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Year: 1991
Colour: Vulcan Gray Metallic
Interior: Beige Leather
Driving Style: Fast as possible on the track
Miles per year: 2, 000 — 40, 000 km
Owned Since: 26th July 2003
Purchase from: Private person in Hamburg Gemany.With only 56000km (35000miles)
Serviced at: I do all the service and modifications my self
Other Cars: 995 Subaru Impreza STI type RA(275Bhp stock), 1990 Lancia Delta HF Integale
Previous Lotus': None
Why an Esprit: A dream since I first saw it in James Bond.When I became older i wanted to buy a Ferrari, but after trying several I could afford , I became disappointed with the performance(308, 328, 348) compare to a Esprit Turbo....And you get very good performance when you modify the Esprit.
Upgrades: A Lot. – V8 Body appearance, Downforce, Image Rims, Brakes, Suspension, Engine with 400bhp, Interior, Lighter weight 2600Ibs (1180Kg). See more below.
Problems: The car have not been in use the last 5-6 years, oil leak , water leak. After that most of the problem have been related to the modifications I have done.

This how the car looked when I bought it in july 2002

Outside mods: V8 front and side sills, side indicators from Bmw 320 E46, Custom made Billet aluminium rims from Image Wheels 8, 5x17 and 11x18 Light weight roof (3kg) and engine hood(3kg) saved 31kg on this and all the weight is in the top of the car.My plan is to make it even lighter and better appearance in carbon fiber(have got a used vacuum pump for better sandwich construction.) I will like to build flip front and rear but i guess. But the car might go to far from stock then...

Aerodynamic downforce that are working very well. Rear wing profile from glider plane.(I`m used to build remote controlled airplane).
Front splitter with defuser under. Air deflector plates on the side (see track pic) this was working nice but I have to make it nicer, this was only for testing purpose...The car is handling very nice with light understeer in high speed turns, witch is nice so you feel it in the steering wheel before the tails let's go......


Suspension mod: Adj.Gaz shocks, to adjust the dampers vs the traction/surface you are running on. And adjustable, ride height to adjustable. the corner weight and high of the car. All the suspension rubber are replaced with polyurethane bushes.

Inside mods: Sparco Roadster seat. I was sliding out of the stock Leather seats on the track, ..., Sparco racing snap off steering wheel in alcantara for better grip (245/40-17 front wheel and no servo), Unipro Lap-timer, Apexi AV-R Boost controller, Alpine CD.


Gearbox mod: I did put the uniballs on the upper side to get short gearshift but does not help the slow gearshift, gearbox is still very slow to synchronize between gears.

I have measured the upshift with a G-Tech and the fastest i can safely shift from 1st-2nd is 0-55sec my fried with a 1992 MR2 Turbo
Do the same in 0-30 sec. I got problem with the almost new stock clutch when i put on the hybrid Turbo it was slipping below 1.2 bar/3200Rpm, so i put on a new clutch with 30% increased pressure plate from BB sportswagen.

I`m impressed that the gearbox have lasted this season with use of 380-400bhp... I never us the 5th, make normal gearshift and use high RPM.Its the torque that kills the box not HP.And the Esprit with bigger Turbo is putting very high torque between 3500-4500 RPM (even the stock turbo).Make sure to rev it and stay out of the danger zone... I will like to buy the 6speed dogbox internals but I haven't decided yet.

Front Brake upgrade:
320x30mm disk with 4" cooling duct and Wilwood 4pot superlight caliper. I had to make my own brake kit because I could not fine any that fits behind the spokes on my 17" Image rims (i did buy them before i figured out I needed bigger brakes....) The spokes was to far inboard to get a "bolt on" kit to fit.This was a lot of work to solve.


I did make the mounting brackets in aircraft aluminium at a friends works place with a lot of nice tools..

Rear brakes: On a mid engine car its important to have big enough rear brakes to get good braking balance.If the rear brakes are to small the car will be very unstable under hard braking and may be dangerous. I did put on a set of V8 rear calipers with bigger disk 300x26mm. That is working very good.


