis, who seems to buy every car mag and keeps LEW up-to-date.

News from January 2004

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