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February 2006

1986 Birmingham Motor Show
Does anyone have any pictures of the Esprit at the 1986 Motor Show held in Birmingham? We are after anything anyone has from this show. If you have pictures, please send them to us, we can scan them and send them back to you.


LEF Back to Normal
The forum has kicked out the hackers and been locked down. So hopefully our chat will not be interrupted again.


LEF is Hacked
On Sunday evening (19th) the Lotus Esprit Forum was hacked by turkish hackers calling themselves Digital Group. Hopefully this will be sorted out soon and we can continue as normal.

You can still get in by going here:



2006 Britballrun PRESS RELEASE
Driving can still be a pleasure – The ultimate UK Road Trip is about to embark. Britballrun 2006 is the only event of its kind on British soil, it is open to any vehicle type and fully authorised by the relevant bodies (MSA & RSAC) It is a trial of navigation, forward planning, decision making and a test of your ability to drive, covering approx 1000 miles around Great Britain over four days period, 25th, 26th, 26th & 27th August, Bank Holiday. IT IS NOT A RACE OR TIMED.

The route will not be disclosed. Participants are free to drive whatever route they think is optimal to get to the next compulsory control/endpoint. The exact route and details of destinations will only be issued upon arrival at each control point.

The total price of the event is £795 per car entered, this includes accommodation and all meals during the run for both Driver and Navigator (to clarify, this works out at £397.5 each). To secure your place, simply request an application pack via our website and return completed to us ASAP with a deposit of £200. Note: Every penny of the entrance fee is put into the event and not our pockets!

Britballrun also supports Children in Need and Entrants are encouraged to seek sponsorship and donations. Almost £3000 was raised for charity last year and we hope to double that this year.

For more information on the event visit www.britballrun.co.uk - 2005 DVD trailer now available.

Thanks for your Support,


NEW website for UN1 Gearbox Upgrade
A new dedicated website has been set-up for Derek Bell's UN1 gearbox upgrade. www.un1.co.uk should be able to fill you in on everything you need to know about the upgrade that been developed to fit the Esprit. Derek will be doing a short talk at the forth coming Oxford Meeting about the upgrade. See LEW's gearbox page here.



Esprit Book Launched in March
Jeremy Walton's new book, Lotus Esprit: The Official Story is being launched by Coterie Press in March. A follow up to the very successful 'The Complete Story' that told the story of the Esprit up to the early 90's, The Official Story covers the Esprits life from show car to the last of the V8's.

LEW will be doing a review of the book once we have received a copy. In the meantime, you can read the press release information and pricing here. The book will be available for purchase at Donington in March and we are working at making it available through LEW's E-shop for online ordering.


LEW Five today!
Lotus Esprit World is five years old today. The site was first published on Valentines Day in 2001. The site looked very different back then and wasn't actually called Lotus Esprit World. Those who remember back then will recall the lovely green and yellow scheme! Still even back then we had plenty of content and only the EspritFactFile was a better read.

Five years on and the site has gone from strength to strength. It was originally set-up to supply correct and accurate information to those looking on the web for information about the Esprit before looking to buy. As a buyer back then, you really were on your own. LEW now gives buyers everything they need to confidently start looking for an Esprit to purchase.

Not only that, but we now support owners once they have purchased an Esprit. Giving info on running, insuring, modifying and fixing.
We also help by supplying discounts for our club members, which include tyres, parts, oil, insurance and much more. Linking in with the Esprit Forum, owners now have a place to chat, make owning and running an Esprit a thousand times easier than 5 years ago. The Esprit community has grown to be one of the strongest of any model of car. Those who are new to the Esprit, probably don't fully appreciate how easy their ownership is compared to a few years back.

Finally after five years on the web, we would like to thank everyone who has ever contacted us, supplied information, been on one of our runs or purchased anything from our site. Without you the site wouldn't be half of what it is now.


Warning for those Selling through LEW!!!!
As the internet gets bigger, more people are using it to rip people off. This site as been targeted by some low lifes who are just trying to steal from you. The most important thing is to make sure any transaction is real. Please check all bankers drafts with the issuing bank as an old scam is the fake ones are cleared by your bank, you release the car and then it's found and the funds are withdrawn. Do not except any over payments via bankers drafts or cheques, as this is part of the same scam. We have also heard of a buyer in Northern Ireland who is making a unrealistic demands on sellers and wasting their time. We don't advise you deal with this man. Please be careful and feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about a buyer for advice.


Calendars Reduced to Clear
Due to fairly poor sales of the Lotus Esprit World Official Calendar 2006, we are reducing the price to try and clear stock. The A3 Wall calendar has been reduced to £10 + p&p and the package, which contains an A3 Calendar and a Desktop Calendar has been reduced to £16 + p&p. Got to the E-Shop to order.

As the calendar is the main income every year for LEW and sales were poor this year, we are looking into revamping ClubLEW, possibly increasing the joining free (currently £1) and including a calendar package into the membership. We currently have over 300 members enjoying discounts on Esprit related items. By revamping, we'd expect to lose most of those, but the increased income this would bring, plus no wastage of calendars would ensure LEW's continued presents on the web. The Lotus Esprit Forum will also be involved. We are also looking at having a members only area on the site, which would include all the discounts plus more stuff for those who have joined. We'd also be looking at getting more companies involved providing more advantages to being a member. More news on this will appear here once we decide on the details.


Gearbox Upgrade Talk!
A Talk on the Esprit Gearbox upgrade (supported by Lotus) has been added to the Oxford Meeting on 23rd April. Derek Bell will give a short talk on the upgrade and for those of you who have spoken to Derek or heard him speak at a previous Oxford Meet, he'll be going over the improvement that have been made to the kit recently. This is a very important upgrade for our community, as there are no more original gearboxes left. Also any increases in power on the V8 require this upgrade due to the extra torque.

You can read more about the gearbox upgrade here and book your place at the Oxford Meeting below.


Cheap V8 Tyres on Offer in Essex
Company in Essex www.super-tyres.co.uk are doing dunlop SP8000 for £148 fitted and balance or Pirelli PZero Rosso for £159 fitted, they have limited stock and you need to ask for Norman. This is a very cheap price for anyone who need 285/35/18 rears even ordering online the tyres alone cost over £200 so people need to get in quick.

Thanks to Paul Webber for this tip.


Pricing on New V8 dampers
We have now got some Retail Prices for the new Bilstein Dampers. The V8 Dampers are going to Retail at £247.50 + vat per pair (Front & Rear). This compares with the Current V8 / S4 / S4s Damper Retail Prices of about £ 150 + vat each for Fronts & £100 + vat each for Rears. For the Sport 350 the current Retail Price is about £385 + vat each for Fronts & Rears.

As a simple comparison :-
The new Retail Price of about £250 per pair compares favourably with the Current Dampers.

Current Damper (V8 / S4 / S4s) about £500 per car set
Current Damper S350 about £1540 per car set
New Bilstein Damper about £500 per car set

These are not yet available to purchase, this is just a release of the price of the V8 dampers only. More information will appear here as we get it and we will announce when it's available to order. As fair as price goes, it's looking like Lotus have taken note to what owners are after and are willing to pay. Bilstein Dampers at this price, with specs by Lotus Engineers! We must be dreaming.

Read more about the programme here.


News from January 2006

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