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SWLC 'Open Day'
28th September 2013 (10:00am – 4:00pm)
South West Lotus Centre are having their annual open day this year on Saturday 28th September between 10am to 4pm. They will be having a large display of car, kit car and performance cars. Lotus and Noble parts and clothing on special offer. Demo`s of their equipment. Free BBQ again but this time run by Hogs Bottom and will have for sale a large selection of fruit vinegars, unusually flavoured oils, typically English marmalades, jams, chutneys, pickles and savoury jellies, not forgetting our fantastic Dartmoor Dressing. They are also carry out work on the day and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your car, tour their workshop and parts stores. Come along for a lovely day out and enjoy all the cars they have for display. If you would like them to arrange places to stay for the weekend please feel free to contact them.

If you would like anymore information please feel free to contact us.


Esprit Spotted
In Dubai
Esprit's are exactly common on our roads here in the UK, but a LEW user has spotted on on the streets of Dubai. Can't be too many out in the Far East. Although we hope there's a few crackers in some collections hidden away.


LEW Calendar 2014
Time to start taking those pics
With most Esprit getting out and about during the summer months, it's now the perfect time to get some cool pictures of your Esprit in cool places and send them into us at admin@lotusespritworld.com. The best are likely to make it into the 2014 Esprit Calendar. So get your digital camera set on the highest settings, park your Esprits with a great backdrop and get snapping.


Esprit Blog
Owners blog
Check out this Esprit owners personal blog called 'Conversations with my Esprit'.

Read it here www.conversationswithmyesprit.com


Introducting ALUNOX
Supplier of Esprit Manifolds, Chargecoolers & Exhuasts
Alunox are a manufacture of race exhausts and manifolds for teams and road cars , modern and classic. They are now supplying a growing number of after market performance parts for the Esprit which have been track and dyno tested. They are already an established supplier to Aston Martin ,Jaguar , Nobel , and others. They have managed to solve the manifold problem and are continuing to look at other parts of the Esprit such as header tanks, Fuel tanks , Oil return pipe.

They can also produce the manifold with a different turbo flange to allow the use of different turbos . So if your modifying your Esprit and need a bespoke part contact Leon on leon@alunox.co.uk

Alunox Uprated

Manifold Exhaust & Charge Cooler

Why settle for less horsepower, or inferior looks. Choose Alunox products and enjoy the best of both worlds.


SWLC Engine Work
South West Lotus Centre working on Esprit Eingines
A customers Lotus Esprit V8 engine all ready to be shipped out to them, looks brilliant all rebuilt

Almost ready to go into a customers Lotus Esprit Turbo, looking good


1976 Esprit Needed
Royal Mail Stamp Launch
I work with Royal Mail, and in August we are launching a set of stamps that celebrate British Automotive Legends. There will be six cars celebrated in total, each with a separate stamp, and the Espirit from 1976 will be one of them.

The other cars featured will be the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, the Aston Martin DB5, the Jaguar E-Type, the MG MGB and the Morgan Plus 8, so the Espirit is in good company!

We’re just formulising our plans for the launch of the stamps at the moment, but we’ll almost certainly be keen to organise a photo shoot with the six cars together. It would be fantastic if you’re able to assist us in identifying an owner that might be interested in taking part, if that’s something you’re able and happy to do? We could of course provide payment for their time.

The photo shoot itself wouldn’t likely be until late July, and will more than likely be at one of the classic race tracks – possibly Brands Hatch due to its proximity to London, but that may be subject to change.

Any help much appreciated! I’m on 0203 077 2000 if you’re prefer to chat through over the phone.

Many thanks,

Rik Salmon
Senior Account Manager I Eulogy!&Onlinefire - Igniting profitable conversations

7 – 10 Bakers Yard, Bakers Row, London, EC1R 3DD
T: 020 3077 2000
F: 020 7427 2499
M: 07834 980 541
W: www.eulogy.co.uk
E: rik@eulogy.co.uk


Generations T-Shirt Range Launches
TVR, M5, Esprit and 911 are the stars of the new range, with more to follow soon
They say that a picture speaks a thousand words and in this instance we completely agree.

