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March 2006

Esprit needed for TV Show
White Lotus Esprit S1

We are currently producing the second series of the Used Car Roadshow for ITV’s Men & Motors channel and we are looking for a specific Lotus for one of the strands to our show.

Teenage Kicks is mainly about cars that we used to love when we were teenagers (and still do now) but we couldn’t afford to buy one of them at the time. Our presenter, Jason Dawe, takes a trip down memory lane, whilst reminiscing about cars he used to love as a teenage boy, by bringing his Teenage Kicks onto the show.

I have just been given a list of possible cars by our Producer and one of the cars in question is a Lotus Esprit S1 (in white preferably). So I am looking to source a Lotus Esprit and hopefully feature it on one of our shows.

If you have an Esprit S1 and are interested in having it used on the TV show please contact Marc Lis.

Kind regards,

Marc Lis
Senior Researcher
The Used Car Roadshow

Daisybeck Productions
248 Meanwood Road
Leeds LS7 2HZ
T: 0113 262 3342
M: 07966 061355


Merrits Open Day
1st April 2006 9am-5pm

More info to follow soon.


Esprit 4 Sale Make-over
LEW's Sale website www.esprit4sale.co.uk is currently undergoing a make-over. The site was originally set up due to bandwidth issues and we now intend to bring it up to the standard of Lotus Esprit World. This will include a major revamp of it's home page and most importantly the E-Shop. We are constantly adding third-party sellers to the shop and along with our own items, the shop isn't as well presented as we'd like. In the short-term there won't be much difference to the Used Car Centre, Parts and Wanted pages. Long-term we hope to made improvements on these pages too.


Show & Shine @ HMS Victory
In conjunction with Hampshire Club Lotus, your Esprit could be displayed infront of HMS Victory on Sunday 7th May 2006. Your Lotus at this fantasic location costs just £6 per car(Including Tea or Coffee on Arrival). Professional photographer attending. Informal get together & chat as with every Lotus event. Take a tour aboard HMS Victory, HMS Warrior & see the Mary Rose (all at an additional charge on the day). Also a Licensed restaurant / café for human fuel.

Cars must arrive before 10am & will be unable to leave until 4pm.
Numbers limited. (First to reply & forward payment will guarantee space.)

To register an interest in this event email: Andrew@andrewrothwell.co.uk


V8 Tyres Cheap at SWLC
New V8 Michelin Pilot tyres at £80.00+VAT for the fronts and £100+VAT for the rears. Don't expect a further ClubLEW discount at these prices.


Lotus Dealer Sign For Sale

From a local Isle of Man Lotus dealer, Westminster Motors, closed down. Seller managed to get hold of the sign then. It's about 3 feet in diameter, and weighs in at about 16 kilos, so it's pretty heavy. It's main construction is aluminium with a plastic lotus logo. It has three flourescent tubes inside it that worked the last time it was plugged in. They're standard tubes though, so you could get new tubes no problem if need be. Seller's not switched it on for months.
He's had it on the inside wall of his garage at his old house, but now moved somewhere with a lower roof, so he can't really put it anywhere and it seems a shame for it to just sit in the shed or something when it would be much better off displayed somewhere.
It was fitted outside at the dealership, so you could put it inside or outside as it's totally weather proof. As for a value.. No idea! That's why I'm putting it on as an auction.
It's about 16 kilos in weight, so by the time it's packed expect it'll be about 18 kilos to ship. Would suggest outside the UK would be too expensive for shipping, but if someone really wants it from abroad then fair enough, but please get a quote for shipping before bidding.
Can verify the history of this item as well, as faxed Lotus originally to ask for the sign when the dealer closed down, so you can rest assured it's not stolen.
Good luck on this most unique item!



Club Lotus Charity Event for Children in Need
Sunday July 2nd 2006 @ Cadwell Park

As part of ClubLotus 50th Anniversary celebrations, ClubLous is organising a major fund raising event for Children in Need. The charity attempt will take place during the lunch break at the CSCC race meeting on Sunday 2nd July at Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire.

They will be attempting to fill the whole of Cadwell Park race circuit with Lotus cars driving nose to tail. To do this we estimate that we will ned around 500/550 Lotus'. If we can achieve this number as establishing a new record for the Guinness Book of Records.

