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The articles below have been reproduced by Lotus Esprit World as they were printed. Many have 'errors' in that have not been corrected.

James Bond's Esprit driven
drives the Lotus Esprit Series 1
Telegraph Online, March 2015
Road test
TradeUniqueCars, Aug 2017

Lotus Esprit Concept
Road test
Automobile Quarterly 1973

Lotus Esprit & Eclat
Road test
Motorsport, April 1975

New Spirit at Lotus
Lotus Esprit S1
Autocar, October 1975

Lotus Esprit S1
Road test
Classical Car 1977

Lotus Esprit S1
Road test
Road & Track Magazine 1977

Lotus Esprit S1
Road test
Motor, January 1977

Exclusive Esprit
Lotus Esprit S1 Turbo
Autocar, March 1978
Lotus Esprit S1
Auto Test
Autocar, January 1977

Cutting Wedge
Lotus Esprit S1
ClassicCar Magazine 2000

Esprit: right priorities
Road test
Autosport Lotus Supplement 1977
The Guy who Loves me
Esprit S1 gets a restore
Classics Monthly June 2014
Lotus Esprit S1
Genesis for a High-Spirited Supercar
Hemmings Motor News October 2012

Esprit d'Accord
Esprit S2 JPS
Supercar Classics June 1990

Greatest Decades
Lotus Esprit S1
ClassicCar, Aug 2007
Chapman's Esprit revival
S1 Restoration
Partical Classics, June 2015
Lotus Esprit S2
Road test
Motor, January 1979
Noisy thoroughbred
Road test
Autocar, January 1979

Lotus Esprit S2
Road test
AutoCar Magazine August 1978

The Lotus Esprit S2
Road test
Motorsport Magazine, March 1979
Lotus Esprit S2
Road test
Car, September 1978
Lotus Esprit S3
Road test
Motor, August 1981
Fragile vs Ego
Esprit S2 & BMW M1

Classic Car Magazine August 2004

Lotus Esprit S3
Road test
AutoCar Magazine 1984

Duel of the Decade
Lotus Esprit S3

Car Magazine June 1981

LotusTurbo Esprit HC
Road test
AutoCar Magazine April 1987

Hit and Miss
Lotus Esprit S3 v AC 3000ME

Classic & Sportscar Jan 1986
Duel of the Decade!
Lotus Turbo Esprit v Ferrari 308GTBi
Car Magazine June 1981
Lotus Esprit S3
Road test
Sports Car Monthly, Feb 1986
Lotus Turbo Esprit
Costly, fast and back in the game at last
Road & Track Dec 1983
Lotus Turbo Esprit
Road test
Motor, March 1981
Hammond drives the icons
Lotus Turbo Esprit

Top Gear Magazine April 2013

Essex Turbo Esprit
Road test
AutoCar Magazine 1980

Great British Sports Cars:
Lotus Esprit

Classic Car Magazine May 1996

Essex Turbo Esprit
Road test
Road & Track January 1981

Duel of the Decade!
Turbo Esprit vs Ferrari 308GTBi

Car Magazine June 1981
The Lotus Blossoms
Lotus Esprit Group 5 Racer

CARS Magazine 1979

LotusTurbo Esprit HC
Road test
FastLane Magazine June 1987

Lotus Turbo Esprit
Road test
Car Magazine 1981

The Sensible Supercars
Turbo Esprit v Renault GTA v Porsche 911
Car Magazine: February 1987
The New Performance Elite
Turbo Esprit v Ferrari 308 v Porsche 944 T
Autocar 1986

Lotus Turbo Esprit HC
Road test
Motor, February 1987

Lotus Turbo Esprit
Road test
Autocar, December 1984

Do You Dare?
Featuring Lotus Turbo Esprit
Practical Performance Car, Oct 2006
Rush of Blood
Turbo Esprit HC v Ferrari 328

Classic Car Magazine October 1999
86 Turbo Lotus Today & Tomorrow
Turbo Esprit
Road & Track August 1986

Your first Supercar
Turbo Esprit
Classic Car November 1998

Full throttle, chaps!
£6,000 Supercars
Performance Car July 1995
Cradle to Grave: Lotus Esprit
Esprit S1 & S3
Practical Classic Magazine Dec 2003
Ultimate Showdowns
Turbo Esprit v Ferrari 308
Classic & Sports Car August 2008

Emotive Esprit
Turbo Esprit
Alternative Cars, May 1983

Audi V8 Esprit
Engine conversion
Practical Performance Car, June 2008
Turbo Esprit
Fast Lane June 1984
A hot wind from Hethel...
...blow Maranello no good
Classic and Sportscar , August 2009
Lotus Eater
Turbo Esprit v Ranault GTA
Motor July 1986
Lotus Esprit 76-85
Lotus move up-market
The Car No. 35
Lotus Turbo Esprit
Paragon of the turbocharged
Autocar Magazine May 1981
Genetic Engineering
Turbo Esprit v Exige 240R
Evo Magazine November 2005
Separated at Birth
Esprit S3 & DeLorean DMC-12
Classic Cars April 2011
Turbo Chargers
Turbo Esprit v 911 v BMW
Octane Magazine June 2010
£15k Heaven or Hell?
Affordable Supercars
Classic Cars Magazine Nov 2009
White Tornado
A British Built Supercsar
Autosport Magazine July 1981
Blue Magic
Turbo Esprit Road test
Car Magazine 1980
1983 Lotus Esprit Turbo
Rule, Britannia! (All others stand back.)
November 1983 Issue of Car and Driver
Final Drive
1984 Turbo Esprit
www.autos.ca August 2014
Olympic Swimmer
Modifying the Giugiaro
Classic Motoring, October 2015
Sharp Shooter
Cradle to Grave, S1 and Turbo
Practical Classic, December 2016
81 Turbo Esprit
Get One While You Can Still Afford It...
Petroliciuos, November 2016
The Only Way is...
...Essex. More than a marketing exercise!
Modern Classics, April 2018
White Lighting!
Grand Prix technology on the road
What Car, July 1982
A whole lot of WEDGE
Esprit S1, S2, Turbo, S4, GT3, V8
AbsoluteLotus August 2018
On Bond's Trail
Epic Esprit Adventure
Octane, July 2020
Yin & Yang
Esprit Restomod
AbsoluteLotus September 2021

All Articles above have been reproduced by Lotus Esprit World. No copyright for these Articles is held by Lotus Esprit World.

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