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November 2004

Giugiaro cheats death!

In his over 50 years in the car business, Giorgetto Giugiaro, 66, took many crucial decisions, including leaving a safe job at Fiat Auto to become Bertone's chief designer and to go solo at the green age of 28. But in the late afternoon of 23rd November 2004, the most prolific car designer of automotive history took the decision which literally saved his life, Automotive News Europe said.

On holiday with a group of 11 friends for a cultural tour of Chad, Africa, at the last minute Giugiaro decided not to take the four-seat
small executive jet which had already loaded his luggage." I never liked planes too small, so I opted to get the bigger, 12-seat one", said a heavily shocked Giugiaro over the phone from Chad's capital N'Djamena.

Giugiaro's decision was more than wise: for circumstances still under investigation by Chad Military authorities, the small plane crashed, killing all four occupants.

In the crash, two of Giugiaro's close friends perished: the trip organiser, Armando Mandelli, 67, CEO of Bollati Boringhieri publishing
house and Dada Rosso, 58, a well known Turinese freelance journalist.


PNM Engineering's Dump Valve
PNM Engineering have put together a dump valve kit for the Esprit. The dump valve is by Baileys and is supplied with everything you need to install the kit. It fits 4-cylinder Chargecooled models (1989-1998), SE/S4/S4S/GT3. The price is a reasonable £129.95+VAT. Call PNM on +44 (0)151 630 6101 to order. They can ship worldwide.


HID (Xenon) Bulk Buy by Elise-Shop.com
The dark season is here.. Time to create your own bright world or... need to give Santa a little help? The Elise-Shop.com Xenon/HID bulk deal is here!!

the facts
Xenon or HID lamps are the bright white lamps you'd normally find in the newer generation cars. Although these lamps draw less current then the OE halogen bulbs, the light output is increased by approx. 3.5x over a proper Halogen bulb. Besides.. the colour temperature of these lamps is different.. The kits we are quoting is 6000 Kelvin which is experienced as real white light. The advantage of this colour temperature is a more relaxing view of what's in front of you. Besides, the road marking will reflect better.

HID is High Intensity Discharge. The actual bulb looks like a small glass bubble. The bubble looks empty, but it is actually filled with Xenon gas. (hence the reason why some people call these lamps Xenon lamps) The Xenon gas is used as the conductor.
Applying 12 Volt to this conductor wouldn't start the lamp as the Xenon gas needs a higher voltage to start. To start the lamp, you need to apply approx. 20.000 Volt. When the lamp heats up, the voltage is lowered to approx. 85 Volt.

Comparing the two: (based on a H1 (=Elise S2) base)
Halogen HID
Wattage (W) 55 35
Candela (CD) 67500 202500
Lumen (Lm) 1550 3200
ColourTemp (K) 3200 6000
Lifetime (estimation hr) 400 9000

Beware, we are not only offering a bulb, but a complete kit which contains of a ballast unit, a starter unit and the actual lamp or lamps per light unit. The kit we're offering in this Bulk deal is NOT the kit which we have on offer in our shop. We have selected this kit as a good quality low budget kit and have tested the kit on the Elise S1, Elise S2 and an Esprit S4s.
Esprit H4 single kit
This is the lowest cost solution for the Esprit! This kit replaces the low-beam H4 bulbs with high power HID items. High beam will remain Halogen.
The prices (or... the most important part )
The price for any of the single kits will be €290 when less then 20 kits are sold through this deal. If we sell more then 20 kits through this deal, the price of the single kit will be €250 each.
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT and shipping. We will probably ship one big box to the UK and have that distributed from there. The offer runs from today untill 31-12-2004. At the first of Jan, prices will be fixed and we will issue our purchase order.
If you would like to buy a kit.. please send an E-mail to: HID-Bulk@elise-shop.com
After receiving your E-mail, we will send you an E-mail with a link to make a downpayment. The downpayment is set at €50.


Damper programme @ Hethel
Lotus will be starting a damper programme shortly for the Esprit. This is to produce new spec dampers to replace those that are now or will become unavailable. This will be a full programme using up-to-date damper technology, unlike the original stuff that was using 70's designs. This programme will be ongoing over the next few months and split over the model range, with 93< first and the older models later.

LEW will be helping with this programme, which could also involve a few owners helping out. Lotus will be looking for certain models for testing and some Esprits that are no longer standard to see how different modifications effect the handling of the Esprit and its damper set-up. Details will be on the site once we have the info from Lotus.