Special half price circuit entry of £5 has been arranged with MotorsportVision so you can spend the day watching some great racing as well as having fun helping a very worthy cause.

All participants are asked to guarantee to raise at least £10 sponsorship each. There will be a prize for whoever raises the most money.

Signing-on will be at 9am on the day and all prospective participants are asked to register as soon as possible with ClubLotus on 01362 694459/691144.


Anglesey Track Day
22nd April 2005
Track day at Anglesey on Saturday 22nd April organised by Lotus enthusiasts. We’re trying to encourage novices and ladies but all levels welcome! Format: 3 x 20-minute sessions per hour, six hours track time 10am-1pm, 2-5pm. Aiming to have all lady/all Lotus sessions, depending on bookings.

from 8.45am, briefing at 9.30am
Featuring Dave Minter available for one-on-one driving instruction at £20 per half-hour session. Two additional senior ARDS instructors available. An Elise available for self-drive hire at £85 per session. Passenger hot laps in an Elise for £30.

Demo laps with Dave Minter in an Exige supplied by Lotus Cars

Spectators welcome!

Informal social evening at a local hostelry where you can pick Dave’s brain about Lotus, the Elise concept and car control. Fun awards, prizes for best tryer etc. B+B, hotel information available. Including buffet lunch and light refreshments .

Price per car: £120

For more details or to book please contact Zoë on zoekafel@aol.com or 07774 446145


Well Donington came and went and we had a great time this year. We spoke to many of the specialist at the show about working more closely with them, which will benefit LEW and it's users. Checked out some interested stuff that will be hitting the site soon and of course met plenty of Esprit owner, with and without their cars.

We'll have a report from the show on the site shortly, including plenty of pics. We'll also be updating the site with some of the info gained from the weekend, including a review of the 'Official Story' book that was launched at the show (and sold out on Saturday) and a monster brakes kit that PNM will be releasing soon.

There's lots to come, so keep an eye on LEW, as it's going to be a busy year!


Donington this Weekend
Don't forget the ClubLotus Show at Donington this weekend. LEW will be there on Sunday. We'll be doing our Club picture at midday, so if you want to meet up and get your face in the picture, we'll be getting together at LEW's Black Esprit SE, which will be in the carpark with LEW numberplates on. Hope to see you all there.


Competition Winners
LEW's competition with Lotus was closed at the weekend. Two winner were picked and their details will be passed on to Lotus so their prize can be sent out.

Winner of the most creative answer
Mick Hull with "Its a Tiff Needell (fifth gear) warning device"

We felt this was original and current. After all, all Esprits need to be warned when Tiff's about. Otherwise, broken gearboxes, duct tape and the inabilitly to reach standard Top Speed follow.

We had plenty of James Bond references, GPS, Missile and even a piggy bank.

Winner of first accurate answer
Paul Averill with "Device to prevent people from riding or getting trapped in the front boot when the hood is closed"

The correct answer was the ABS dome is bonded to the underside of bonnet to prevent closing if a 3 year old child dummy is placed in the spare wheel compartment, simple but an effective way to be exempt from the regulation.

Lotus comply with the regulation for the rear trunk space.

The Regulation;

S1. Purpose and scope.
This standard establishes the requirement for providing a trunk release mechanism that makes it possible for a person trapped inside the trunk compartment of a passenger car to escape from the compartment.

S2. Application.
This standard applies to passenger cars that have a trunk compartment. This standard does not apply to passenger cars with a back door.

S3. Definitions.
Trunk compartment (a) means a space that:
(1) Is intended to be used for carrying luggage or cargo.
(4) Is large enough so that the three-year-old child dummy described in subpart C of Part 572 can be placed inside the trunk compartment, and the trunk lid can be closed and latched with all removable equipment furnished by the passenger car manufacturer stowed in accordance with label(s) on the passenger car or information in the passenger car owner's manual, or, if no information is provided, as located when the passenger car is delivered.

Both Mick and Paul will receive a parts or service manual of their choice. Thanks to everyone else who entered and to Lotus for providing the question, answer and prizes.

The answer could be found on LEW, as you'd expect! See here for the page with the answer to the competition!


The CG-Lock just earned the equivalent of the “Good Housekeeping” seal in the US. Read more about it on LEW here.


Esprit Market
LEW has heard of a few Esprits and Esprit parts that may shortly hit the market. Keep an eye if you're after something special, as it may be hitting the market shortly.


