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July 2004

LEW/Yahoo! Oxford Meeting
The Second annual LEW/Yahoo! Oxford Meeting this year will be on Sunday 26th September 2004. Same format as last year. Please arrive around 10am. We will look to set out on our route at around 11.00-11.30am. Sunday lunch (£11 last year) will be arrange at the Talk House once we return. Can anyone wishing to attend, please email Dermot as he is booking the pub lunch for those wishing to eat. If you aren't eating, please email, as we'd like to know numbers.

The Talk House
Wheatley Road,
Stanton St. John
OX33 1EX


LEW Official Calendar 2005
Yes, it coming around already! Well at least getting it ready for Sale in October. After the success of the 2004's Calendar, which sold out before the new year and LEW was left with only one its self, it was always going be done again for 2005. PNM Engineering have agreed to sponsor the Calendar again showing there support for LEW.

The style and quality will be the same if not better and we will aim to provide the same quick service as last year. LEW is nothing without it's user and this applies to it's Calendar as well, so LEW is currently looking for Esprit pictures good enough for you all to have on your walls.

If you fancy having a go at getting your Esprit in 2005's Calendar, then email your best efforts to admin@lotusespritworld.com. Remember they need to be high resolution pictures, which means they really need to be taken on a mid-priced or above (2 million pixels) digital camera on the largest file setting with the highest resolution. Files should normally be over 1mb once downloaded.

You can also send in picture developed from a 35mm camera. These can be scanned and used if the make the final cut for the calender. If you do send a picture in, please make sure you supply a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want it return.

LEW is particularly looking for the following Esprits: S2, Essex and JPS versions.

Prices for the Calendar haven't been fixed yet, but they won't be any higher than last year. Club LEW members will get to pre-order as well as a discount on the price. Making membership even more appealing. And as last year, LEW is looking into a few other items to go with the calendars.

Looking forward to seeing some great pictures!


Grand Lotus Auction
Coys of Kensington are proud to present our Grand Lotus Auction on September 30 near Brighton. The Lotus works F1 team cars and associated parts, automobilia and road cars (including Colin Chapmans desk!) will be going under the hammer all at no reserve!

They also have room for additional cars to be entered. So please contact for more information about auctioning your Lotus along with all these other Lotus pieces. Take advantage of Coys outstanding service and get your Lotus Car under the hammer in front of Lotus enthusiasts.

An auction list will be available here soon.

Please contact either Edward Bridger-Stille or Anthony Godin for further details on an aution application on 0207 584 7444.


SELOC Charity Event
On Saturday 31st July, SELOC. www.seloc.org will be holding their annual charity event, Brunty or Bust, for the benefit of Tommys the Baby Charity, www.tommys.org, centred on Bruntingthorpe in the Midlands, see www.bruntyorbust.org for details. We would like to bring the Lotus community together to take part in the event as a whole and raise as much money for the charity in question.

RunsRuns starting from 5 different locations from around the country, Duxford Imperial War Museum, Blenheim Palace, Castle Combe Race Circuit, Donington Grand Prix Museum and the Motorcycle Museum, NEC Birmingham - see below for run sign-on information.

Cars providing passenger rides all day for charity:
For a small donation, those attending the event can go out for passenger rides in a whole host of cars, look out for the 'Driver Smilie' on windscreens. Please sign-up for passenger rides to obtain your passenger wrist band before joining the queue! Some cars will be more popular than others so please be patient!

Stephen Guglielmi, TVR Tuscan Challenge Champion, in the Elise S2 PTP EVO, our thanks to PTP www.ptp-ltd.co.uk as one of the event title sponsors.

ADR X-power two seater, see www.adr-engineering.co.uk. with a guest driver, ADR also have our and gratitude as one of the events title sponsors.

Hyla Breeze, one of the Lotus test drivers in the new Exige S2. Noble have their new M400 displayed with the GTO3-R out on track with a special guest driver. Vauxhall VXR have the VXR220 on track and VX220 Sprint displayed statically. Porsche Spyder replica, the car that James Dean met his end in, from Chamonix Cars. Another 60+ Lotus cars will also be taking part in the track day side of the event with most will be offering PAX rides for a charitable donation

Demonstration laps by Lotus Single seaters
4 Lotus F2 cars including the unique Lotus Type 58 - as run at the Classic Team Lotus event. Types 18FJ, 35 and a Felday special based on the 20 will also be running.

