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July 2006

Esprit catches Fire!
A word of warning from an Esprit owner
Started up my fully rebuilt, mint condition 81 Turbo yesterday as we will be moving house at the weekend. I wanted to make sure all was well before I rent a trailer to move her, so I rolled her out of the garage, checked a couple of things like fluids etc, re-connected the battery, two pumps of the throttle, turn the key, and she's purring like she's never been asleep. Great. The hatch is still up and I leave her to idle for a minute and go in the garage. Come out, and there are flames covering the engine!
Legged it to the car, turned off the ignition and my next natural response was to stick my head in the engine compartment and blow. Hufffff! Hufffff! This was clearly having no effect (apart from the smell of singed hair) so I dashed back into the garage for an extinguisher. This thing was about 10 years old so I was worried it would not work - this only added to my panic! It did work, however, and after a short burst all that remained a problem was my pounding heart.
A couple of deep breaths and I inspected for damage. Luckily there is just a bit of soot and powder to clean up because I dealt with it quickly. So what went wrong? There was no misfire, no splutter, just a purring beast. I had a good look and the braided fuel pipe to the front carb was covered with wet powder from the extinguisher. It seems that the rubber has perished and the pipe has given up, though this cannot be seen because of the braid. The result was fuel being pumped all over the engine, which clearly could have been a severe problem.
We change cam belts for fear of it snapping as the rubber perishes, and we change rubber brake pipes, but when did we all change our rubber fuel lines? Maybe this is one reason why the early Esprit has a habit of catching fire? So, all owners of early Esprits, change your fuel lines or take the chance – learn from my experience. I'll be phoning around today looking for a new set. I'd rather spend a few quid on a hose set than try and replace my baby!
Rob Tomlinson
1981 Turbo Dry Sump.
Recommendation: If you have an Esprit that is 20 years old or more replace ALL the braided fuel hoses in the engine bay! It’s worth it.
NMEG Wales Run
Sunday 27th August 2006
The North Midland Esprit Group (NMEG) will be going to Wales on Sunday 27th August (buckets and spades not necessary ). All Esprit owners, no matter where you may be based are welcome to join us. Please do come along and swell the ranks.
We will be teaming up with Club Lotus (so expect a few varieties of other Loti too) who are having there weekend away in Llangollen. We're only there for the day.
On the Sunday we will be driving with them from Llangollen to Chester where we'll find a hostelry of disrepute for watering/feeding purposes. If we arrive in Llangollen early enough, Club Lotus believe that we may be provided with bacon butties..........does anyone need a better reason to be there early?
We will be leaving our usual meeting venue, the Gingerbread Man in Market Drayton at 8.45am to ensure we get to Llangollen by 9.30am. After we've scoffed lunch in Chester, people will be free to make there way home or perhaps organise another hoon. Remember though, this is a Bank Holiday weekend and North Wales police do have a "zero tolerance" attitude to people enjoying themselves.
To enable orders for bacon butties to be passed on to Club Lotus, could all those intending to attend please sign in.
The option of attending Bond style (Black tie for the Gentlemen, something off the shoulder for the Ladies or whatever for the Trannies) is there should we wish to take it up.
The more the merrier.............lets show Club Lotus just how popular the Esprit is. Email graham@alcocks.me.uk for more info.
Paul Matty Sportscars 'Esprit Day'
Saturday 22nd July 2006
Paul Matty, well known independent lotus dealer and specialist, has offered to host a meet for Esprit owners and their cars, we can all park on his large field at the back of his showroom. This will be on Saturday July 22nd 2006. Turn up from 11am onwards.
Whilst this event will suit owners from the Midlands, it is open to all. Paul has offered to provide food and drinks and will also be showing some single seater lotus race cars. He will also try and get some other interesting cars he knows to come to the meet, including an Esprit with a Rover V8 engine. An opportunity to browse his well stocked showroom and maybe visit the parts department.