Competition Closing
LEW competition in conjunction with Lotus will end at midnight on Sunday. You have until then to email your answers in. Winners will received either a Service Manual or Parts List from Lotus for their requested model. Surely a price worth winning. Details of the competition are further down this page. Good luck and look here early next week for the winners.


Exclusive Interview
LEW will be interviewing Jeremy Walton before the launch of his new book, Esprit The Official Story at the Donington Lotus Show later this month. Look out for this coming soon.


LEW @ Donington
LEW will be at Donington on Sunday 19th March. If you've not been before, see our guides from previous years at the bottom of the Otherstuff page. We plan to meet everybody at 12pm at LEW's Esprit (Black SE with LEW plates) in the carpark. You'll be able to put names to faces, meet other LEW regulars and get your face in our annual group photo, which was printed in last year was printed in the club lotus magazine.

We look forward to seeing your there!


Gearshift Improvement Kit
Lotus Bits.com have released there gearshift improvement kit this week. The Esprit is well known for it's poor gearshift, but is shouldn't be. If well looked after and parts replaced when needed, the Esprit gearshift is 'sweet as a nut'. Lotus Bits kit will help you towards the gearshift you've only dreamt about. Read more here.


New Exhaust for LEW's Esprit
LEW will be checking out Hangar 111's expertise at making custom exhaust for Esprits in April. We'll also be checking out what else they have to offer!


New Revised Lotus Esprit V8 Exhaust
March 2006
Lotus have improved the quality and finish of the V8 exhaust muffler, the cost is the same as the original at £562.12 + VAT. You can order this at your local Lotus Dealer. Make sure you get the new improved version when ordering. New part number to follow soon.


Freecan Offers @ Donnington
LEW will be offering Feescan Manuals, Serial-ALDL interface cables and ALDL compatible Serial-USB adaptors in the popular package at reduced prices on Sunday 18th at Donningon Lotus Show.

Purchasers will get a 5% discount + save on the postage and packing.

FreeScan Package: £90
USB FreeScan Package: £135

Dermot O'Hare, our resident FreeScan Expert, has offered to give a tutorial on the use of the software and demonstrate your purchase on your own Esprit to all buyers who take advantage of this discount offer. We have limited stocks so potential buyers email admin@lotusespritworld.com to pre-pay or pre-book.

See our FreeScan page here and see the packages in our E-Shop.


LEW is proud to official announce the launching of the Esprit GT1 site. This site has been around for a while, but has been a bit of a work in progress. Finally it's in a position to be launched officially. This website covers Lotus's campaigning the Esprit V8 in GT racing in the mid-ninties. Spending £10 miilion on 3 V8 GT1 cars to compete in the GT Championships in 1996 with mixed fortunes.

This site also follows the project of turning a 1999 Lotus Esprit Sport 350 into a running replica of the mighty V8 GT1. A great site for seeing the extremes of the Esprit. From a racer produced by members of the ex-Lotus F1 team, to an owner creating an extreme road going version. Worth a look.


LEW in Nuts
Rumor has it (updated: see above) that LEW is mention in Lads magazine, NUTS this week. The an article on supercars which includes the Esprit, LEW is mention as a website to visit. We had a quick look and couldn't find it, but it is hard to get pass the amount of breast on show! If anybody's seen it, please scan it and send it to us!


Lotus Cars & LEW Competition – LAST WEEK
The competition is still running and the winners announce shortly. So if you haven't entered, there's still time.

Competition Details
To end a great 2005 for the Esprit, for both Lotus Cars and Lotus Esprit World, we are running a little competition in conjunction with Lotus. The winners will receive a prize from Lotus of either, parts or repair manual (to be decided by Lotus Cars Ltd).

To win just give us the best answer for what the object is under the hood of the US V8 above.

A prize will be given out for the most accurate answer and one for the most creative answer!

The winning entry will be judged by LEW & Lotus Cars.

To enter just send an email with the title Esprit Competition to admin@lotusespritworld.com. Supply your answer in no more than 20 words. Also include your name, postal address and contact email. You will be emailed back to confirm your entry.

The winner will be announced here when we feel like it ;-) (mostly likely the first week of the new year)

We will also confirm the actual propose of the part once the competition closes.

LEW's decision is final


News from February 2006

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