Owners page data
LEW has currently lots of info sent in by owners for their owners pages. Most supply the requested 4 images (minimum) and text, and get their pages made up within a week or so. But lots have either been supplying just images or just text. LEW now has a file full of these half pages. From now on, owners page information will only be kept a few days. If the minimum required isn't supplied, then the files held will be deleted and will need to be supplied again.

As for the form that needs to be filled in. Lots of users have been having problems and data has not been getting to LEW. The best bet is to copy the info into an email and send it with the images as well. That way it's more likely to get here and your page made up to join the other owners.


Banner Share with SELOC
LEW is doing a banner share with the SELCO site. Most of you will probably know about this site already, but for those who don't it's a great site for the Lotus enthusiasts, with lots of stuff going on. If you love Lotus, you'll love SELOC.


The Southrun Lotus Enthusiasts Web Site of the Year Awards, 2004
This is your chance to nominate any Lotus related web site you think deserves the award for supporting Lotus owners throughout 2004, whether it's the factory web site, your local club or events and run web site. You could vote for Lotus Esprit World ;-) To have your vote, go to:


fill in the form and press vote. If you intend to vote in the extra categories as well as the Web Site of the Year, then make sure you fill in the entire form in one go as you only get one chance. As usual, one vote per person.

It's not like we're telling you how to vote!


Esprit DVD Orders
LEW has been cross referencing orders with the Documentary supplier, as a few customers have been waiting way too long for their DVD's. Their system of dealing with LEW's orders hasn't been up to scratch and due to this we have some outstanding orders. These will be shipped in the next few days. These are the people's orders that have been misplaced and will be shipped asap.

Don Shimizu  US  14/9/04
Romeo Rau  Belgium  25/9/04
Timo Kaiser  Germany  22/10/04
Elliot Sgargetta  Australia 26/10/04
Kbox  Canada  1/11/04

All other orders should have been shipped. Please email any queries to admin@lotusespritworld.com.
LEW apologies for the delays of some orders.


PNM Engineering's Brembo Big Disc Brake Upgrade (1994-2001)
PNM Engineering has just finished their Big Disc Upgrade for the Brembo equipped Esprits. After the success of the HiSpec Upgrade for the Toyota equipped Esprits, this one should put a smile on S4, S4s, GT3 and V8 owners faces. The front kit consists of 323mm vented brake discs with new spacers and bolts. The rear kit consist of 321mm vented brake discs with new brackets. (Both kits retain existing Brembo calipers).
There are three stages of specification for the brake discs. A "standard" kit which comprises of slotted vented discs. A second stage kit with painted hub area & 12 drilled holes all round called an "Imola" kit. Third kit is the highest spec kit with the 12 holes fitted with stainless steel allen headed finishing bolts called a "Monza" kit. Read more here or contact PNM Engineering for more info.


Pre-Meet at Porridge Pot
LEW and Yahoo! Esprits will be doing a pre-meet like last year at the Porridge Pot pub, which is only 10 mintues from Stoneleigh. Please arrive before 10am, as we will be looking to form the convoy shortly after 10am for the short trip to the Parts Fair.

kato will have a few Wall & Desktop Calendars in the LEW Esprit if anyone wants to save on postage.

The Porridge Pot
Stratford Road
Warwickshire CV34 6RA



Lotusbits @ Stoneleigh
One week from the NAC meet and I thought I should drop you a line to let you know that Lotusbits will be there in force. We will have about 8m of frontage with heaps of parts for all the 900 series engined Lotus’s, including a special area set aside for the Esprit. Along with the heaps of parts we are hoping to have both our Sunbeam Lotus Rally car (had a great season this year!) and the first public preview of our new Lotus based rally car for next year. This car will be quite a revelation and I am pretty sure not much like it has been seen before!
Chief guru of our performance engine partner Ultimate Performance LTD, Simon Armstrong, will also be there for the day to discuss engine upgrades and to show some of the head work that has helped propel the Lotusbits rally car to great success this year.
As ever Lotusbits are on the look out for abandoned project Esprit’s, MOT fails and such like in order to keep the parts supply flowing. If any LEW readers know of such cars please come and talk to us. Also if any readers have a heap of Esprit parts laying around unwanted that they can’t be bothered to sell themselves they can contact us now and we may be able to bring cash in exchange for parts at the show.
Look forward to seeing you and all LEW readers there!
Malc Holmes


LEW has recently been made aware of the sale of Esprit 'Chips' on Ebay. These are most likely to be either copied or clone chips, being sold without license from the manufacturer. LEW would advise against purchasing 'chips' off Ebay. The ECU chip is a very important part of the Esprit and is not be be taken lightly. Please purchase any Chips from legal vendor, who have spent time and money developing and testing. You will get help and advice before and after purchase and also the opportunity to get upgrade versions for a discounted price. You never know what you'll get otherwise!

