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April 2006

Relaunching Soon!
due summer 2006

As some of you may know, Lotus Esprit World will be relaunching ClubLEW soon. There will be major changes and massive improvements to how our club operates. They'll be a 'members only' area of the site, more discounts, membership cards plus a few sweeteners for joining. All current members will need to re-join the club, which as been running for over two years.

We look forward to launching the club and signing up Esprit owners for all the privileges that the membership will bring. As ever, all news will be posted here! So keep an eye out. Not that you'll need to, as we plan to LAUNCH the site, so if you use LEW, you'll know about it.


Esprits for Sale
Lots to choose from

Currently our sales site www.esprit4sale.co.uk has plenty of Esprits up for sale around the UK and a newly added LHD Esprit from Holland. There are some good cars in good condition for great money available. If you are in a position to buy an Esprit, the time has never beeen better. Remeber it is worth travelling to see cars. Esprits are rare and it's worth the effort to see good cars, no matter where they are in the country. Distance should be the last thing to put you off. So if you see something on our site, go see it!


Tyres for the SE's
27th April 2006

Lotus are still investigating the issue of a lack of tyres for the 15" wheels fitted to the SE. Lotus have some front tyres in the original size to test and approve. As we know the original Good Year Eagle is no longer produced. Lotus have some front tyres – Dunlop SP Sport 9000 215/50ZR15 to evaluate. Unfortunately they do not make a matching rear tyre.

Lotus have identified a replacement Good Year that they want to evaluate. They are Good Year Eagle GSC P245/50ZR16. They currently have one at Hethel and are awaiting another. Good Year say that will be available in the next couple of weeks. Lotus expect the Dunlop SP Sport 9000 to be ok for Esprit front (also common to Excel).

We'll keep you updated as information is available. In the meantime, if you're desperate for a set of front tyres, get some Dunlop's.


Club Lotus Trackday @ Castle Combe
27th May 2006

Club Lotus are holding their annual trackday at Castle Combe on 27th May 2006. There are a few track tickets left for the day, but even if you don't want to hit the track with other Loti, it's still a great day out. Every Lotus will have the opportunity to go on the track for the lunch time parade lap. For more information call Club Lotus on +44 (0) 1362 694459 or email the club at alan@clublotus.co.uk

For a idea of the day, see a review on the events in previous years 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002.


Castrol Rebrand RS to EDGE
April 2006
Castrol have stopped producing RS and have a new oil called EDGE Sport. Lotus have just been in contact with Castrol UK Swindon, and spoken to their Technical Department regarding the Castrol Edge Branding, they confirmed that Castrol RS 10w/60 is the same as Castrol Edge 10w/60, there is an insignificant formula change, but is still recommended by Lotus.

Product Features
BMW approved and specified. Only oil to pass BMW ‘M’ series test for engine protection at high temperatures and extreme conditions

Product Benefits
Only oil proven to provide required level of protection for BMW’M’ series engines

Technical Specifications
BMW approval for M series and Z8 models post 2000 API SJ/CF

Available in 1 litre and 4 litre packs

We've just ordered some 'Edge' from Demon Tweeks with the club discount. We'll be using it for an oil change in the near future.


Official Lotus Dealers in the Kent area
Motorway Sports Cars in Canterbury are no longer Dealers. Dutton Forshawtook over from them as Service Repair Dealers, Tel 01227 732233. In early June another Dealer, LIPSCOMB LOTUS, Aylesford near Maidstone will be operational for Sales and Service. There is also a Dealer in Tunbridge Wells, Dream Machine, Heathfield, East Sussex, Tel 01435 868456.


Oxford Meet and Esprit Manuals
The Oxford Meeting has been and gone. The day was a great sucess. You can read more about the day here. One thing that came from the day, was the importants of having a workshop manual. This was highlighted by the Lotus Engineers when talking about heating and air conditioning and just about everything else.

Picture is of old manuals, you'll be buying brand new ones.

With that in mind, we are currently sorting out a 5% discount on all 'New' Esprit Workshop Manuals for Club Members. They will cover from the S1 to the V8 incorporating 4 manuals over the range of models. That gives you no excuses to get yourself a manual for your Esprit. They're worth every penny! Look out for news on the discount in the very near future.



LEW's Oxford Meet – Confirm you're coming
23rd April 2006

We are now taking no more bookings for tomorrow's Oxford meeting. If you haven't booked and turn up, there's a strong chance we will not be able to fit you in. For those who have booked, please make sure you are there FOR 10am with plenty of petrol.


