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November 2008

2008 Classic Car Show
@ the NEC, 14th-16th November
Lotus Esprit Forum were selected to exhibit at this year's Classic Car Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

There was a 200 club over-subscription so LEF were really pleased to be picked and given the opportunity to show off the Esprit to the expected 50,000. This is without doubt the largest show in the year. It's high time the Esprit was displayed in a manner befitting it's status as one of the UK's finest supercars and to show the public how good these cars really are.

The event was a great success with Esprits on display and the stand up to 3 people deep at the height of the show. Well done to all those involved.

See and read more at the LEF here.


Your Image on Canvas!
Perfect gift for Xmas

Get your Esprit on high quality canvas, stretched and sealed on a hand made 38mm wood frame, for amazing prices. You supply the picture of your choice and we make it into art!

FREE Post & Packaging for ClubEsprit Members
Please supply club membership number with order for discount

As Designer and Lecturer I have nearly always been discontented with the performance of computer printers. Modern art packages and digital cameras produce graphics work far superior to a printers capability. This has turned into somewhat of a mission for me. Size, quality and variety of media are all sadly lacking in desktop printers something more special is required.

My mission so far involves a designjet 3000CP capable of printing on a wide rage of media up to 54 inches wide by several feet long, Those who visited the M.L.O.C. stand at the Lotus 60th anniversary would have seen an example of my work. I can print from a wide range of images such as slides and film, both positive and negative and digital images, I can also scan older 35mm photographs etc. I mainly print on high quality (400 grms) canvas which I stretch on solid wood frames and seal making a very waterproof and sturdy finished article. Building my own frames allows me to cater for custom sizes. I have produced canvases up to 10 feet by 4 feet and as small as 12" square. One local church commissioned 4 huge canvases for display.

I can handle any of the more popular image formats such as GIF, TIFF and JPG's any others that would open with GIMP. I would need about 2500 pixels in width to get to A2, I reckon on 100 DPI for a decent print. Any picture used on any of the Official Lotus Esprit Calendars can be requested for reproduction. Please email for more info.

It gives me a great boost when work is delivered or picked up from me to hear the many positive comments from people this has involed on more than one occaision mopping up the tears. I am very proud in saying that nobody has ever had just one print from me. At this time of year when you're stuck thinking of what to buy someone for a gift consider one of my prints from one of your images.

Mike Armston


Lotus Factory Parts Sale
November 29th and 30th 2008
Recognising the fact that demand at the Lotus Parts Sale held at the 60th Lotus Event at Hethel on September 14th 2008 was far in excess of the time available, Lotus Cars Aftersales have agreed to open for another Parts Sale over the weekend of 29th and 30th November 2008. Opening times are 09.00-16.00 on Saturday and 09.00-15.00 on Sunday.

This will be a real opportunity to pick up some great bargains at clearance prices directly from the factory. There’ll also be a one-off auto jumble of small parts at unrepeatable knock-down prices.

For details of what is available please go to http://www.lotus60thanniversary.com/forsale.php
More parts will be added over the coming weeks so keep checking to see what’s new. Please note quantities may vary from those offered and Lotus Cars cannot guarantee availability or accuracy of this list at the time of the sale.

Club Lotus will be assisting Lotus in this weekend and will be on hand for all Club related topics.

A wide selection of Lotus merchandise, including the new Lotus 60th Anniversary range, will also be available.

Classic Team Lotus has very kindly agreed to open their doors on both days for all things that relate to them including a tour of their F1 Workshops (£5 entry fee, redeemable if £30 worth of Classic Team Lotus merchandise/memorabilia is purchased).

If the weather allows, Classic Team Lotus will have several of their historic Lotus racing cars on display and are offering the rare opportunity to have your car photographed with a Lotus Formula 1 car (for which a small donation to a charity supported by Classic Team Lotus will be requested).

To keep you going over the weekend, Lotus have arranged on-site canteen type catering and other comfort facilities too.

Please note: No other area of the Factory during this Parts Sale weekend will be accessible.

If you’ve not been to the factory, Lotus Cars are at Hethel, Norfolk, NR14 8EZ or go to http://www.grouplotus.com/cars/directions.html
for full directions.


Tuesdays at 9pm on Discovery Real Time
A Lotus Esprit is to be featured on Wheeler Dealers. The programme airs on Tuesday from 9pm - 10pm. Channel 240 on Sky and 271 on Virgin Media.

9-9.30pm Mike has a budget of £5000 to buy a Lotus Esprit. He finds one without an MOT which could be a big risk. Edd starts by ripping out the interior and the engine.

9.30-10pm Edd continues to refit the Lotus Esprit that Mike bought, changing the cam belt and replacing the manifold before replacing the interior. Will they sell it for a profit?

A preview video can be seen here


News from October 2008

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