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June 2006

Day out in Milton Keynes

LEW's G gets a trip out to a sunny Milton Keynes and hangs out near the point. The hot day revealed our fans weren't working suddenly! So the Otto Switch was cleaned up (guide coming soon) and we decided to check out the rest of the cooling system with the weather getting hotter. We are having a few pipes replaced that were starting to show 22 years of wear. With new hosing, the fans working and the system pressure checked, we should be in for a cool summer. It was noted however than the radiator will need replacing in the future, as it's starting to rust, but that's to be expected of a car this age. Other than that we're got a great running Giugiaro Esprit.


Lotusbits.com Discount
Lotusbits.com come have just offered ClubLEW members a discount on their Gearshift Improvement Kit (guides just been updated with a few more pics and instructions). This offer is open to both UK, European and Rest of the World members. Current ClubLEW Members can find information on the discount on the club site, under discounts at the bottom of the parts page.

For those that aren't members, it's time to start saving money. Join here!


Lotus Gearshift Repair Kit RELEASED!
Just as we mention the delays, we get the info in from Hethel. We've added the Service Bulletin in with the fitting procedures (see here) for each, it to make it an easy one stop guide for owners. Both master and translator kits are now available for all Esprits from MY88. To order, just ring your local Lotus Dealer or Independent with the part numbers listed.

We fully recommend getting these kits fitted to improve your gearchange. We've had it done and it's worth it's weight in gold. Support Lotus and it's unbelieveable efforts in supporting a car now out of production and purchase these kits.

Suspension kits on their way!


Music CD's
LEW is now advertising www.BangCD.com for all your music CD's at great prices. By clicking on the link below and ordering. LEW actually gets a percentage of the order! We've just ordered Keane's new album for £6.99 including delivery. Buy new music and support LEW at the same time. Don't think it'll make us millionaires, but every penny helps!
Check Out BangCd !!!  

LEW takes a break!
After all the hard work on both new sites, www.esprit4sale.co.uk and www.clublew.co.uk and the fact that both our Esprits are away having work done on them. We are off to somewhere sunny to recharge our batteries for a week. We're hoping to get online while we are away, but can't guarantee it. So you may see a delay in responses to any emails and a few less updates on the site. All orders made before 20th June will be shipped and all ClubLEW applications will be processed and posted.

We'll see you all in a week!


Lotus Delays
We've heard from the factory that both the gearchange kit and new suspension are still on their way. Unforeseen circumstances have caused a few delays. We will have the news as soon as they are available. So keep an eye on the site.


LEW's not like other owners!
We're very happy to have a problem with our Giugiaro Esprit! Unlike normal Esprit owners, who'd not be over joyed at a problem that could keep their car off the road or cost them money, we've got a smile on our face. Our Turbo's having cooling issues in this hot weather and we're looking forward to getting suck into fixing it. 5 years on Steven's Esprits, we're ready to get stuck into a Giugiaro. Our fans aren't working and we're going to fix it and tell you how we did it and why it happened.

Look out for a new guide on fixing the Giugiaro Esprit coming very soon!


Esprit Luggage Rack!
Official Lotus Part

For some reason, we'd never seen this before! A luggage rack from Lotus for the Esprit. Will fit any Esprit from 1988 to 2004. No sure how they'll fit with the wings, as we've never seen one fitted, but I'm sure Lotus have thought it through. We'd love to test one, but of course it comes with a Lotus price tag. Do we want one? Yes. Can we afford one? No. And there currently on sale at Lotus at only £499.99!

Lotus also have a webstore with some surplus stock sale items for the Esprit. Worth a look! We are currently trying to negotiate them supplying us a list of surplus parts as they become available, so we can keep you up-to-date with what the factory don't want and maybe you do.


ClubLEW Membership
All membership packages have now been posted.


1st Batch of ClubLEW Membership in Post
13th June 2006

Those owners who have filled in their membership forms and paid should be getting their club packages in the post either tomorrow (wednesday) or the day after. Those not in the UK will take a few days longer.Now we're up and running, the turnaround should be a lot quicker.

Remember, anyone joining before the end of June will get a discount on next years membership.


ClubLEW Membership Delays
Due to a heavy work load, those Esprit enthusiast who have joined the 'new' ClubLEW on it's relaunch, will be receiving their membership letters and membership card a little later than expected. We hope to start posting out on either Tuesday or Wednesday morning. We apologies for this delay and hope to have things running more smoothly in the very near future.


Building a better future for Esprit owners
'CLUB' Lotus Esprit World (ClubLEW) was set up to take advantage of the many offers set up and being set up by LEW for Esprit Owners. Previously discounts had been available to anyone mentioning Lotus Esprit World. But as the club has evolved, these became only available to Club Members.

Previouly the club was only £1 to join, but as LEW's popularity has increased, so to have our running costs. To cover our costs and ensure our future, we have revamped the club and relaunched it. The profit made from the club will be used to keep LEW running at 100%. To cover the money it costs to join, we are making sure there are enough discounts to cover the yearly fee.

Some of the Benefits of Joining:
Lotus Esprit Forum Upgrade, Lotus Esprit World Pen (new members only), Members only area at www.clublew.co.uk, Many discounts that can easily cover your membership fee, Mailing list and much more!

All previous members will need to rejoin to take advantage of the 'new' Club.
Those who's membership is less than a year old can apply for a £1 discount on joining.

To join and for more information go to www.clublew.co.uk

If you have any questions please email admin@clublew.co.uk

All applications with payment received before 20th June 2006 will get a £5 discount on next years membership.
The discount will have to be applied for via email on renewal in June 2007.

Please bear with us during the inital stages of the club launch, as there may be a few teething problems.


Check Out BangCd !!!  

News from May 2006

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