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May 2006

Esprit V8 up in flames!
From yahoo! group email (29th May 2006)
Hello everyone, today was a sad day. just got my 1997 Esprit V8 back. It spontaneously burst in to flames on the motorway and continued to burn for 20 minutes untill the fire brigade finally arrived and managed to extingush it. The problem apparently was the fuel pipe coming loose and spraying fuel over the engine, which would not surprise me as i had just put in a new engine.

The one thing that would have saved the car and i recomend this to all, is a fire extinguisher in the cabin the dammage would have reduced dramaticaly. (See LEW's guide to installing a fire extingusher and purchase one now at our E-shop)

Does any one know of an Esprit that had a front end collision, is being scrapped or a good place to buy reconditioned parts, i will need a new engine, rear body section tail gate, roof and rear window.



Sport 350 Alloys
Lotus re-manufacture 350 wheels
OZ have now re-manufactured the rare Sport 350 Magnesium Wheels for Lotus stocks. The wheels required retooling so there are subtle changes, the colour is a shade lighter. Health and safety prohibit all the old paint ingredients. No price increase, same as 2002 (i.e. expensive).


LEW's E-mail Down!
Wednesday 31st May 2006
Currently our ISP is having problems and we are not receiving any emails. So if you've email us, don't worry if you haven't had a reply. Once everything's back up and running we'll play catch up and get back to everyone.


Brands Hatch Lotus Summer BBQ
supported by Lipscomb Lotus – Monday 26th June 2006

What better way to spend a summers evening than in the company of other Lotus owners at the UK's premier race circuit Brands Hatch. At the height of summer and in the same week that Brands holds it's top car meet of 2006 - DTM - German Touring cars. 30/6-2/7) Come and join hundreds of other Lotus owners for what is expected to be the best Lotus evening in 2006! - VX220's and Caterfields also welcome!

Brands Hatch is just 5 mins from Junction 3 of the M25. Event will run from 6pm with last orders in the restaurant at 11pm.
- evening is being organised by Motorsport Vision, Lotus on Track, SELOC and Kent Lotusand supported by Kent's new Lotus main dealer - Lipscomb Lotus - opening summer 2006.

* FREE summer BBQ which is being provided by Kent's new Lotus main dealer – Lipscomb Lotus

* See the latest range of Lotus cars provided by Lipscomb Lotus and Lotus.

* Parking for all Lotus along Colin Chapman Way – from the circuit entrance right up to the Kentagon restaurant.

* 'Walk the Circuit' from 8.15pm - you really can't tell how steep paddock hill bend is until you've tried walking up it!

* Put your driving skills to the test on the LoT Elise Simulator and win tickets to Brands Hatch race meets including the FIM World Superbike Championship.

* Meet Gavan Kershaw and maybe even be lucky enough to have a pax lap round the World famous Brands Hatch circuit.

* Driving techniques Q&A with Andy Walsh of from Car Limits.

* Meet members of Kent Lotus the largest and most active Lotus group in Kent and find out what events they do and how you can join them. Also a chance for other regional groups to recruit more members and maybe organise runs to Brands for the evening.

* Watch well know SELOCers including Andrew Walsh and Graham 'driving god' Walsh, Skeggsy, Stuart Kirkbride, Jez Braker race round the circuit on foot – fancy yourself as a bit of an athlete - or at least someone who can jog 1.2 miles – then why not take part as well – just drop us an email.

* See what happens at a track day with the LoT track day running from 17.30 - 20.00 hrs - unfortunately this day has been full for some weeks now.

* View the many different types of Lotus expect to turn up including converted cars currently being brought along by – Maidstone Sports Cars, Sincalire of London, and others to be announced.

* Learn about the all new Lotus on Track invitation handicap race series that kicks off in 2007.

email david.alderslade@seloc.org if you want to register or go to SELOC and check out the forum thread here.


Group Lotus plc Appoints Robert A. Braner
as President and CEO of Lotus Cars USA, Inc.

Hethel, England - May 26th, 2006 - Group Lotus plc, announced today that Robert A. ("Bob") Braner has been appointed to the position of President and CEO for Lotus Cars USA, Inc., with immediate effect.

Mike Kimberley, Chairman of LCU and CEO of the parent company Group Lotus said; " I'm delighted to welcome Bob to Lotus; he's both expert and passionate about the business of great driver's cars. He will spearhead the expansion of our dealer franchise and our customer base in North America, as we prepare to launch our new high performance sports car in 2008.

