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Rear Brake Upgrade
PNM Engineering are working on shiny new things...
It's a four pot rear kit (SVA) PNM have just developed.More info as we get it.....


Les Presses Littéraires and Rémy Solnon are proud to announce the publication of PRESTIGIOUS WATCHES AND CARS, a comprehensive book about the partnerships signed by fine watchmaking with prestigious car makers and motor racing.

Luxury wristwatches and prestigious cars fascinate same enthusiasts having a passion with traditions and innovations, luxury and rarity. They are ruled by the same values, such as handmade finish, high performance and high-tech materials. Watch manufacturers are inspired by automotive engineering to create high quality, sophisticated and innovative timepieces.

Prestigious Watches and Cars overviews the partnerships signed by the most desirable watch brands with prestigious and sport cars makers and motor racing famous names. Audemars Piguet, Breitling, B.R.M, Girard-Perregaux, Hublot, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Oris, Richard Mille and TAG Heuer ; Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Maybach, Lamborghini, Pagani and Spyker : more than sixty
great watch and car manufacturers are represented by about a hundred extraordinary timepieces that combine powerful motors/movements under gorgeous bodyworks/cases.

Rémy SOLNON offers to discover the close relations existing between watchmaking and automotive world with the most stunning timepieces celebrating prestigious and sport cars and motor racing. This seriously comprehensive and gorgeously illustrated book includes detailed watch and car specifications and a glossary of main horology terms.

Prestigious Watches and Cars is a 224 page full colour publication featuring over 430 photographs and drawings. The text is written in English and French languages. A reference book for collectors

To purchase it : just go on the website of my publisher and click on the cover of the book to go on the page to order it



Dear Lotus-Friends,
The year is drawing to a close and Christmas is almost at hand.
As far as Lotus is concerned we’ve spent an exciting year – not only our “Memory of Jim Clark” in April at Hockenheimring, but also the great Classic Team Lotus Festival in September were great events.

Unfortunately my state of health forced me to take a rest for a prolonged period, but in January I am going to concentrate again on Lotus. A new website on facebook is under way, so our new homepage will be finished by January/February. I thank you for your understanding.

Hockenheim Historic 15th –17th April 2011 Hockenheimring
In the following year I am working again as a coordinator for Lotus on the occasion of the anniversary of “In Memory of Jim Clark” at Hockenheimring.

I would be very glad if all of you could participate. Many series of races have been announced again, among others the Historic Formula 1 HFO as well as many interesting races. Concerning Hockenheim Historic, Lotus will be “the Highlight” again – that goes without saying with its own club area and show races. Let’s look forward to the year 2011!

New voices of the press from Lotus in Norwich
You have surely read about what is on the go about Lotus. I am pleased to hear that Lotus is a banner headline again, but unluckily there is also some negative information about Lotus.

When Lotus Racing took part again in Formula 1, all the members of the Lotus Group were enthusiastic – the name Lotus had its position again in the Formula 1. Quite a good start for a new beginning.

The new CEO president Mr Dany Bahar stands for a fresh start of Lotus Cars. And yet I don’t understand at all why after having been accepted initially, the Lotus Car Team was rejected finally.

It is true that David Hunt acquired the title from Mr Peter Wright and Mr Peter Collins officially. It is not true That Lotus Cars claims the title to the Lotus Team, but exclusively to the Lotus Logo (not to the TEAM LOTUS logo).

Many Lotus insiders have an extensive knowledge about Lotus, but possibly some of them don’t know that Colin Chapman was the owner of two firms, Lotus Group with Lotus Cars and TEAM LOTUS. They were two independent enterprises. Why the Chapman family hasn’t bought back the nominal title in 1994 remains a mystery.

Certainly Mr Dany Bahar wants to take advantage of the opportunity to place the name Lotus in front with the Renault Team, but to my mind the lawsuit against Tony Fernandes was unnecessary. It was a good thing that Lotus was called Lotus Racing Team.
For me the name TEAM LOTUS will always be connected with Colin Chapman – it passed into history. Mr Fernandes should give the nominal title back to the Chapman family in order to maintain the history of TEAM LOTUS.

