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March 2008

LEW's Oxford Meet: BOOK NOW!
29th June 2008
Heythrop Park's been booked, the dates been set. Let's hope the sun shines. Esprit Owners can now book their place at the event by clicking the Oxford Advert below and at the top to this page. Don't miss out on the Esprit Event of 2008.

oxford 08



Donington 2007
29th-30th March
Donington is upon us again! Most Esprit owners will be making their way to Donington Park on the Sunday. LEW will be teaming up with LEF for a stand inside the show as last year! So pop by and say hi! All of the main Esprit Specialist should be there as well, so check out what they have to offer. Those regularly at the show include, SWLC, PNM Engineering, Paul Matty, Christopher Neil and LotusBits.

If you don't know what Donington is about, check out last years show and previous years shows at the bottom of 'Otherstuff'.

See you all there!


Carbon Fibre Roof
Now available from Esprit Performance
Esprit Performance are proud to announce the introduction of a proper lightweight carbon fibre roof! Moulded from the OEM GRP sunroof, this 'all new' roof has lips like the GRP to give strength. Because of this feature coupled with the manufacturing process, we were able to manufacture this roof to the exact dimensions of the OEM roof and only weight 3KG!

Previous CF roofs had been moulded from the OEM glass roof, which meant it was flat and had little strength. To add strength, it had to be made quite thick resulting in the weight increasing. Also the manufacturing process, meant it was made in two halves then bonded together with resin and fibre glass which further increased weight.

Carbon Roof

This new roof has a foam centre with a naturally laid inner skin. The process in which it is made means that it's remained very light and still at a reasonable cost. We have been reliably informed that our carbon fibre roofs are within 10% weight difference of an autoclaved roof and this process would have doubled the cost.

Our carbon fibre roof also has no visible fixings to external face unlike previous roofs on the market, which used 6 black external fittings, which some owners said they were unsightly. Instead we have moulded nut inserts similar to the OEM GRP roof, so you simply use your existing tongues and handles and screw straight into the underside of the new roof.

In our opinion, we consider this new carbon fibre roof far superior than the OEM GRP roof and previous CF roofs. It weighs half the weight of any other roof and the excellent finish means that there is no need to pay to have it painted to you body colour. So if you look at the price of an OEM roof, it will set you back over £550 which comes primed. Add paint which will set you back another £100-150, this will bring the total cost minus fittings to £700! Our roof, which we consider better, should be priced at more than a standard OEM roof. Instead, Esprit Performance endeavour to provide competitively priced quality products and are able to provide this at £495.

Esprit Performance


Email Spam
LEW's not selling Viagra
Recently we've been receiving emails from our own email address advertising Viagra amoung other things. If we are getting them, we're sure you may be. We are not responsible for these emails and they aren't being sent with our consent. These company's are ghosting our addresses so they don't get caught by your spam fillers. We are currently looking at ways to prevent this from happening. So please don't think we have branched out into drug retail.

Example of emails not sent by us:

Dear [your email address], be clever, purchase your pharmaceuticals from the best shop since 1992.


Irish Internet Scam
Please be aware
We have now had two reports of an Irish person using the name AIDAN HOPKINS and the address 54 COLLEGE ROAD,, GALWAY CITY,, CO. GALWAY, who has sold parts to Esprit owners and taken payment, but is now uncontactable. Both phone and email have gone dead. Please be aware if you are contacted by Aidan and ask for payment for his parts via Western Union or bank transfer to:


SORT CODE: 93 72 23
A/C NO: 22750115
IBAN: IE83AIBK 93722322750032

If you are Aidan or know who he is, please contact the site so we can sort out the parts for the Esprit owners who have paid for them.


Esprit Engineering
Stuff for your Esprit
** Brand New Esprit Steering Racks ** Fits all cars from S3 through to SE £200

** Janspeed Stainless Steel Exhaust for the 1987/89 carb turbo ** £335

Available Exclusively from Esprit Engineering
** Esprit Replacement Original K&N Filters ** ONLY £42.75

** Esprit HTD Turbo/AC Cambelt ** £265.00 including fitting

** Esprit Turbo G Car Coolant Header Tank** ONLY £175.00

EBC Discs and Pads at unbeatable prices

Esprit Engineering


LEW's Esprit (updated)
The Good and the Bad
LEW's Esprits having quite a time at the moment. The new battery didn't last all that long, as it seems the alternator isn't charging the battery all the time. Seemly on it's way out, the alternator decided not to charge the battery on Friday night, leaving the Esprit powerless in central London. Once jumped the alternator worked long enough for the trip home, but again on the driveway seems to be taking some time off.

We will be purchasing a replacement this week and hopefully fitting it this weekend before Donington. Otherwise we'll be arriving in a 'non-Lotus' vehicle. A guide to changing the Alternator will be a nice addition to our website and we haven't lost the skin from our knuckles in a while. Hopefully our Esprit will be ready for some miles in the summer to help loosen our tight new engine.

On the bad side, someone decided to hit the Esprit while it was parked up and drive off. The rear bumper has been damaged by the collision, but it does seem to be more paint and less body. We've been arranging a respray for the Esprit, which we will be detailing on the site, so hopefully it won't be too much extra work. The respray will be in the same colour, but will get rid of the years of stone chips and scratches that have built up. We hope to show you all the information and details you need to know about getting an Esprit resprayed during the work, so watch out for that this summer. You should be able to check out the new paint job at this Summers Oxford meeting.


LEW's Oxford Meet
29th June 2008
Heythrop Park's been booked, the dates been set. Let's hope the sun shines. ClubEsprit members can now book their place at the event by clicking the link at the top of the page. Non-Club members will be able to book soon. Don't miss out on the Esprit Event of 2008.


Internet Scams
Please be careful
Internet scams have been running since the internet started and most of us know of the most famous cons. But these low-lifes are finding newer and cleverer ways of making you part with your money. This site and the Esprit community has been and is still being targeted by these scams. Please be careful when buying and selling. Please do not use Western Union for any transactions, although this is known by most people, those new to the online world won't know that Western Union is the payment of choice to steal your cash. Also we've heard of some reports of someone in Ireland pulling scams using Esprit4Sale and Western Union. Please be aware and if you feel it might be a scam, email us and we'll help you.

Western Union Please DO NOT use Western Union to transfer any money.


LEW's Esprit
The Good and the Bad
LEW's Esprits been busy lately, we've finally fitted the new digital speedo, as the old cable driven one wouldn't fit the S300 gearbox. It's working and calibrated, but does seem to cut out at very low speeds. Unfortunately our mileage reads 186 instead of 57860, but we have the total mileage documented, so a quick total up will give us it's true mileage. We've also fitted a carbon dash from Esprit Engineering to replace the wooden version. A new dump valve from PNM Engineering has also been fitted to match the new engine colour. Nice and nosiy ;-)


The Esprit also was in need of an MOT (annual test), so it was booked in last week. On the short journey, the radio sounded funny and it nearly stalled at the lights. Turning up at the MOT garage, the Esprit was stopped and start a couple of times before making it on the ramp. Once the test started, the command to put the lights on, resulted in the pods struggling to raise and the engine starting to die. Evently there wasn't enough power to get the indicators to work! Give a charge up, the Esprit limped through it's Mot and just about made it home, with no lights on and plenty of rev to keep it from dying. Next day a new battery was purchased from Halfords. We went fo a Calcium version, as the car is left for long periods sometimes. So £80 was spent on a HCB065 with a 4-year guarantee. Checking our records to see how long our last battery lasted, we found that it had been in the car since August 2001. So not a bad return. Seems the trickle charger was a good investment.


News from February 2008

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