"Bob Braner brings to Lotus over 30 years of retail automotive and distribution experience that culminated in the position of President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini USA, Inc. He has most recently completed the restructure of Broadleaf Capital Partners, Inc., as its Interim President and CEO. Broadleaf Capital is a publicly traded diversified investment holding company that provides finance and management services to small and medium sized companies with the objective of entering the public market.

" This is a very exciting and dynamic time for Lotus Cars worldwide," said Braner, "both the Elise and Exige have already made a huge impact in the USA with their sensational driving and ownership experience. I look forward to leading the team here as we work to expand the brand's position, appeal and reach. We are also looking to further enhance the value of the Lotus retail dealer franchise, as we move towards the launch of our new super-sportscar.

John English, past President and CEO at LCU, who has been with the company throughout the launch of the Elise and Exige said; "Lotus is an inspirational brand with thought-provoking products and a proud heritage of many performance innovations. In 2005 Lotus Cars USA had record car sales with over 2400 new customers finding out for themselves what makes the Lotus brand very special in comparison to other sports cars. I am very pleased to have played a major role in the success of the Elise and the launch of the Exige. It has been exciting and gratifying for me to know that new Lotus owners have a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment with their cars.

"Mike Kimberley further stated: "I would like to thank John English for his contribution to Lotus to date. He is a very skilled automotive professional and under his leadership we have seen the brand grow over the last 2 years. We very much appreciate his dedication, commitment and contributions to Lotus."


V8 Sports Exhaust
Going for FREE!

My name is Dave Hopwood I am moving house and have a V8 Sports Exhaust going free. If anyone wants one and can collect it from Manchester area you can contact me on 07841 450265 or 0161 702 6047.

Dave Hopwood


Meet the New Addition to LEW
1984 Turbo Esprit

And you all thought it was blown up in 'For Your Eyes Only'!



New Lotus Esprit to be UK Built
Hethel plant will manufacture new supercar: 19th May 2006

Lotus has announced that the Esprit, its new mid-engined car, will be manufactured at the Group Lotus headquarters at Hethel in Norfolk. Lotus expects the car to start production in spring 2008, and positions it at the higher end of the range. It'll occupy the sector vacated by the Lotus Esprit that finished production in 2004, said the company.

The decision to assemble the new car at Hethel follows an extensive evaluation of a number of manufacturing locations around the world both by Lotus and its owner Proton.

Lotus said it has worked at improving the efficiencies and flexibilities within the manufacturing facility over the last 18 months to maintain its position as a leading niche manufacturer within the UK and Europe. Over the next few months, Lotus will be undergoing a small re-organisation process within the manufacturing facility to further improve the efficiencies and flexibility at Hethel. This will lead to further improvements and gains leading up to the start of production.

Group Lotus' new boss Mike Kimberley said: "We are very pleased that Hethel has been confirmed by the board of directors as the manufacturing location for this vital new car.

However the decision to choose Hethel has not been taken lightly and was influenced not only by our past achievements, but also by firm future commitments to improve the efficiencies and flexibilities within our manufacturing facility. We have a lot of work to do between now and the start of production and this will demand much commitment and hard work from us all at Lotus."

Lotus Esprit inches forward
New mid-engined car starts serious testing
Testing for the next Lotus Esprit is proceeding apace -- and it's aimed right at the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Ferrari F430.
The car is currently undergoing crash test work and looks likely to emerge from the factory on late 2007, in time for launch proper in 2008, according to this week's Autocar. Chief designer Russell Carr reckoned that the mid-engined car would be smaller than either of the two supercars mentioned above.

According to the report, it'll be powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 -- possibly a BMW -- via a six-speed sequential transmission. Bodywork is likely to be either composite or aluminium. There's no news on concrete matters such as price or a more detailed spec.

After the lukewarm reception afforded the new Europa, let's hope that Lotus gets the styling right for this prestigious end of the market.


Stuff coming up!
Summer 2006

It's a little quiet on the news front at present, but there's lots on it's way. We're spending lots of time on the ClubLEW revamp, but there's otherstuff going on too. Lotus will be (hopefully) releasing both the suspension kits and gearshift service kits in the very near future and we'll have full details of both of these. LEW's Esprit will be the first car fitted with the new suspension, so we'll bring you all the info first hand.

We're got a couple of factory visits lined up, which will give you some inside info on some of the specialist out there. LEW's Esprit will be having a make over on the scale of the ClubLEW revamp. No details yet, but we're having some stuff done that will make for some interesting guides. There'll be a push on more stuff for the Guigiaro Esprits, including info on servicing and maintenance. All making for an interesting 2006. So keep an eye on LEW!