I do hope that everything will take a good turn for Lotus, We keep looking ahead wondering what is going to happen. Good luck to Mr Dany Bahar’s projects!

I learned that Mr Bahar is going to found a Lotus Museum in Norwich and I applied for the job of a specialized historian. I hope to hear from him soon.

I should like to express my thanks to Mr Jürgen Brömmelhaus who has perfectly organized a Lotus-meeting at Schloss Dyck. He is going to organize another Lotus-meeting there again in the following year.

And last not least my sincerest thanks to our Lotus-friend Boris Fengler from 4Lotus magazine. In all probability I will organize the Lotus-meeting on the occasion of the “Hockenheim Historic” with him again.
Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all Lotus friends!


Siefried Herrmann
Lotus Coordinator “Memory of Jim Clark


LEW Stickers
Our stickers on the other side of the World!
Check out this picture from Australia on a volvo!


Last Postal Dates
Getting your calendars or DVD before Xmas
With Xmas on it's way fast, we are giving you the order dates for delivery before Xmas. So you can order that extra prezzy without worrying if you'll get it before the holiday.

UK 17th December
Europe 11th December
US & Rest of World 6th December


Snow Esprits
Take a snap
With snow either here or on it's way in the UK. If your Esprit gets caught in the white weather, take a snap to add to our Snow Esprits page. Be safe out there in this poor weather.


Lotus Magazine

Available now!
Lotus has always been more than just a car. It's an icon. It's a way of life. Welcome to LOTUS magazine! It's more than just a car magazine. It's a journey into the exciting Lotus world.

Service Not Included
Introducing the next generation of Lotus
Back In the Race
Lotus' Formula One team accelerates from a historic legacy
007's Secret Weapon
The Big Bang
Cooking is the New Macho
Between the Lines
Captain Piccard Beams Up

See more here


2011 Calendars Shipped
All posted out
All current orders for Calendars have been shipped as of 3pm Saturday 13th November.


2011 Calendar Stars!
Did your picture make it in 2011?
Below is a list of Esprit owners who's Esprits made it into the 2011 Calendar that is now available for purchase. If you picture was chosen you can get a free A3 Calendar. Just pay the correct postage fee and supply a delivery address. If you want extra copies, we can just add a free one on to your order. Please email if you have any questions about this offer.

Graham Carr
Jean Van Miaghem
Cathal Poole
Mick Hull
Oliver Hall
Paul Bedford
Steve Murnane
Andreas Konrad
Melvyn Plumb


October 2010

2011 Calendar Now on Sale!
Get your wall and desktop calendar now!
After a lot of hard work, the 2011 calendars are now on sale. Both A3 Wall Calendars and Desktop Calendars are available at www.esprit4sale.co.uk. Orders will go out in batches, usually every Monday. ClubEsprit members can received a discount on their calendar. Please see the discount section on the club site.

Any questions about ordering, please email admin@esprit4sale.co.uk and we'll help you out.


Esprit History
Owner looking for pics from Auto Show
Jamie's Esprit was used in the 1990 Los Angeles Auto Show in January of 1990 as the Esprit display car! This was the year that the Elan was debuting in the US. We are looking to find pictures of the Esprit at this event. It ran from January 6th to the 14th, 1990. The Esprit is a red 1990 Esprit SE with chrome wheels so it should be instantly recognizable in any pictures that might be out there. If you have anything from this show, please contact us so we can pass them on to a greatful owner.


Esprit Calendar 2011
Lotus Esprit World's Official Calendar for 2011 is currently being printed and will be available for order in the next week or so.


Esprit Retro Game on iPhone
Classic ZX Spectrum Gaming Comes To iPhone In ‘ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection’
See more here

News from 3rd Quarter 2010

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