Static Car Highlights
In addition we have a XJ220, the Elise GT1, Esprit Sport 350, GT40, the new Noble M400, the Vauxhall VX Sprint and classic Lotus cars as in an original 1959 de Dion Lotus 7 and Lotus 11 as part of the Concours Show - the cars that shaped the motorsport industry in the UK being displayed along with a whole host of Lotus road cars past and present.

Other event highlights!
Trade Stands from Hanger 111, Michelin, Lotus Cars, PTP Ltd, Chamonix Cars, RMA Track Days, Noble Cars, Production Glass Fibre, Vauxhall VXR, ADR Racing, Javelin Aerials, Emerald, Plans Motorsport, the Midengined Race Car series, Sinclaire's of London, Invictca Shield, Henley TVR and more... with a whole range of goods, products and services available.

Glamour models Jakki Degg, Charlene Hart and friends.

0 - 60 runs (sign - up for limited spaces!).

Have your digital images of the day reproduced as hi res photographs on the day (for a small donation!).

Experience all the driving challenges available!

A world record attempt for the largest ever parade of Lotus cars!

Entertainment from Human Table Football to Bungee Running - sign up to play in a table football team!!!

Food, drink and seating, with free Tango for the run participants when the get to the Brunty finish!

Use the Run Entry form http://bruntyorbust.org/bob_postal_reg.pdf to sign on up for a run on the day of the event from any of the run start locations! ..now all you have to do is sign-up for a run, we have over 300 cars taking part already !!!

Any queries please contact Pat Crew, SELOC Charity Coordinator
e-mail charity@seloc.org tel: 07838 215 149 or see www.seloc.org


Anyone Call a Cab?
A yellow Cab Esprit! No information on if this Esprit is taking bookings, but with only one spare seat, it's not the best choice for a Taxi!

This is the same Monster Esprit with rear wing removed from Denver USA. It's Johan's Nitrous intercooled 712bhp car. The car that did 210mph at Bonneville last year, he's trying for 225 right now.!!!!!


Quote from BBC News Website
The Kitt car from Knight Rider was voted the UK's second most favourite on-screen vehicle in a recent survey by website Yahoo!
It was beaten by the Lotus Esprit from James Bond film 'The Spy Who Loved Me'.

Bond's Lotus is favourite film car
The white Lotus Esprit in James Bond classic The Spy Who Loved Me has been voted the nation's favourite on-screen vehicle.
The Esprit, with its submarine capability, rear firing mud sprays and surface-to-air missiles, got a third of the vote, followed by
Kitt, the talking black supercar from Knight Rider.

The spectacular time-travelling machine DeLorean, made famous by teenager Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) in Back To The Future, takes third place. Batmobile from Batman, the caped crusader's 20ft hi-tech car featuring voice-activated controls, retractable armour and an arsenal of weapons, comes fourth in the Yahoo! Search survey.

In fifth place are the famous line-up of Mini Cooper getaway cars which raced through the Italian Alps in Michael Caine movie The
Italian Job. Lady Penelope's pink Rolls Royce from Thunderbirds failed to make the grade, but Del Boy's crusty Robin Reliant in Only Fools and Horses does, at 10th place in the survey.

Fans have voted for the red and white Ford Gran Torino which tore through the streets in this year's Starsky & Hutch in sixth place,
and the A-Team Van used by BA, Hannibal and the rest of the gang comes seventh. Danny Zuko's iconic Grease Lightning from Grease has been voted eighth, followed by Herbie, the VW which helps its owners break up a counterfeit ring in Mexico, in Herbie Goes Bananas.

Yahoo! Search spokesman Patrick Oqvist said: "Although there's loads of classic film vehicles out there, our search for the favourite has shown James Bond's modified Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me a worthy winner." With rear firing mud sprayers, an underwater kit that changes the car into a fully operative submarine, surface-to-air missiles, underwater smoke screens and torpedoes the most desirable screen vehicle has to be Bond's."

Website Yahoo! Search interviewed 1,000 people for the poll on the best cars featured in movies or TV features.


