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September 2005

Lotus Ultimate Track Day
Silverstone, 17th October 2005
Lotus Cars are delighted to invite Lotus owners to an Ultimate Track Day to be held at Silverstone Circuit on Monday 17th October 2005, which will give all Lotus owners the opportunity to drive their own Lotus car on the 1.639 mile National Circuit.

Lotus Cars are keen to make this day stand apart from any other usual track day, and plan to include the following additional attractions on the day.

Lotus Service Clinic – Lotus technical representatives on hand to chat to customers about their cars
Classic Team Lotus – a display of F1 cars, with possible lunch time drive-by
Road Demonstrations – further opportunities for guests to drive new Lotus product on the road
Lotus Merchandise – for clothing & souvenir sales

The event will be administrated by RMA (Race Marketing Associates) the UK’s leading track day operator and all bookings must be made directly with RMA either on-line or by contacting the RMA Club office.

Track day places are charged at the rates as listed below. You will note that additional drivers and guests can also be booked as part of your booking.

A 2-course lunch is included for all attendees served in the Lotus Hospitality area.

Costs (including VAT):
• Full Day Driving Place - £229.00 (based on 20 mins driving per hour)
• Additional Drivers - £75.00 (within principal drivers 20-min session)
• Guests (non-driving places) - £50 (includes passenger ride)

For customers interested in attending and making a reservation, the booking procedures are outline as follows:
Online: Please contact www.theRMAclub.com using the ‘Book Online’ option.

Select the ‘Lotus Ultimate Track Day’ option
Log-on as a non-member and complete the on-line booking form.
Full payment is required with the booking (RMA booking terms & conditions apply)
Please note that an email address is mandatory, for further communications regarding the event.

By Telephone / Postal Enquiries:
RMA Ltd. PO Box 1810
Maidenhead, Berks SL6 2RQ
Tel: 01628 779000
Fax: 01628 771829

On receipt of your booking RMA will email a booking confirmation to you. Full event final instructions and joining information will be sent to you approximately 10 days prior to the event date.

I hope that you will be able to join us to make this a truly Lotus event and we all look forward to seeing you at Silverstone on the 17th October.


Southrun 12 - October Swimmers Part II
12th October 2005
Southrun 12 - October Swimmers Part II will take place this Sunday, October 2nd 2005 starting west of Cheltenham and taking in some of the best A and B roads around the area. For full details see, www.southrun.co.uk/checkpoint.php


400,000 hits
Lotus Esprit World ticked over to 400,000 hits sometime during Tuesday 20th September 2005 and is making it's way to half a million. The success of the site is amazing and it's come a long way since it was first published on 14th February 2001. With over 3,000 hits a week there's plenty of Esprit owners and Enthusiast using it regularly. We have a close relationship with Lotus Cars Ltd, with information flowing in both directions, a very health club, some very supportive advertisers and more and more contributors, helping to make owning an Esprit a much more pleasurable experience. Long may it continue.


Attention Ron Derry
We have a response to your question regarding the bore size of the engine you are working on, but your email is bouncing. Please contact if you wish to be informed of the information you requested. Lotus Esprit will only issue information via email and not by telephone for obvious cost reasons.


UK Northern Esprit Meet
8th October 2005, Oulton Park Race Circuit
A Northern Meeting is being arrange to support some Esprits that will be racing in the series. It's currently unknown if they will make it to this meeting, as they are still being worked on. For more current information, please go to the Lotus Esprit Forum. The qualifying starts at around 9AM but people should aim for around 10AM (final details on meeting point will be updated nearer the time on LEF). Also there will be other series racing that day including Astons.

The series we are supporting is www.midenginedsportscars.com

Alton Park website is www.motorsportvision.co.uk/oulton-park
This site gives instructions how to get there and also hotels/ B&B's. Admission is £10 book in advance or £12 at the gate.