Hethel Heros featuring the Lotus Esprit

Three new T-shirts are now available for your perusal as part of our new ‘Generations’ range. BMW M5, TVR, Lotus Esprit and the existing 911 at 50 shirts are all available in a range of colours and sizes priced at just £15.99. Hoodies are available too at £39.99 and kids sizes at £11.99

We think these are some of the best shirts we’ve ever offered, and with more designs to follow throughout the year we look forward to launching new additions soon.

To view and order please use this link

Please email us if you purchase one, so we can hear all about it from an Esprit owner prespective.


Castle Combe Trackday

Saturday 25th May 2013
We've still got some track driving packages left so if you want to join in the fun this year please contact AnneMarie at Club HQ to book your place or for more information. AnneMarie's email is annemarie@clublotus.co.uk and her phone number is 01362 694459 or 691144.

Full details of what's happening are in your April issue of Club Lotus News. The day is designed to appeal to both experienced track drivers and first timers. If you've never driven on a track before this is an ideal way to start as we only have groups of 12 cars on the circuit at one time and free instruction is available from the Castle Combe instructors.

You'll have plenty of time and room to drive at a pace you're comfortable with and in safety. We guarantee that you'll come home with a much better understanding and knowledge of your Lotus - plus a big grin!

There's also our usual free lunchtime track parades for anyone driving a Lotus (no helmets required) plus some fabulous historic Lotus cars will also be displayed on the circuit.

We're also organising an informal free autojumble for members so if you've got any spares to sell bring them along and turn them into cash.

Look forward to seeing you there.




Lego Esprit
Bond car in Lego
We have very little info on this Lego build Esprit. Looks like a mock-up of the 'Spy Who Loved Me' Esprit S1. Looks pretty good considering it's made from Lego. If you know anymore about it. Email admin@lotusespritworld.com.


Esprit V8 Hose Kits
Roose Motor Sport release kit
Just to let the Esprit owners know, rouse motor sport in lincoln now do silicon hoses for the Esprit V8. This is every hose, from a rad hose to all in the heater matrix......They have used Tim Hollands Esprit's set as a template. They can be contacted on 01522787187or through their website at www.roosemotorsport.co.uk. The kit is £435......that is for every rubber hose on the car!! You may have to buy extra for the overflow from the header tanks which Tim did, there's also a choice of colours! Mention LEW if you call


Donington Show

20th-12st April 2013
Brian Angus will be giving technical talks on Saturday and Sunday on the 900 series engines and the Espriit. He'll also be on the Club Lotus stand on both days to answer any questions as will Brian Buckland who'll also be hosting tech talks on the Elan and twin cam engine. This is in addition to the wide range of technical advice available on the stands from the likes of Steve Fulcher, Option I Sportscars, Spyder Engineering, Hangar 111, Chris Neil, PNM, Nitron, and CTM Engineering to mention a few.

Donington Park have just confirmed that all Club Lotus Show visitors will receive a £5.00 discount on tickets for the BTCC event which is on track the same weekend. All you need to do is show your Show admission ticket at the ticket desk. A free shuttle bus will be running all day between the exhibition centre and race paddock entrance.

There's also discounted entry to the fantastic Donington Grand Prix and Wheatcroft collections. You can save £2 off a £10 single adult ticket and if there's two of you can take advantage of their 2-4-1 offer and save 50%. Again just present your show ticket at the pay desk.

Don't worry about traffic problems, we've run alongside big race meetings in previous years without problems. Donington have a tried and tested traffic management plan that can handle many more vehicles than will come to the BTCC. The plan is designed to keep things moving and get traffic off the approach roads and parked smoothly and quickly.

All Club Lotus Show visitors will come in via the (usual) main entrance and race spectators will be directed to the Melbourne Loop entrance and parked in fields adjacent to the paddock - well away from the exhibition centre. We will in fact have more parking than in previous years as one of the car auction companies has moved out from the site thus freeing-up another big tarmac area. There's also plenty of good, solid and flat grass parking.