Available at the E-Shop
Just to let you know that the USED CAR ROADSHOW is featuring the CG-Lock in the new series (starts 29th May on Men & Motors channel). Jason & Penny (ex Rally Champion) LOVED the CG-Lock! (http://www.usedcarroadshow.co.uk/)

Also, look out for next saturdays Daily Telegraph...they've asked to do a feature on the CG-Lock.

Finally, please see another fantastic independent review at http://videos.hspn.com/?videoid=40

More people are realising that "for drivers not wearing a harness, the CG-Lock is a MUST-HAVE" (Anthony Dunn, Professional ARDS performance driving Instructor)

...we hope to hear from you soon!

Kind Regards
Graham Cox
CG-Lock Team


Relaunching Soon!
due summer 2006

A few people have emailed us about their username and password for the new ClubLEW website (www.clublew.co.uk). The website and 'new' club haven't been launched yet and the site is just there for testing. The club is currently running as before, with the club page under 'otherstuff'.

We are planning to relaunch the club in the summer and information will be published here and everywhere else once it's ready.


Changes in Top Management of Group Lotus PLC
11th May 2006

Group Lotus Plc announced today a change in the senior management of the company. Kim Ogaard-Nielsen, former CEO of Group Lotus Plc, has stepped down to pursue his other entrepreneurial interests. Kim joined Group Lotus Plc in November 2004 and has presided over a number of projects during the past eighteen months. Lotus would like to record its thanks to him for his service to the company during this period.

With immediate effect, Mr. Michael J Kimberley (Mike) will take over as Acting Chief Executive Officer of Group Lotus Plc. Mike was appointed to the Board of Directors of Group Lotus plc as well as Lotus Group International in August 2005. Mike Kimberley also chairs the Executive Committee of Lotus Group International (LGIL).

Mike Kimberley has been associated with the LOTUS brand for over 22 years, since joining its founder, the late Colin Chapman in 1969. He worked his way up the Company, was appointed as the Managing Director of Lotus Cars Ltd. between 1976 until 1983 and became the CEO of Group Lotus Plc between 1983 until the end of 1991.

Mike is a well-respected veteran of the automotive industry, having spent over 30 years with various world-renowned automotive companies including General Motors, Jaguar and Automobili Lamborghini SPA.

Two of his major achievements were the rejuvenation of Group Lotus Plc following the tragic loss of its founder, Colin Chapman in the late 1982 and the revival of the Italian supercar maker, Automobili Lamborghini SPA, in 1994.

Given his vast experience and expertise in the automotive industry, Mike is a natural choice to manage the company and he will be supported by the existing management team at the Company and will continue to draw upon the support of the shareholder, Proton Holdings Berhad (PROTON), the ultimate holding company. His priorities will include improving the overall performance of Lotus as well as preparing and strengthening the specialist car company and high-technology engineering and consulting company to compete in a wider market and on a broader business base globally.

PROTON strongly believes that LOTUS has a critical role to play in the Proton Group to enable it to become a successful automotive engineering and manufacturing group and a prominent brand globally. Hence, PROTON will continue to provide strong support to LOTUS and its group of companies. In view of the above, PROTON has set up a special team to provide close and specialist support to Mike and the management at Group Lotus Plc, to address the key opportunities for LOTUS for the future.

Speaking from LOTUS headquarters at Hethel today, Mike Kimberely said, "All specialist sports car companies operate in volatile and highly competitive markets. However, sales of the Elise are moving ahead in the USA and are being further enhanced by the new introduction of the Exige model. I can assure our customers, business partners and all who watch this iconic marque with interest.


Esprit 4 Sale Revamped!
Lotus Esprit World's sale site gets a make over

As those that follow LEW closely know, last year the site was having bandwidth issue, as so many people were using the site. One of the ways we counted this was to move the 'For Sale' section off the main site and on to it's own site. Registering www.esprit4sale.co.uk and moving the used car centre, parts, wanted and E-shop eased the pressure on our bandwidth problems.

This was done fairly quickly and the site wasn't as we'd have wished. Also the E-shop was one of our weakest sections, so it was in need of a major overhaul. This has now been done and is looking much better. We still have to look at the Used Car Centre, Parts and Wanted pages for general layout, but we're going to leave them for the time being, as we are currently working on the ClubLEW relaunch.

Please have a look at what we've been up to and if you find any broken links or links to the wrong pages. Please email admin@lotusespritworld.com so we can fix it.


News from April 2006

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