S4S OZ Racing "Futura" 17" mags + tires on Ebay in the US/Canada

Currently there's a set of used but MINT condition set of 4 mags + tires. The tires that come with this package are Potenza S-03. Front tire size are 215/40ZR17 and rear 245/45ZR17. The Oz racing wheels are called Futura and are 17x7 front, 17x8.5 rear. Bolt patter is 5x108. Any other question, please feel free to email right away. More pictures if needed can be taken. Tires have been used for 6500 miles and still a lot of tread left. Only shipped within United States.

OZ Alloy


LEW's Oxford Meet – Confirm you're coming
23rd April 2006

We are expecting a record numbers of people for Sunday's Oxford Meeting at Heythrop Park. For those who've not booked or confirmed they are coming. We do need to know by Friday, especially if you wish to attend the meal the talks. Please email admin@lotusespritworld.com with your name, number of people and year and model of Esprit attending. If we have people just turning up it will cause a few problems.

Some requests for those attending.

1. We need to start the run promptly at 11am. We encourage early arrival, people will be there from before 10am.

2. Make sure you have fuel for at least 1.5 hrs of driving. That means filling up on the M40 services or the Shell garage north of Woodstock on the A44. Or the Peartree services on the A34.


4. Hard copies of the route will be provided on the day, nevertheless it is worth spending a few minutes familarising yourself with the route, sections are common to the runs of previous years. BUT WE THINK IT IS THE BEST YET.

5. Please listen to instructions given by either kato, Dermot, Paul C or Rob Ellis. With as many people as we have coming, everybody needs to know what's happening.

For more information on our meeting place, please to go www.heythroppark.co.uk


ClubLEW and Esprit4Sale.co.uk
Revamp continues

LEW is currently spending a large amount of time on the revamping of both ClubLEW and www.esprit4sale.co.uk. There is a lot of work involved in these two projects and unfortunately it's reducing the amount of updates you normally experience. Hopefully both of these projects will be finished in the next month or so and an improve LEW will resume. Please bare with us during this time.


LEW's Esprit
Work continues

LEW Esprit is currently having some interesting work done on it. We are currently writing the guides up and will have a few more articles to hit the pages of the modification section soon. We'll also be getting one of the first sets of the Lotus suspension in the coming weeks. So keep an eye on the updates page!


LEW's Oxford Meet – A week to go!
23rd April 2006

The first of LEW's regular Oxford Meetings will be held on Sunday 23rd April 2006. Please be at Heythrop Park for 10am. The run will start between 11-11.30am. Back to Heythrop Park for Lunch and then the talks by Lotus afterwards. Please remember to pre-pay (see below for details) to guarantee your place.

For more information on our meeting place, please to go www.heythroppark.co.uk


Single Esprit Alloys on Ebay

Currently there's a Sport 300 alloy and a Sport 350 alloy on ebay. These are rare and difficult to get hold of. These are sets, just single wheels, but you may need one as a spare, or starting to collect them to make a set. Only a few days to go, so get bidding.

Sport 300 Alloy

Sport 350 Alloy


£100 Reward for locating or pointing us in the right direction for Stockscoachworks next project Esprit

Wanted Esprits 1976-2003
We are interested in any Esprit needing work ie Painting, Retrimming, Blown Engine, Accident Damaged, Unfinished Restoration Projects or if anyone is after a quick sale. Top prices paid. Any condition considered. Private buyer.

Mark Waite, Chelmsford, ESSEX.
Tel: 01245-248143  01277653084
email: Stockscoachworks@tiscali.co.uk


£100 Reward for locating or pointing us in the right direction for Stockscoachworks next project Esprit


LEW's Oxford Meet – PRE-PAY to Guarantee your place
23rd April 2006

Due to how popular our Oxford meeting has become we now have to pre-book due to numbers. A place can only 'now' be guaranteed by prepaying as we can only take a small percentage of people paying on the day. So if you want to attend. Please email admin@lotusespritworld.com with your name, no. of people attending and model and year of Esprit. Pre-pay £17.50 per person via paypal (you can go direct by clicking the button below), personal cheque or bank transfer. Details for making payment can be found here.


Your booking cannot be confirmed without all the information. If you have any questions, please feel free to email your query to admin@lotusespritworld.com. You should get email confirmation of your booking within a couple of days.

Let's make this a good one!


Is this the New Lotus Esprit
Car Magazine think so, or do they?

This months edition of Car Magazine features the 'New' Lotus Esprit on the front cover and a 6 page spread inside. It pictures a yellow car with lotus badges (see above). Once you read the article, it says very little about the car we don't already know. They say the 'design has been signed off' but don't say it's what you see. The engines rumoured to be a BMW V8 and that it uses the VVA platform. This 6 page article is just repeating what was written in February 2004 (see here)!

