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April 2008

Wheeler Dealers!
Esprit for Sale
As part of our classic car series Wheeler Dealers we have just completed restoration of our 1983 Lotus Esprit S3. It's a Blue 2.2, very good condition, clean original car.

Each programme ends with us selling the project vehicle and we're now looking for buyers for the Lotus. We would be really grateful if you could let all your members know we have this vehicle for sale this Wednesday (30th April) and we'd love for some interested people to come and take a look at it and hopefully make an offer on it. We can pay travel expenses for anyone who comes to take a look.

We are filming this Wednesday in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, just outside London. Just to point out they will be filmed and may appear on Wheelers Dealers on Discovery Channel.

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Anyone can get in touch about the car on this email address (wheelerdealers5@hotmail.com) or on 020 7740 3000.


Club Lotus Midlands Meet!
New meet for Lotus owners
new Lotus Club Meet is starting up on May 6th Tues at the Fountain Inn 169 Beacon Street Lichfield WS13 7BG. Starts at approx 8pm.
Will be held on the First Tuesday of every month. Would be great to see any Lotus owners there or anyone that appreciates the marque.

email Teamchapman@aol.com for more info


Charity Auction for Britball Run 08 !
Team Killer Viral winners of last years Britballrun have kindly donated their prize entry to the 2008 run, to Rose Buddies Auctions to help raise further funds for the Rose McGill Tribute Fund. This is a charity auction. All proceeds will be donated to Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology in memory of Rose McGill. By showing your support for the Oncology Centre, Ebay.co.uk will match your donation pound for pound.

Click on the link for more details Charity Auction here

Auction ends 27-Apr-08 19:00:00 BST


By Rob C
The Brief ...Could I create and build another "Big Boys Toy" ...It was 1989 that I built my first V8 powered Lotus Elite and I've had V8 lotus cars, ever since.

The project has taken well over two years to create, and would not have happened with out my very good friend Jim, he's a gem on the Lathe/ Mill. Also Johan in Denver who is my good pal and mentor. So basically ..Lotus Engine 918 V8. 3.5ltr ..but with Forged Piston's ...Plus etc !!!.. to take a lot of boost pressure. Twin Inter Coolers with a GTO Six speed dog Gearbox...Paddle clutch. Hybrid Turbo's..thanks to Mike S. The interior has had to be updated lots of changes.

So come along to Castle Combe on "Club Lotus Day" May 24th and enjoy the day, great fun on and off the circuit...

ALL our Esprit's will be parked all along the fence in front of the track with my car and Jon's V8 1046kg Race Car on show, We will be out on track at Lunch time.

Hopefully my engine will be run in by then.


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