We also still have some room for some more members¹ display cars. All you need to do is let us know what you¹ll be bringing, buy your entrance tickets and your pride and joy can be on show for free to the thousands of visitors. If you want to sell your Lotus it¹s only £26 to display in our ŒCars for Sale¹ area and this includes a free admission ticket.

There's still time to order advance tickets and you can either:

1. Call us at Club HQ on 01362 694459 or 691144.
2. Book via our website www.clublotus.co.uk – click on 'Club Shop' and then the 'Club Lotus Show tickets' tab.
3. Email annemarie@clublotus.co.uk with your credit card details.
4. Return the booking form that was in the January issue of Club lotus News.

The last day we can post advance tickets is Wednesday 17th.Look forward to seeing your there ­ don¹t forget to come over to our stand and say hello.

Best wishes,
Alan, Annemarie, Jane and Samantha


Thatcher and Lotus
Old pics of Maggie and Colin at Lotus
Mrs Thatchers death has put her name everywhere this week. Including on here. RIP



Esprit DVDs
Still available at www.esprit4sale.co.uk
Our seletion of Esprit related DVDs are still available at our sister site www.esprit4sale.co.uk. We've had enquires about availability and we currently have stock of our three most popular titles. Celebration of a Supercar, Addition for Life and ClubLotus (50 Years in the Fast Lane). Order via paypal. Email for more details on ordering.

Club Lotus
From £19.99
More Info
Addiction for life
From £20.99
More Info
Celebration of a Supercar
From £16.99
More Info


Sellers beware
Internet scams
Just thought you might be interested in the scam I came across (again!) when trying to sell my Lotus. Exactly the same thing first happened when I was selling an Austin 7.

This guy who was buying it (the latest car) was very enthusiastic by e-mail but couldn't talk over the phone, as I requested, as he was 'at sea' as a marine biologist but he could use his lap top which presumably uses the same signal as a mobile phone. His English was OK unlike the Austin 7 buyer, so originally I wasn't too suspicious. He gave me the asking price provided the car was 'as described' as he was very keen to have this type of car. He also offered to pay my PayPal charges provided I would pay the 'shipper' from funds he would provide. This is where the suspicion started (again) . He wants to ship the car (destination unspecified and doesn't answer questions about the intended location) but he will pay the shipping costs via PayPal added on to the PayPal payment for the car he is going to send me but needs me to send the money (£1250) on to the 'shipping agent' via Western Union. Why can't he send it? This is the clue! Western Union is notorious for its lack of security, unlike Paypal. What surprised me was how sophisticated the scam PayPal paperwork was, which came as a separate e-mail, was superbly done and would fool the unsuspecting. There was a bit about 'My money being Pending and Invisible until we received the Western Union Transfer Receipt/Details For Shipping Fee'. So I was supposed to transfer the 'shipping fee' from my bank via Western Union to his 'agent' and lose £1250 as the statement from PayPal is a complete fake. On receiving this e-mail I went into my Paypal account via the 'normal' secure route and you've guessed it, the balance was £0.0.

Just thought it worth publicising as theses days the scams are getting more and more sophisticated rather than the days of a worthless cheque.

I have since had another similar Scammer but the easiest way to check them out is to ask them to phone you to discuss the 'details', where they are and when they are coming to see the car. No answer to any of these questions.

Norman Harris
1988 Lotus Esprit (for sale)


Bonds Greatest Moments
Sky TV
Added the two clips of the Esprit from Sky's rundown of the 22 Greatest 007 Moments to the video section on the club website.

Members Only
Esprit Video Clips
See the Esprit on the move!


Donington Show

20th-12st April 2013
The 2013 Club Lotus Show at Donington Park on April 20/21 is now just over 4 weeks away and there's still time to book your advance tickets and save 10% on the door price as well as beating the queue.

We've put a lot of effort into organising what we're sure will be a great show. In addition to numerous trade and autojumble stands - many with new products and offers - there will be a fantastic array of rare Lotus cars on display plus other attractions.