People who are interested should copy/paste their names on the forum so we have an idea of interested

One of the cars we are supporting is also pictured on the first site's home page (Orange Exige of Russ Treasure who used to own a S300 and was a member on the forums)


South West Lotus Centre Ltd invites you to their OPEN DAY on 24th September 2005 from 10am to 4pm. They are also setting up a deal with Toyo tyres in the new T1R and R888 semi-silk. SWLC will be doing offers on these tyres on the day if people pre order them. SWLC have some tyre sizes for the Toyo T1-R for the Esprit's.

215/40 ZR 17 £94.95+VAT
245/40 ZR 17 £109.95+VAT

245/45 ZR 16 £102.95+VAT
315/35 ZR 17 N/A

235/40 ZR 17 £99.95+VAT
285/35 ZR 18 £204.20+VAT
295/35 ZR 18 218.00+VAT

All of the LEW members can get their 10% off these prices and a free car wash and vacuum. All off these need to be pre ordered with a 10% deposit left.

Tinhay Industrial Estate • Lifton • Devon • PL16 0AH
Tel: 01566 784152 • Fax: 01566 784150


UK Registered Esprits Update 3
Lotus Esprit World has spoken to Lotus about the registered numbers and the confusion over how some of the Esprits are registered. We now think what causes the confusion is that there is only three official type numbers for all the cars.

Type 79 - S1 & S2 (with N/A engines) 1976 - 1981
Type 82 - Esprit Turbo (2.2 & V8) 1980 - 2004
Type 85 - Esprit (S3 & X180 N/A) 1981 - 1990

Over the years Lotus changed the Model Sales name many times but the cars were officially still only the 3 type numbers. It seems it depended what was written (how much detail) on the registration document when the dealer registered the car. This seems to be why we have the numbers we do from the Dft.

LEW has posted on the Lotus Esprit Forum, under General Chat, a poll for owners to vote on. Listing every Esprit owners can now vote to show which Esprit they own. Then if the V5 document says something different from the model they can post what Esprit they have and what the V5 says they have. Hopefully this, over time, will give us an idea of the inaccuracy of the registration process.

In conclusion, we believe the total number of registered Esprit to be pretty accurate. Giving the UK around 1500 Esprits on the road.


UK Registered Esprits Update 2
Lotus Esprit World has been contacted by yet more owners about their registration documents. Amazingly we've been told of one 1997 Esprit GT3, that is registered as just 'Lotus Esprit '. This means the numbers in total are probably more accurate than we first thought. Unfortunately it means the models numbers are much less accurate. Still interesting to find out these facts.


Buntingford Classic Event
3rd September 2005
This years Buntingford Classic Event was held on Sat 3rd Sept. From what we've heard it was another good Esprit outing. Plenty of other cars to check out and some entertainment laid on as well. Look out for next years show!

Pictures supplied by Paul Webber


UK Registered Esprits Update
Lotus Esprit World has been contacted by both S2 and S3 owners who have checked their V5 documents and found it to just read 'Lotus Esprit'. So it seems the figures could be more accurate than we first thought.

We'd still like all UK Esprit owners to check their V5's and see what their Esprit is listed as. If it's different from what it should be, please email LEW.


UK Registered Esprits
(Source: DfT 2004) by Carl Charlesworth

Since looking at the production figures for the Esprit I was fascinated to know how many are actually left on UK roads. In my case, the S4, I knew that it had to be a lot less than 300. After joining the Lotus Esprit forum recently I decided to pull my finger out and do some chasing around to see what was available. After a week of chasing around different contacts I finally got a useful response from DVLA with a contact number on it. I called them up and spoke to a very helpful chap. After some initial confusion on exactly what figures I wanted he said he understood and still believed he could provide the information I required via email in a couple of hours. Sure enough a few hours later I received the email with the following stats.
I did not provide him with the Esprit types, he was able to list the different versions he had registered.

These are the DVLA numbers of Lotus Esprits registered in the UK during 2004.

