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March 2009

Club Lotus Donington Festival

Donington Park April 18th – 19th 2009
Our 2009 Club Lotus Show and Festival at Donington Park over the weekend of April 18/19 is just over three weeks away but there’s still time to book your advance member tickets for only £8 and save £1 on the regular entry price.

It’s easy to book - either send a cheque to us at Club HQ, 58 Malthouse Court, Dereham, Norfolk, NR20 4UA or call 01362 694459/691144 with your credit or debit card and we’ll do the rest.

This year the show has many new features including live practical demonstrations run by some of the most experienced people in the business - Nick Fulcher on trim, Spyder Engineering on chassis, CTM Performance on engine rebuilding and Option One on glassfibre repair and paint.

You can demonstrate your driving skills on the Ayrton Senna JPS Formula 1 race simulator and also on the free Lotus-on-Track Elise race simulator.

Classic Team Lotus will be there with several of their priceless historic cars including the beautiful and revolutionary ground effect Type 79 F1 - the car that Mario Andretti used to win the 1978 F1 World Championship.

Lotus Cars will be bringing the fabulous new Evora plus one of the chassis used for crash testing which demonstrates how Evora passed the crash test for a frontal impact by a huge margin. The new Lotus Cars 2009 Roadshow will also be there.

There’s also racing on both days (admission extra) including the first 4 rounds of the 2009 Elise Trophy.

Lots to see and do and I look forward to meeting you there.

Best wishes,

Alan Morgan
Club Lotus


February 2009

Adjustable rear links

from Ramspott and Brandt
Conversion kit for an adjustable rear upper link. The rear camber at all Esprit 88-93, Esprit S3, Excel and Elite/Eclat is not adjustable. With this conversion kit the adjustment of the rear camber is really very easy. The link adjuster have a LH and RH thread. It is only necessary to cut out a 6cm piece of the link and than weld the threaded sleeves into the ends of the link.

Price: 108.- € excl. VAT


LEW's Birthday
LEW was first published on the Web on 14th Feb
We are celebrating Lotus Esprit World.com's birthday tomorrow (14th), as it was first put up on the web on Valentine's day back in 2001. Which makes the site 8 years old. Not bad for a little site with some info on only one of Lotus' many models.


Drag Esprit or Esprit in Drag
For Sale on Ebay
Is it an Esprit! not much left from the 1984 Esprit it's said to come from. Engine is now a Small block Chevy 406 CID and it's in the front! Anyway take a look on ebay for more pictures and spec. See more here


New V8 Exhaust

from Ramspott and Brandt
After 1 year of development in cooperation with our German producer, we are now proud to present a complete new designed sport silencer for your Esprit V8 with 80mm pipes.

This new stainless steel silencer is based on the well known parallel free flow system with a complete new designed sound absorber.
You will get a fantastic sound under acceleration, in keeping with the sporting image; it is a sound you never heard before from another Esprit V8 exhaust system. This exhaust sounds like a sports racer under load, but is quiet when cruising. The response characteristics and the power (approx. + 15 HP) will also be improved. Especially in combination with our V8 high flow metal catalysts you will get an impressive acoustics. A must be for every V8 driver.

Price: €1007 excl. VAT


Not Esprit weather

London Feb 09
Britain isn't the best place to have an Esprit today. Roll on the summer.

If you have a snow covered Esprit, take a snap and send it to admin@lotusespritworld.com


January 2009

Mid-Engined Icons

Performance Car Feb 09
Performance Car Magazine is out this month (Feb09) with a 23 page feature on Mid-Engined Icons. Included of course is the Esprit Sport 350, along with Lamborghini Diablo, Honda NSX, Ariel Atom, Ferrari F430, Audi R8 and more. It's at your news stands now! Price £4.


A conversation with Mike Kimberley
An interivew with Lotus Top Man, Mike Kimberley. An interesting read on Lotus and it's future. Here.


International Historic Grand Prix with Lotus Meeting 2009
Lausitzring 14.- 17. May 2009
We have managed it at long last - the location and the date for the JIM CLARK-REVIVAL 2009 has been fixed - the agreements have just been signed.

The JCR will take place in the familiar form - with the complete supporting programme such as the automobile club meeting, traders and exhibitors, JIM CLARK-REVIVAL Tourist Tour, Guinness world record attempt, free access for the spectactors to the drivers paddock and pits, etc. - on 14. - 17. May at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz (between Dresden and Berlin).

More details will be available on the website soon.

With sporting regards

Ronny and Siegfried


Jim Clark Revival Cancelled
Dear friends of the JIM CLARK-REVIVAL,
Today I have the sad duty to inform you that the International Historic Grand Prix, JIM CLARK-REVIVAL, cannot take place at the Hockenheimring in 2009.

Please find more information in the enclosed attachment: Cancellation JCR 2009 at the Hockenheimring.pdf

Please inform me of your opinion of this matter per email (info@jimclark-revival.com) or in our MessageBoard.

With sporting regards
Ronny G. Bredhauer, Chief Organiser JCR


Is your V8 Cold inside?
Esprit V8 Heater info from Lotus Engineering
Just before Christmas Lotus had some trouble with the Heater performance on their 2002 V8. Just thought we would let you know what we found as it might benefit other owners.

The Heater performance had dropped significantly which really only showed up when the cold weather arrived. (Brian nearly froze on a trip to Newcastle when the outside temperature was down to nearly zero!). Lotus Engineering checked the basics (inc. water valve control & operation etc.) and thought they may have a partially blocked heater Matrix.

As this is about the worst job on an Esprit they decided to check more thoroughly before they decided to tackle this. They flow checked the heater system and confirmed that the matrix was clear and the water valve function was normal but the heater was struggling to generate any significant heat.

A thorough check of the system revealed that they had a defective Diverter Valve in the Cooling System. If this Valve is not switching the hot water can bypass the heater matrix. The valve internals were sticking and not allowing the Vacuum to fully switch the valve position

The Valve is Vacuum operated and was not switching 100%. (The vacuum signal was getting to the valve connector). Changing the valve cured the problem and now the heater is generating enough hot air to burn your legs! If any owners are experiencing poor heater performance we would advise them to check the Diverter Valve. The Valve and the Cooling Circuit are detailed in Section 18.05 of the Service Parts Book.


Spy who Loved me kicks off the new year
2009 starts well with Bond in his Esprit on ITV
If you thought 2009 was going to be a bad year with the Credit Crunch biting even harder. ITV have given the Esprit World a good start. Showing the Spy Who Loved Me at 4.25pm today. Maybe a sign of things starting off well for 2009. Enjoy the classic and the reason most of us have an Esprit.


News from December 2008

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