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Suspension for Esprit S1 and S2
Currently under development at Lotus, March 2012
Lotus are currently part way through the S1 & S2 Damper exercise. Pictures of the Development Dampers are shown along with a couple of pictures if the S1 we are using for the exercise.


The S1 (the very first production S1 – 100G) belongs to Gordon Masson who very kindly has allowed Lotus to use his car for this work. Lotus are making good progress on this exercise.

Read more about the project here.


White V8
Lotus Cars Post From Facebook
Dany Bahar's Esprit has been taken out of reception and he has just jumped in it and driven down Potash Lane.

Has spring arrived?


All Quiet at LEW
LEW having a quiet time of it this month. We've been updated and sorting out some maintenance issues, so still busy, but fairly quiet on the Esprit News side. If you have anything Esprit related to share with the rest of the world. Email us at admin@lotusespritworld.com and we'll get it on the site.


MoT Time 2012
18th February
LEW's Esprits needed it's annual MOT test done. With our normal tester fully booked, we tried another business who said they could handle a low car on their ramp. BedfordMOTCentre. Close to the town centre and with friendly service, our Esprit sailed through the test.


SWLC Offer
Weekend away in an Esprit!
Top Lotus Independent offers a weekend away with a service.


LEW's 11th Birthday
LEW was first published on the Web on 14th Feb 2001
We are celebrating Lotus Esprit World.com's birthday tomorrow (14th), as it was first put up on the web on Valentine's day back in 2001. Which makes the site 11 years old. Not bad for a little site with some info on only one of Lotus' many models.


New Famous Esprit Owner (unconfirmed)
Radio DJ plays an old classic
After mentioning the Esprit on his radio show last year, it looks like Chris Evans has taken the plunge. A beatuiful looking white Esprit S1 will be sitting with all those red Ferrari's in the Evans Garage. Welcome to the light Chris.


Esprits on Lotus Test Track
From Lotus Cars on Facebook
A moment in time: the old iconic Esprits meet the new Lotus test track. And now a challenge for the eagle eyed Lotus aficionados out there – can you tell which Esprit models these are?See Lotus Cars on facebook to answer.


Jim Clark Revival
Hockenheim, 13-15 April 2012
The countdown on the occasion of the Bosch Hockenheim Historic Jim Clark Revival (13 - 15 April 2012) has started just now.
I am glad that I can take over the patronage for the Lotus meeting in Hockenheim this year again.

For many participants the Jim Clark Revival has become a pilgrimage site and from year to year more and more Lotus enthusiasts have come from all over Europe to Hockenheim Historic.

Again we have put up a great programme, and a large number of race series will start again. Particularly the FIA Historic Formula1 and the Euro Boss Series will once more be a highlight among the racing series.

There will also be a special time for Lotus cars driving on the Hockenheim Ring on Saturday evening. Mrs Alexandra Edinge of the Hockenheimring GmbH and I will sell the tickets at the Conti-roundabout.

For information please contact:
Alexandra Edinge
Tel.: +49 (0) 6205 - 950 108
Fax: +49 (0) 6205 - 950 299
E-Mail: alexandra.edinge@hockenheimring.de
Internet: www.hockenheimring.de

Our friend Boris Fengler from the 4 Lotus magazine will organize a catering for all participants at the pit roof as well as a dealers' presentation. Therefore there is also the possibility for the Lotus Clubs to present themselves at the pit roof.
Info:Mr. Boris Fengler E-mail: kontakt@4lotus.de or www.4lotus.de

All those friends who need a hotel room can use my option on the Hotel Vorfelder in Walldorf. This hotel has a nice atmosphere and the prices are rather moderate.

There you can dine and drink well, and certainly chat about some Lotus events of former times.

Andreas Stern, Marketing & Verkauf Fon: +49.(0)6227.699.123 · andreas.stern@hotel-vorfelder.de
Hotel Vorfelder - Oliver und Sabine Vorfelder GbR
Bahnhofstraße 28 · 69190 Walldorf · Fon +49.(0)6227.699.0 · Fax +49.(0)6227.30541 info@hotel-vorfelder.de · www.hotel-vorfelder.de

On 1st January 1952 Colin Chapman founded the Lotus Engineering and thus the first racing car Lotus Mark 4 Trials Car was created, reason enough to celebrate a little highlight at Brands Hatch.

On 6th June 1998 there was already a great Lotus Festival in Brands Hatch "50 Years of Lotus" and many friends were with me there as well. Certainly, one or the other Lotus-friend can still remember the beautiful event. I will travel with some Lotus friends to Brands Hatch in August again. You get more information at: www.lotus-festival.com

I wish all participants a safe and pleasant journey to Hockenheim.
Siegfried Herrmann
Lotus coordinator of the Jim Clark Revival Hockenheimring


Turbo Esprit Needed
Classic and Sportscar Photo Shoot
Bit of a last-minute request, I'm afraid! We're planning a major photoshoot for our 30th anniversary issue, and I need to get hold of a Lotus Esprit Turbo for it. It needs to an early Turbo, please, so one made between 1981-86, before the Peter Stevens redesign.

The shoot's happening on 25 and 26 January around Crickhowell, South Wales. Being two days, we can provide overnight accommodation for the owner – or, if they're local, they're welcome to 'commute' to and fro.

Look forward to hearing from you.

James Page
Deputy Editor
Classic & Sports Car magazine
Teddington Studios
Broom Road
TW11 9BE

020 8267 5647


French Esprit Club

Frcnch lanuage site
We are happy to annonce the birth of a new french Club called Esprit Club Lotus Francophone. A website is being set up, but currently only has a home page. http://www.lotusesprit.net. The French lanuage forum is up and running for those wishing to chat Esprits. You can sign up at the forum here. http://clublotusespritfrancophone.araboard.com.


Transmission fluid
A reminder
Lotus recommended Castrol TAF-X has been discontinued by Castrol. It has been replaced by Castrol Syntrans. The formulation is almost identical to TAF-X. Lotus have some for evaluation but they are sure it will be fine for use in the Renault UN1 Transaxle. Lotus still have Castrol TAF-X in stock at Lotus. It should be available from Lotus Cars USA for those in America.


2012 is here
Get your calendars up
Happy New Year from all at Lotus Esprit World. Looking forward to an Esprit filled 2012. Time to get your calendars up and enjoy the picture above and hope we don't get too much snow (but send us a pic if your Esprit gets snowed on). We still have a few calendars left if you wish to purchases one.


News from 4th Quarter 2011

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