Lotus Esprit
Lotus Esprit Turbo
Lotus Esprit Series 3
Lotus Esprit Turbo SE
Lotus Esprit Turbo
Lotus Esprit S Turbo
Lotus Esprit Turbo S4
Lotus Esprit Sport 300
Lotus Esprit S4s
Lotus Esprit V8 Turbo
Lotus Esprit GT3
Lotus Esprit V8-GT
Lotus Esprit Sport 350
All Lotus Esprit vehicles
Source: DfT  

My thanks and credit to Mr M. Gray Aguye at DfT for the getting the figures together.

LEW's Verdict
As you see the figures don't really add up. Only 1 Esprit S3 registered and taxed in 2004 seems a little low. We don't know the exact requirements for a vehicle to make it into these numbers, but we guess, that the vehicle needs to be taxed and have a valid V5 document. We also believe that some of the S3's may have something different on there V5 document. Either just Lotus Esprit, or maybe under turbo. Any UK registered S3 owners might like to email us with what their Esprit has as make and model on there V5. This may help us get to the bottom of these figures and make a little more sense of them.

The total number of UK Esprits is very low, but probably won't included some cars that are currently off the road being fixed or having long-term restoration and may not include Esprit currently with dealers, who may not have re-tax while in the showroom. Having said that, it's not likely to really bump the numbers up too much. So we seem to be looking at under 1800 Esprits in the UK at present. That is unless your all driving around untaxed!!!!

Unfortunately there aren't any figures to how many of the 10,765 Esprit stayed in the UK. A high percentage where shipped to the US and some ended up in Europe. So we are unable to work out if this number is realistic or not. But just think of your Esprit as a little rarer than you thought!

This information can also be seen on the production figures page under History.


General Info on Esprit Fuel Tanks
Some general concern about rusting fuel tanks on Esprits. This is the story. Lotus are well aware of the issue of rusting tanks on the Esprit. They have been over their complete stock of all tanks and check every one. All not up to standard have been rejected. Every tank as been waxed to keep them in top condition and give a longer life once fitted. This was done after LEW spoke to Lotus about the problem. Lotus stock tanks for all Esprit models at present.

The problem was an early supplier of Esprit fuel tanks supplying them with a very basic finish which was inconsistent and prone to problems if the vehicle was not used regularly. The supplier was changed and all V8 should have the new spec coating and should have a good life span in an Esprit that is used regularly. Pre V8 Esprits do have issues with them rusting which has only come to light 10 years after they left the factory and from a supplier Lotus no longer use. Very unfortunate for all owners including LEW.

V8s that are currently having problems with rusty tanks are likely to have spent long periods of their lives laid up. This contributes to the rusting of the tank, as condensation can build up on the tank and eat away at the coating if not used regularly. This is mainly a mid-engine problem as the tanks are situated next to the engine bay, which gets hot and causes condensation on the outside of the tank. A regularly driven Esprit V8 shouldn't have any problems with rusting tanks. And by regularly we aren't taking about daily or even weekly.


Esprit Needed for Discovery Channel Series
We have been approached by Claire Bell at AttaBoy TV who have informed us that they are doing a feature called Classic Car Club, a ten-part series for the Discovery Channel all about Classic Cars. It is a magazine-style show, showing various sides of the classic car world, from test drives of modern and future classics to visits to restorers and chats with collectors.

For one part of the filming Attaboy TV require a Lotus Esprit for the Hall of Fame segment. This would involve their presenter, Alex Riley, having a brief test drive in the car (nothing extreme, just sedate road driving for the cameras) and various beauty shots, both static and moving. The Esprit should be pre - Russell Carr facelift, and ideally a Giugiaro.