Brake pads: I have tried several types of pads.Road pad does not work for me at track days.The frictions material separates on the pads. At the moment i use Ferodo DS 3000 Rear and Polymatrix A from Wilwood up front. I wish that i could find Polymatrix to use in the rear also.

They stand incredible high temp.and works ok on the street,medium friction from cold witch the Ferodo dosen't have.
After i got the downforce to work I got problem with my front disk,they are going to hot and I get a lot of small cracks + vibration.
So I have to put on racing disc in front.

May 2007
Here is some of my Engine mods:

• GT30R Turbo with 0,82AR turbine (rated for 500hp+)
• Big air to air IC with a suctions fan
• New and impoved head gasked system.
• 3" free flow exhaust
• Dumpvalve
• Autronic SM4 ECU
• Resticted oil flow to the cam and head.
• Ported head,manifoils,grined valves/seats in 3 angels, all stock flow restrictions is modifyed and made to its best.
• New plenum design whitch has no flow restriction now. stock plenum is very restictive above 400bhp.
• + some other mods I want tell :-)

This engine/engine bay is more for testing purpose. The "bling bling" will come on later or a 600bhp+ V8....

I still have stock internals.Stock piston is good for above 600bhp and the rods is huges (and heavy)but not good for higer rpms.
My main problem was to get the headgasked to last.Solved this partially with a programable ECU SM4 there I can get a perfect timing and air/fuel ratioThis gives much more bhp and are still able to contoll the engine so it last. Ecu is not better than the man who tunes it.

But my main consern now is how much abuse the stock crank can take?? I have 370hp at the rear wheels now with 1,45 bar boost this is probably 420bhp+ at the crank And I have tryed with 1,8 bar for 0-201m (1/8mile) racing.700bhp+ Supras do not folow this car.

Pic of how It was in my engine bay mounting the Autonic SM4. A lot of work to solve all the upcomming problems that came. Also a pic of the new triggers I had to make on the front crank wheel.


Jim helping me with the ECU wiring Ingar`s 86 MR2 with a 92 2,0MR2 turbo engine in it,I have helped him to tune it to 380bhp. And Ingar`s girlfriend Sissel with theyr 98 Elise 111.S And some other friends that help us with the motivations Lol....


My self designed (as everything else on this car) 3" free flow extremly light/short and load exhaust system.


Front Splitter
The front splitter I made is of plywood so it will last longer running on the curbs. Bolted to the V8 front bumper with constuction foam between. But the rear wing was giving me a lot of downforce so I had to put on this ugly side pods to increase downforce at the front. I have a perfect balanse now in higespeed turns above 160kmh or 100mph where you feel it in the steering wheel before the tails let go.


Rear Wing
I did build the rear wing in the same way as I build wing to remote controlled aircrafts,only stonger. The profile is intended for a gliderplane with some mods to it.


More Brakes
My newest brake uppgrade.I hope this will last. Porsche 330x32mm disc with Ferrodo DS3000 Racing pads. Take a good look at the patend cooling system in the disc.


Cockpit pic with Unipro laptimer,G-tech meter,Innovate Wideband lamda for air/fuel tuning,Avc-r electonic boost controller and snap off steering wheel.


I have bought a 6 speed dogbox and a Quaife ATB diff from GTO Racing in England I`m about to finish and put in my Esprit. Which is rated to last 600nm up to 10000 rpm


Gatebil 2004


My car at the biggest car meeting in Skandinavia "Gatebil". They was taking some photos of my Esprit for some magazines with some promotional babes on it.

Other Hobbies
My winter hobbies is running and modifying snowmobiles.
This is a heavy modifyed 05 Ski Doo rev 440 Snow cross with 155bhp 800cc engine.


This is also a Ski Doo 800 but I have put turbo on it and it incredible fast with 240bhp and weights 220kg
1/8mile on snow 6,6 second and 180kmh (112mph) on snow. and this sled is not specially built for dragrace....
It was not so hard to do the mecanical part .But to get it work 100% and last, so its possible to use more than only 1 trip at time,
was incredible much work.800cc 2cyl 2 stroke with turbo.....no place to get rid of all the heat.(this is a piston eater if not tuned 100%right).

So between working and full power its like running on a knife edge.And this is with pressurised carburators like the older Esprit Turbos.


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