Please come and support the event, add you name to the thread in the Event section on the Lotus Esprit Forum.
Buntingford Classic
2nd September 2006
One of the largest and most varied regional events of its kind, Buntingford Classic Event is a firmly established favourite day out.
Buntingford is halfway between London and Cambridge on the A10, conveniently positioned and surrounded by countryside. An ancient market town with fine examples of historic buildings Buntingford has a friendly small town atmosphere.
On Classic Car day, the town's High Street is closed and the vehicles are lined up along the road giving a lovely backdrop to the displays. No muddy fields and convenient shops selling the essentials of the day.
There's plenty of activities for the visitor to enjoy. Many interesting vehicles including classic and vintage cars, sports and modern cars, bikes, tractors, military vehicles, etc. Live bands, children's entertainment, stalls and special events will take place across the town.
See when LEW attended in 2003 here
BLACK is No1 for Car Colour
Mirror Newspaper
BLACK is the nation's favourite colour when it comes to choosing cars, a survey has found. Auto Trader discovered black was the top choice for "search by colour" on its website, followed by silver, blue and then red.
It seems motorists now share the view of Henry Ford, who famously told customers they could have a Model T Ford in any colour "as long as it's black". The study found leather was the most searched for feature, ahead of satellite navigation. Favourite engine size was 1.4 litre, then 1.6, 2.0 and 1.8.
Marketing boss Jonathan Williams said: "This data is useful to see what the British motorists looks for in a car."
The top 10 colours are: 1 Black 2 Silver 3 Blue 4 Red 5 Yellow 6 White 7 Grey 8 Green 9 Pink 10 Gold.
LEW's saying nothing ;-)
Message for Neil Hodson
Neil, we return your email on 19th June. We have replied to your second email a few mintues after you sent it. We are not sure if you are getting our replies. We will send both emails again. We are currently awaiting payment for your advert.

Adrian Heath has just entered his Chrome orange GT3 in this years Britballrun. What is Britballrun? Well Britball is the only event of it's kind in the UK. The event is run over the 4 days of the August Bank holiday weekend on public roads and is fully authorised by the relavant bodies (MSA & RSAC)
It is a trial of skill navigation and forward planning, it is not a race and is not timed. We will not know in advance of the route, destinations will be issued at each control point. There is no set route and it is up to us to plan the shortest one to get us the the next checkpoint. It's like Gumball but in the UK and doesn't cost 10 grand to enter.
A DVD will be released before Christmas and sold in such illustrious outlets as HMV, Virgin, & Play.com
The event may also be shown on Men & Motors, so look out for Adrian's GT3.
Their team is called the Gasman, consists of Adrian, his best mate Jim as navigator & his partner Gina who will be on standby during the weekend for anything they may need to complete the challenges, internet etc, including a backup car incase the Esprit breaks down (the very idea). They are using a James Bond theme for the event, Tuxes, & secret gadgets fitted to the car, should be a right laugh.
The event raises money for Children in Need, so anyone wishing to sponsor us please contact him on aheath@calor.co.uk
For more information on the event visit www.britballrun.co.uk
Media please contact Tel: 0795-234-554 or e-mail: info@britballrun.co.uk

Lotu Sport team update from the USA

Update: July 2006

Hello, our last race was great fun. we had tv coverage and we were on the tv show called Sports car revolution which is a Canadian based tv program but is seen world wide. The show is dedicated to sports car fans all over the world. . We had 2 of the 5 cars on the track for the tv filming for the weekend which was a great success. We also used one of the team cars to hold cameras for the tv show which filmed track action and simulated passing for the show. We raced and finished well and the entire weekend was a complete success Best of all, we received a lot of exposure to the world wide viewing audience .

Our star interview was former factory Lotus X180 R driver and team winner David Murry. David was interviewed on tv which was seen all over the world. If you have not seen the episode, tune in all summer as the show will repeat 12 more times before the end of the year.

If you do not have Sports car revolution in the UK or Europe, please let me know and I will see about getting you a copy of the show.

Our next race is 8/17 at the Mid Ohio race track in the State of Ohio ( USA )

We will finish up the year at Road Atlanta for our fall finale and will also end the season with our 2nd annual Lotu Sport team reunion. We will have 2 team cars and several drivers past and present. This will be great fun and I will give you an update following our next race 8/06


Brian Skeoch
Public Relations Director
Lotu Sport Racing
770-712-8077 ( USA )
All Quiet on the Esprit Front!
You may be thinking things have slowed up in the Esprit World. Not too many updates going out, not much new info. Let us reassure you that things are bubbling under the surface. We have news on our White Turbo coming up soon, work is on going on our SE, which we will unvail soon. Lotus' Damper programme is hopefully coming to an end, which will mean new suspension for our SE and for those waiting for springs and dampers. Longer term we also have the 'New' car from Lotus, which we will decide if we will incorporate into the site, once we've seen it and the name as been revealed.
The Club launch went fairly well and everything seems to be running pretty well. We hope to get more members over the next few months and will be continuing to add info and chase more discounts to save you more money. SWLC have been a great sponsor of the Club and we hope to work closely with them in the future.
We've also noticed quite a few Esprit up for sale over the last few months. We've had a steady stream of 'Esprits 4 Sale'. Which is a little surprising as the good weather has finally arrived in the UK. We hope to welcome some new owners into the fold over the coming months.
LEW is hoping to attend Paul Matty's Esprit Day on 22nd July in our Turbo Esprit. Would be good to see a few faces there for the day and helping to support the independents who keep us all on the road. For those that can't make it, we should have an article for the day and even a Factory Visit article if we have time.
We are also hoping to visit a few more independents for factory visits in the future.

News from June 2006

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