Therefore, the TV show would like to know whether it would be possible to offer one of Lotus Esprit World users the chance to have their car featured on this programme. They would need to ideally be based in the Cirencester area in Gloucestershire as filming takes place at the Kemble Airfield (Kemble Airfield, Kemble, Nr Cirencester GL7 6BA) and they require the Esprit to be there at 0830 either on Monday 05 September 2005, Tuesday 06 September 2005 or Wednesday 07 September 2005 (the exact day next week is yet to be confirmed) Claire Bell has agreed to be contacted directly if any owners are interested. She needs an answer as soon as possible before Monday. Her contact details are:

E-mail: cbell@attaboytv.com
Tel: 0207 740 3000


South West Lotus Centre Ltd invites you to their OPEN DAY on 24th September 2005 from 10am to 4pm

They be doing special offers on servicing on the day if anyone is interested. They have to be pre-booked. They are also setting up a deal with Toyo tyres to see if they can do some Esprit sizes in the new T1R and 888 semi-silk. SWLC will be doing offers on these tyres on the day if people pre order them.

Large Stock of Wheels & Tyres
Massive Clothing Stock including Lotus Sport
A Selection of Lotus, Used & Commercial Vehicles for Sale
Limited Space for Workshop Services
– please book in advance
Club Lotus – Cornwall & Devon
Friendly Advice & Technical Information

Tinhay Industrial Estate • Lifton • Devon • PL16 0AH
Tel: 01566 784152 • Fax: 01566 784150


Buntingford Classic Event
3rd September 2005
This years Buntingford Classic Event is on Sat 3rd Sept. For the last few years they have had at least a dozen Esprits in the show, the roads in the area are also good fun to drive so its a good excuse for a hoon on the way.

For those of you who have not been before its a car / bike show held in a old historic high street with lots of pubs & places to meet. Usually there is live music & things to keep the kids entertained. There is a good mix of cars from modern supercars through classic to vintage & veteran.

Normally the show is oversubscribed so a lot of people who apply do not get places. Although Alan Tong isn't helping organise it this year, he should still be able to twist a few arms to make sure all Esprit owners get a place. If possible he will try and get the car park area that last year had the James Bond display reserved for us so that we can all park together.

See a previous year here.

You can apply online at www.buntingfordclassic.co.uk


USB-Serial Adaptor
LEW has now released a USB-Serial adaptor for the FreeScan cable sold in LEW's E-Shop, for newer PC's with USB ports and no serial ports. Try and tested with Dell laptop running Windows XP. Simple to setup and and instructions supplied. Adaptor comes with a CD installer disk for windows.

You can now purchase the USB-Serial Adaptor on it's own for those who have already purchased a FreeScan Package. We have also added a new FreeScan Package that includes the USB-Serial Adaptor. So now you don't have to hold on to your old out-dated PC, just because it has a serial port. FreeScan for the future!


10% OFF for

the normal selling price on

products including Castrol RS 10w/60
Lotus recommended for the Esprit

Formula RS 10w/60, Mobil One 15w50, Castrol Taf-x, Castrol Tq dexron II, Castrol Performance brake fluid & Castrol anti freeze



Bell & Colvill's Open Weekend
Those well known Surrey dealers, BELL & COLVILL are celebrating thirty five years at the top, with an Open Weekend on 3rd & 4th September 2005. The main feature of the day will be, of course, driving the latest range of Lotus cars through the Surrey hills, but with so many new customers unaware of past success of the brand, Scott at Bell and Colvill wanted a few older cars present.

On display will be a mint White S1 Esprit, accompanied by a mint White S3 Turbo. These will be rubbing shoulders with a JPS Formula One Car, A JPS Europa Special , Elan 26R Rep, plus a mix of thirty to forty new and used Lotus Elises. A large range of Classic Team Lotus clothing, and memorabilia will be available, and the parts & accessory shop will have extended hours and be open all day Saturday and Sunday.

All Lotus Esprit World users welcome - just let Scott know if you want to pop down for a bite to eat and a parking space. Anybody wishing to book a test drive in a new Exige or Elise, will need to book in advance - places are running out fast. Contact Scott - swalker@bellandcolvillplc.co.uk or call 01483 281000.


News from August 2005

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