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September 2007

Espritism on Break till 2009
Espritism.com are sad to announce a long pause in our business due to an overseas work posting to Japan. Espritism.com will be shutting up shop temporarily in October 2007 and plan to re-open in Spring 2009 upon our return. We would like to thanks all members of the Esprit community for making the last year of business so pleasurable. The best cars in the world are also driven by the most pleasant drivers in the world! We look forward to working with you all again upon our return in 2009.

The business will be closing for postal orders on Friday 5th October 2007. Parts can be collected from Milton Keynes until Sunday 14th October. Effective immediately we will only be sending out parts by Royal Mail, so this limits shipment to 20Kg for UK customers and 2Kg for international customers. Size limits apply in both cases. Sorry, but time is very limited and packing/ courier arrangements are not possible. Postage only available on orders over £50.

See the parts page for Sale items.


LEW on Hols
21st September – 2nd October
We're taking a short break, but will have internet access during this time, so just be aware, that emails might take a couple of days before they are answered.


LEW Misses Lotus Open Day
Feet up in the sun instead
Unfortunately due to booking our holidays many months ago, we won't be making an appearence at the Lotus Open Day on 23rd September. It will be a real shame to miss this event, but we'll be taking a well earnt rest! The LEW/LEF tent will be at the event, so drop in and say hi!

Hopefully we'll still be covering the event, as we normally get email reports and pictures from members attending! So if you take any good pics, don't forget to email them to us.

Enjoy the day!


Welcome to Esprit Performance. This is a dedicated site that concentrates of upgrades and performace parts for the Lotus Esprit. Esprit Performance was started by an Esprit enthusiast who looked into the possibilities of making the Lotus Esprit better by putting your own mark on it and making it individual. Having worked very closely with a well known Lotus specialist, Esprit Performance has developed many upgrade parts for your Esprit. From dump valves and wastegate actuators to clear indicator lens, we should have the right part for you!

visit www.espritperformance.com
email mail@espritperformance.com


South West Lotus Centre & Japimports-uk.com OPEN DAY
Saturday 29th September, 10am to 4pm

• Special Offers on Parts
• Large Stock of Wheels & Tyres
• Massive Clothing Stock including Lotus Sport
• Selection of Lotus & Japanese Import Vehicles for Sale
• Refreshments
• Limited Space for Workshop Services – please book in advance
• Club Lotus – Cornwall & Devon

Call in for friendly advice or technical information

Near the Ambrosia factory
Tel: 01566 784152


Logging into ClubEsprit
Not yet up and running
Work is still going on on the ClubEsprit site, so you will find you can't log-in. To get in to the site, please go to www.clublew.co.uk to log-in. This will work as it has done so before.

We'll sort out the new site address in the meantime and announce the change over once it's ready! Sorry for any inconvience!


ClubLEW joins with LEF to form the 'New' ClubEsprit
Although the Lotus Esprit Forum (LEF) and Lotus Esprit World (LEW) look the same and were set-up for the same reasons, they are run completely separately. Now they are partly jointing forces for the good of the community and the future of the sites and for the benefit of owners.

The new 'Club Esprit' will be an amalgamation of ClubLEW and LEF's 'Forum Supporters'. The reason behind this is that both LEF and LEW offer something different but work very well complimentary to each other so it does make sense to move the two entities closer in support of each other. Together they will form 'ClubEsprit' which will mean that there will no longer be a choice of who you wish to support in the Esprit community, as there is only one entity and a united front is a stronger one. LEF and LEW will be exactly 50/50 on the club and funds will be divided equally with the main bulk of membership fees being re-invested into the community by both of us, for the benefit of you, the members. We hope that members will benefit from all the current 'add-ons' to membership plus plan to organise more events which will be subsidised for club members, offer discounts on other things and generally be able to 'do more' for us all. The more members we have, the more the club can do for members, making owning a Lotus Esprit even more of a pleasure.

Discounts currently offered by each site will be joined into a group of discounts for all owners. LEF discounts will now be for Club Esprit members as since their inception we not had much of a take up on forum supporters. Existing forum supporters who have donated more or the same as Club Esprit membership will be transferred in and those who have donated less will have the option of joining with a top up amount. Bibs will be updating everyone's membership in the next few days.

Current ClubLEW members do not need to do anything. Their membership will continue as is until their renewal.

Members will still need to log-in at www.clublew.co.uk for now!

LEF and LEW will remain as separate sites, however this change means that they will be jointly funded by memberships.
I hope that your continued support will be there and that you understand the reasons why we have done this. Onwards and upwards for LEF/LEW and Club Esprit.


News from August 2007

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