4 Cylinder Oil Filter Fitting
Lotus have been hearing of instances where the Oil Filter has not been fitting 4 cylinder engines. The supplier changed the can (10 mm longer & 1.5 mm larger diameter) a few months ago. The filter was tested on all the engine variants with the different oil pump housings, cooler adaptors and starter motors. The filter fitted all the engine variants. The filter was also checked for flow, pressure drop, filtration area & by-pass operation to ensure conformity.

The problems Lotus have heard about seems to mainly be associated with clearance round the starter motor. There original testing and recent retesting at Hethel confirms adequate clearance from both the specified starter motors (Lucas 3M100 & M80R units).
Lotus have also heard of one instance of the filter rim coming into contact with a bolt head on the housing.(this could be caused by insufficient machining on the casting) The design should give about 1mm clearance. If you have this problem with the filter / starter motor Lotus would be interested to see first hand what the problem is. There may be engines fitted with non-standard starter motors or non-standard oil cooler adaptors that could cause the problem.

Lotus have not yet witnessed any problem vehicles first hand.
Please contact admin@lotusespritworld.com if this problem arises


Gearbox Upgrade News
The Gearbox upgrade progress is continuing and has taken some interesting new twists. All good news so far, with UK availability still planned for the end of the year. We should have an updated soon to add to the current page, so look out for that on the Updates page.


Tyre Testing @ Hethel
The Turbo Esprit Tyre Testing has been completed at Hethel. Lotus have prepared and submitted the revised tyre information to the German Authorities (TUV). They are now awaiting approval. Lotus have to ensure they comply with the necessary Type Approval regulations for the vehicle.(Tyre Loading, Speed Rating, Wheel Coverage, Speedo Calibration etc.) As soon as Lotus get approval LEW will let you know the details of the new approved tyres for the Turbo Esprits.


Virus Warning
There are a few email viruses going around at present. Some are sending messages which appear to be from Lotus Esprit World, but which are not sent from LEW. Please be careful opening attachments from these emails, as they're likely to have viruses in them. It seems that these are being generated by someone's personal computer that has a virus and is using LEW's website.

Just to make things clear. You will only receive emails from LEW with either Admin, orders, mail or kato before the @. The attachments are only likely to be pdf files that you have requested. Lotusespritworld.com team does not exist, so please delete anything signed by them and the only passwords supplied are for requested pdf files (checklist, receipts & FreeScan manuals). So if you receive anything like the email shown below, please delete it straight away.

Below is an example of one of these emails that has been received by LEW, apparently from LEW!

On 24 Jul 2004, at 20:13, staff@lotusespritworld.com wrote:

Dear user of Lotusespritworld.com e-mail server gateway
Some of our clients complained about the spam (negative e-mail content) outgoing from your e-mail account. Probably, you have been infected by a proxy-relay trojan server. In order to keep your computer safe, follow the instructions.

Advanced details can be found in attached file.
Password - 35727

The Lotusespritworld.com team   http://www.lotusespritworld.com


OBDII Diagnostics
FreeScan for the V8 Engine!
Lotus Esprit World is currently in negotiations with a software firm for a discount on their OBDII hardware and software for Lotus V8 Engine diagnostics. LEW will also be doing a user guide for one of their products, which includes a FreeScan like product (needs laptop and software) and two hand-held devices which are self contained. All can read error codes on the post 97 V8 Esprit engines, which will help with fault finding and the higher spec device allows for live data feeds and data input into a PC.

More info on this exciting development for V8 owners very soon.


Alton Towers 2004
Sunday 12th September
The Alton Towers trip now has 23 people signed up, so is taking shape nicely. So don't miss out on this.

e-mail Robin to register your interest. As a group of 12-27 people it will be £18.50ea instead of £27! (that goes down to £17ea if there are more than 27 people going)




Motorway Slip Road Warning!
..... that's the third in the Armco!
Neal McDonnell's 1998 V8-GT took a bashing into an Armco recently. As you can see from the pictures, it looks a little damp on the road, but this is now the third Esprit damaged in this way. LEW has also heard of an experienced S1 driver who lost it on a dry slip road.

It's seems the Esprit is having some problems with motorway slip road is both wet and dry conditions. It's affecting both Giugiaro and Stevens Esprits, with an S1, Turbo and two V8's spinning.

So a warning to all Esprit drivers when entering any slip roads. Please be careful, none of the owners were going particularly fast and the rear was lost before they could react. We really don't want any more smacked up Esprits!


News from June 2004

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