More importantly this is taking profit away from the few companies that are still making and developing products for the Esprit. There are far too few of these as it is and reducing any profits they make is likely to have long term effects on the whole Esprit community. It's always tempting when you see something 'cheap', but remember that in the Esprit market, buying cheap normally cost you in the long run.


SPAM & Virus
Just a warning. LEW is currently getting emails, which appear to come from the site, which are ghosted. Please do not open any attachments unless you've requested something (ie pdf). It seems someone with LEW's email in their address book has a virus, which is sending out emails that look like they are coming from LEW. Please be careful and make sure you don't have any viruses on your PC.


Lotus making 350 staff redundant
Lotus make 350 staff redundant despite sales success for the Exige.

Group Lotus, the Norfolk-based sports car builder, is to make 350 non-manufacturing staff redundant out of a total workforce of 1,500.
The directors described the measures as a "significant restructuring"

"We regret it is necessary to downsize the UK operation through all areas of the business other than manufacturing," they added.
The company had announced in March that orders had been secured allowing a near doubling of sports car production.

But the board of directors has blamed dramatic changes in the motor industry round the world for the cutbacks.
This had hit hard in the engineering services sector in which they were involved.

The statement also said demand for Elise and Exige models continued to exceed production and the company had moved into new markets including the United States.


New Lotus Esprit
Unfortunately this isn't the new Esprits body! According to the motoring magazine, it's just the new suspension being tested on the old body. The article says very little about the new Esprit (as they more than likely don't know anything), only mentioning that various engine options are being looked at and now not to discount the old Lotus V8 turbo being used.

From what you can see above, there's some nice touches to this test vehicle. LEW would love to get hold of the 350 style wing, mounted further forward and the engine vents look kind of cool. Not so sure about the front wheel arches and the Max Power style wheels. But as the chance of seeing any of this on the new Esprit is very unlikely, its a bit irrelevant.

Thanks to Rob Ellis for supplying the piece as I'm sure everyone is interest to see at least something is going on with regard to the new Esprit.


Lotus Esprit: Addiction for Life
As some the UK Esprit owners may know, a new documentary is currently being filmed around the UK. This documentary will concentrate on owners of Esprits, their experiences and how it effects different people, rather than a History of the Esprit. Lots of footage is in the can and more is scheduled, including a trip to the factory. To get an idea of what it's going to be like there's a teaser trailer. Don't expect anything until the New Year!

Teaser Trailer.mpg

See here for information on playing the mpg


Stuff to come!
LEW has plenty of stuff in the pipeline at present, but due to time constraints things are taking a little longer than normal. The electric chargecooler pump is ready to go in, with a loom and instructions from Lotus. LEW also has some products from Lotus to test, which Esprit owners might find very useful. Revised damper testing will be going on at Hethel, which LEW might be involved in. As usual there'll be the constant updates of Esprits for Sale, roadtests, owners pages & interesting articles and with Stoneleigh just around the corner, there's plenty to look forward to as the nights draw in.


Stoneleigh Parts Fair 2004 (Dedicated to the Esprit)
The parts fair will be held on Sunday 21st November 2004 from 10.30am until 4pm at the same location as last year. Put it in your diaries and make sure you're there as the gathering this year is dedicated to the Esprit. This is Annual Lotus parts Fair, with more Lotus parts available and clothing than any other meeting in the UK. There is Esprit under cover parking available on a first come basis.



Big Exhausts!
This Esprit is for sale on Ebay at present. It's an 89 Turbo with a S300 spoiler and S350 wheels. But the most striking feature is the slightly larger than normal exhaust pipes. Two 5" pipes and a modified rear valence give it a look all of it's own. LEW isn't here to judge, just to show you what's out in the Esprit world. I'm sure you can all make your own minds up on what you think!


News from October 2004

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