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August 2006

LEW G-Esprit goes up for Sale :-(
Unfortunately LEW's finances won't stretch to run two Esprits. With some major work currently being carried out on our SE, we are unable to afford the upkeep of two cars. Originally we wanted to let the SE go and keep the G. But to leave such an original Esprit in our hands wouldn't be right. We'd be better with an Esprit that needed some work and didn't have the history of this car. It's better to put an original G in the hands of an owner and maybe in the future take a G that needs some TLC and give that a proper LEW going over.

So our G is up for sale. We believe its a great buy as we've done plenty of work on it already! In fact we think it's such a good example we want a buy-back cause. So if the owner wishes to sell in the future, we can get the first chance to have it back. Maybe wishful thinking, but we'd hate the thought of missing out if we could take it back in the future.

So if you're an Esprit fan and want a special Esprit. Now's your chance.

1984 Lotus Turbo Esprit
In White with red trim in the same style as the Esprit in James Bonds, 'For Your Eyes Only' Red half leather interior in stunning condition for year. full Lotus Service history plus many bills. only 51,000 miles, 10 mths MoT, See LEW's Owners page here.

Unfortunately LEW is unable to run two Esprits and one had to go. We decide to put an original classic back on the market for one lucky owner. We're done all the hard work. Recent C-Service and Belt change. Brakes recon'd all round with greenstuff pads, gearchange serviced. Brand new radiator. Part worn original sized tyres. New clutch fitted in 2004 which included braided clutch hose and new master and slave cylinders. This Esprit drives beautiful and we will miss it dearly. Buy-back clause as part of the deal.

This Esprit is ready to go with major work already carried out, it should provide the next owner with a couple of cheap years of Esprit ownership. We'll also throw in a couple of years ClubLEW membership to help out. £10,950

kato, Bedford, UK
Tel: 078184 11013
email: admin@lotusespritworld.com

Esprit wins the Britballrun 2006!
This weekend Adrian Heath & Jim Moyes in a 1997 GT3 won the 2006 Britball Run. Their Chrome Orange car was done up as a Bond car with gadgets including a rear mounted watercannon, orange smoke emitters, and fake machine guns at the front, they were dressed in tuxes
The event was run over threee days starting in Sterling in Scotland on Saturday morning, driving and navigation skills were tested to the limit. The route took them through Avimore, Inverness, Loch Ness, Glencoe, Loch Lomond, Glasgow, Dumfriss, Blackpool, then into Wales, Worcester, Birmingham, and finally finishing yesterday at the Gaydon Motor Heritage centre.
The winning team was the one that completed the shortest distance and completed the most challenges on route. Successful challenges equalled miles off their total.
Ade and Jim beat last years winners into second place by just 15 miles. Another Esprit, an S4 owned by fellow LEW members Gary Hodeges and His Girlfriend Mary also finished high up the rankings, but I'm sure the high point of the weekend for them was when Gary proposed to Mary at Glencoe. I m happy to report she said yes.
Both Esprits completed the gruelling course without incident or machanical troubles. Who said Lotus's are unreliable.
Look out for more news on Britball 2007. If you enjoy driving, and if you own an Esprit why wouldn't you. Then why not enter it would be great to see even more Esprits on the startline next year.
Club Lotus Parts Fair
Sunday 12th November @ Stoneleigh Park, nr Coventry

Established for many years, Club Lotus' popular Autumn Parts Fair is the place to buy anything and everything Lotus, from spares and accessories to cars and memorabilia.
See last years show here.
Britballrun Raising Money!
by Garry Hodges

Thanks for the coverage on the site, here’s a few more from the Galleries shopping centre. We raised £515.19 in silver & coppers so that takes us just over £1,000 in total. A good day!
Britballrun Starts soon!
by Garry Hodges

Last year we did the Ghostbusters, this year it’s a Yellow Cab, Britballrun starts in a few days’ time & runs over August bank holiday. Only 1,000 miles this year & if last year was anything to go by its one of the best fun weekends of the year.

We are dressing as escaped convicts & raising money for Muscular Dystrophy, we are in the Galleries shopping center in Bristol with an exhibition stand & the car on Wednesday 23rd just raising awareness & money for the event so if anyone is about please pop on down & give us your change.

Hope you like the pics & give us a flash if you see us about…
Lotus' Spring & Damper Programme Update
Lotus have finally taken delivery of most of the springs and dampers from Blisten and Eibach for the different models and have been fitted to Lotus's Turbo Esprit and will be assessed next week by ride and handling. The V8 is next and then client cars, which
they expect to turn round in 2 days per car. Once all the vehicles have been fitted and checked, the suspension will be available from your local Lotus Dealer (give or take some paperwork!). As you can see from above, the dampers are looking a lot better than the previous dampers. Of course they'll also perform much better too!
As soon as more information is available, you'll hear it here first. LEW's Esprit will be fitted soon with the suspension, so we'll also be able to give you a review of the quality and performance. This is an important launch for Esprit owners, as with the Esprit out of production, you wouldn't expect new updated component from the manufacturer. If we support this project, we may be lucky enough to get more components made for our cars.
Read more about the programme here and see the new suspension fitted to a 1986 Turbo Esprit, lowered 12.5mm.
Esprit Engineering have Moved
Esprit Engineering has now moved into it’s new larger offices at the Downton Business Centre and have a new offer awaiting Esprit owners.The Esprit Turbo G Car Coolant Header Tank is now available at £175.00. To view this impressive piece of fabrication please go to www.espritengineering.co.uk. Esprit Engineering look forward to hearing from you about this or any other requirements you have for your Lotus cars.

Esprit Engineering
Esprit catches Fire!
Information from Lotus

Just to remind everyone that the Esprit Maintenance Schedule calls up for regular checks on the fuel system including the fuel lines. In this case – Cars 1980 – 1987 the Schedule states (under Engine) – 'Inspect fuel system cap, tank, lines and connections' at B & C Service Intervals (every 12,500 miles)
We believe this is very important. Any sign of degradation and any fuel hoses should be changed. Any vehicle that is 20 years old needs the fuel system checked very carefully.
Lotus Esprit: the name's official (sort of)
Pistonheads, Friday 4th August 2006
Hethel boss slips out naming decision Lotus Esprit - the old one!
Lotus' third, high-end performance model will be called the Esprit, according to Lotus boss Mike Kimberley during an exclusive interview for PistonHeads.
The Hethel-based hasn't officially announced the name of the old Esprit's replacement yet even although everyone outside the company's been calling it the Esprit. But Kimberley let it slip during the fascinating interview, which we'll be publishing in full soon.
Kimberley said: "For Lotus to be successful we need a three model line-up and the jewel in the crown is the Esprit; it always was." PistonHeads' interviewer noted that the PR man cringed and reminded Kimberley that what he meant to say was 'the mid-engined sports car', as no decision has officially been made about the name yet.
Kimberley also defended Lotus' decision to produce the Europa. "Some people are criticising the Europa but the fact is that there are a lot of people out there who want a sports car they can drive every day – to not do the Europa would be to deny Lotus access to a market five times bigger than the one we're currently in."

News from July 2006

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