Will be interesting to see what the new Esprit does look like when it's released (we hear) in Feb 2008. If in fact it is called the Esprit. Here at LEW, we'll get the info straight from Lotus as soon as it's available. We won't be trying to second guess what they are doing behind closed doors at Hethel.

We'll be publishing this article in full early next week. So we can look back in 2008 and see how close CAR are to the real new Lotus supercar.


New Dealer for Part Orders!
From someone we know!

Justin Mcaulay (of Dump Valve Fame) has been working at Lotus Dealer (and TVR) Peninsula for 3 years in service and helping out with parts. He has just completed with Chris his co-worker a complete stock take and re-shelfing of all their stock. Although they do not hold vast amounts of Esprit parts with the link to the factory they can get all parts over night if needed.

Stock orders go in on Mondays and come in on Wednesday morning. Just to confirm they are a LOTUS + TVR DEALER.

ClubLEW will be sorting out some great deals with Peninsula for it's relaunch in the summer. So watch out for that!

They have a web site but its not that good at the minute, but Justin is working on it to make it better.



Lotus' Spring & Damper Programme
Update from Hethel
The Esprit Damper Project development phase is complete. The prime object of the exercise was to find a new source of dampers to replace the obsolete components from the original supplier. The manufacturing plant that produced the damper components is no longer in operation.

A new supplier (Bilstein) was found and they agreed to a programme to produce a range of dampers to suit the Esprit. It was decided to take the opportunity to evaluate all the Esprit variants and revise the damper settings to produce a slightly 'sportier' feel to the car (following consultation with vehicle owners).

Looking back over the currently specified components there was over 20 front dampers and 20 rear dampers specified, most of which had been superseded over time and now all obsolete. On the Springs there was over 30 front springs and 20 rear springs released many of which were obsolete or superseded.

It was decided to retain the currently specified spring rates but specify new springs to a more up to date material specification. To evaluate and revise the Spring rates would require a much more comprehensive (longer and more expensive) development programme that was considered unnecessary. The new Dampers and Springs are being manufactured at the moment and we expect delivery at any time.

On delivery the necessary quality checks will be carried out to ensure the components are to the agreed specification. All the variants of the components will also be checked on vehicles to ensure parts are performing as per the development units. The parts will then be released to the Aftersales Group for distribution to the Dealer Network.

Lotus will not be releasing the technical specifications of the new components (which is no different to current practice). This information would allow a third party to reproduce the component characteristics with no development costs. Lotus Cars has invested tens of thousands of pounds in this exercise so the information is extremely valuable.

The change in vehicle damper specifications has been developed and specified by the Lotus Ride & Handling Engineers who decided on what revisions were considered necessary to produce the desired vehicle characteristics. This development exercise was to produce a new 'Road' specification and not a specific track / handling package. These components are to replace obsolete production components so need to satisfy the needs of all Esprit owners. No changes have been made to the Anti Roll Bar or Suspension Bushes. No Suspension Geometry or Tyre Pressure changes have been made – they remain as per the Lotus Service Book specifications.

We were very lucky to get the opportunity to have a chance to revise the damper settings. The simplest and cheapest option would have been to reproduce the current tested and approved damper settings. We must remember that the vehicle has been out of production for over two years - not many manufacturers do development exercises on out of production vehicles.


Esprit Engineering has moved
Just down the road to 21 Parkers Close, Downton Business Centre, Downton, Wiltshire SP5 3RB. Unfortunately, the telephone company (mentioning no names) has failed to transfer the business line on time and therefore we would like to let everyone know that they can still contact us on our mobile on 07973 404930. We hope to have the telephone lines in by Friday but in the meantime please do call on the mobile.

During our move we have realized that we have a surplus of brand new Esprit Steering Racks so are offering these at a greatly reduced price of £155 + VAT.




LEW's Oxford Meet – Club Lotus Confirm
23rd April 2006

The first of LEW's regular Oxford Meetings will be held on Sunday 23rd April 2006. We now have Alan Morgan, who's in charge of ClubLotus confirmed as a special guest. Alan will say a few words about what ClubLotus are up to. We then have Derek Bell speaking on the gearbox upgrade and then the Lotus Engineers, telling us what's going at Hethel. Should be a good day.

To book your place at the Oxford Meeting, please pay via paypal (you can go direct by clicking the button below), personal cheque or bank transfer. Details for making payment can be found here.


Please supply your full name, contact number and Esprit year and model when you book your place. If you have any questions, please feel free to email your query to admin@lotusespritworld.com. You should get email confirmation of your booking within a couple of days.

Let's make this a good one!


LEW takes 1/2 million hits
LEW's hit counter rolled over passed the half million mark over the weekend. This number is hits to the home page only!.



Read more about the programme here.


News from March 2006

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