Classic Team Lotus will have a special display featuring at least four original Jim Clark cars - including the Lotus 25 he drove in 1963 - to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jimmy¹s and Lotus' first Formula One World Championship.

Our technical sessions will be headed by Brian Angus who will be covering the Esprit and complete 900 series engine range and we¹ll have Brian Buckland on Elans. Steve Fulcher will be there to give advice on trim and Frank Sadowski from Option 1 will help you with any bodywork or paint problems along with many other experts in the respective fields. If you need any friendly help, advice or encouragement this is the place to find it - straight from the experts.

We also still have some room for more members¹ display cars. All you need to do is let us know what you¹ll be bringing, buy your entrance tickets and your pride and joy can be on show to the thousands of visitors.

Ordering your tickets is easy and you can either:

1. Call us at Club HQ on 01362 694459 or 691144.
2. Book via our website www.clublotus.co.uk - click on 'Club Shop' and
then the 'Club Lotus Show tickets' tab.
3. Email annemarie@clublotus.co.uk with your credit card details.
4. Return the booking form that was in the January issue of Club lotus News.

Look forward to seeing your there ­ don¹t forget to come over to our stand and say hello.

Best regards,
Anne Marie


Esprit blog
Esprit owners blog
Mark has started prattling about esprits.



Off Road Esprit
From Germany website
In German, so we've not read it, but the pictures are cool!. LINK



ClubLotus Mag Cover Shot
Giugiaro Esprit Stars
This month's ClubLotus Magazine as a great shot of the Esprit on the front cover. Supplied by Elaine Avison-Spiers.


ClubLotus Show & Festival
Donington Park 20-21st April 2013
The ClubLotus show is back this year. Normally in March, it's now moved to April .Call 01362 691144 or email events@clublotus.co.uk for more details, book tickets (£9 each) or to Exhibit or Sell your Esprit there..


ClubLotus Track Day
Castle Combe 25th May 2013
The ClubLotusTrack Day at Castle Combe will be on 25th May this year. Sign up now if you want a spot for your Esprit on the track. Call 01362 691144 or email jane@clublotus.co.uk for more details on booking your place (£96 for two sessions).


Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm
Friday 9am to Midday

Also open exclusively on Saturday 26th January and Saturday 2nd February - 10am to 6pm

Find us at Lotus Cars, Potash Lane, Hethel, NR14 8EZ, UK.

*While stocks last. The offer is available at the Hethel store only from now until 2nd February 2013 and excludes our store in Regent Street London and our online webstore www.lotusoriginals.com


Young spies needed for Secret Operations at Beaulieu
www.classicandsportscar.com 21 Jan 2013
The National Motor Museum – home of the Bond in Motion exhibition – will open its doors to a future generation of 007s from 16-24 February for a special Bond-themed half term.

Activities on offer will include Bond-style eight-lane Scalextric racing, with the chance to win a mystery prize, a treasure hunt and a code-breaking challenge, with a Bond-inspired goody bag up for grabs.

The Secret Army exhibition documents the location’s past as a WW2 training ground for Britain’s spy network and as a base for the Special Operations Executive, which coordinated the resistance in Nazi-occupied Europe.

Items on show include real-life spy gadgets, information on the special agents’ training and a film explaining how the ‘finishing school’ operated in complete secrecy throughout the war.

As usual, Beaulieu has 50 vehicles on show from 007’s various exploits including the Aston Martin DB5 and Rolls-Royce Phantom III from Goldfinger and the amphibious Lotus Esprit S1 from The Spy who loved Me.

To find out more visit the museum’s website.


Snow Esprits
Get a pic Now!
With the snow hitting the UK today, a few Esprits are likely to get a coating. We'd love for you to send us pictures of your Esprit in the snow for our page. Send your snaps to admin@lotusespritworld.com

Snow Esprits
They really shouldn't be out in the cold!


All Shipped
All calendar order have now shipped!


2013 is here
Get your calendars
Limited stock of both Wall and Desktop calenders left. Order now!



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